Summoner rework

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Summoner rework!
Removed useless summons. Now there are only 4 kinds of basic summons available.
Added 3 categories, one for a melee summoner, one for a ranged weapon summoner, one for a pure summoner.
Reworked advanced summoning and augmentation tree. And many more.


- Reduced resistance gain from 'Bear Roar'
- Reduced equilibrium gain from 'Commune with Nature'
- Reduced the amount of damage share from 'Damage Resonance'
- Now 'Detonate' will target every summons regardless of range.

- Removed accuracy bonus on 'Together Stronger'
- If you learn 'Together Stronger', weapon damage calculation will use Willpower in place of Strength.
- Changed 'Bite Them' to use Willpower instead of Cunning in calculation of arrow damage.
- Minor bug fix

- Artifact 'Great Caller' now has proper mastery bonus.
- 'Strengthened Bond' now does not able to select 'Dragon' talent.
- Added accuracy bonus on 'Together Stronger'

-'Wild Senses' also provides 'see invisible' stat. And it also let your summon inherit your 'see invisible', 'see stealth'.
- Added damage on 'Mother Nature' talent. Knockback and damage from 'The World Tree' moved to 'Mother Nature' talent.
- Increased damage of 'The World Tree', 'Poison Ivy', 'Wasp Swarm'

- Now 'Bear' summoned with 'Strike Form' sustained.
- Resistance of 'Bear' reduced.
- Now summons does not have same resistance as a summoner, but they do have same resistance when a summoner has 'Blessing of Nature' sustain.
- Minor bug fix.

- Buffed 'Damage Resonance' a bit.
- Now Summons have same resistance as a summoner.
- Nerfed 'Bear' to match summons resistance buff.
- Fixed talent radius indication on several talents to match real radius.

- Added a new category - Force of Nature.

   -Innervate: Reset cooldown of summons' talent.
   -Blessing of Nature: Buff to surrounding summons.
   -Wasp Swarm: debilitating enemies & halving poison resistance
   -Force of Nature: Automatically refill dead summons.

-Now detonation's cooldown scales with the talent level.
-Fixed Dragon to crit properly on detonation

- Now detonation does not cost any resources, and also get double charges from Blood and Iron
- Nerfed equilibrium gain from Blood and Iron to adjust the change
- The World Tree now gives 1 equilibrium regeneration
- Adjust some equilibrium cost of summons

- Detonation now also grants Meat shield at Raw talent level 5.
- Summons from 'Mark Target' are always summoned right next to the target.
- Minor bug fix.


- Arrow rain now summons ivy right next to the enemies (ignore range)
- Attack order does not ignore range now.
- Dragons now have light radius of 5
- Commune with Nature now counts allies correctly when Wild Senses is active.


- You can now move Dragons with Attack Order
- Minor bug fix


- Minor bug fix


- Summoner and SummonerR merged.
- Minor stat changes of summons
- Removed Recycle and added Attack Order.
- Damage of Detonate now depends on summons' stats.
- Nerfed Gardener of Eyal's cooldown.
- Some damage dealing talents are now dealt by summons not by summoner (to get benefit from Mark Target)


- Changed few particles (for performance)
- Removed companion hound.
- Nerfed The World Tree a bit. The World Tree now does not summon other animals and plants.
- Added new talent on Summon - animal tree, Wild Senses.
- Mark target now summons all animals and plants that are not on cooldown (Like the world tree did before)
- Meat shield can be used with other barriers.

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