Gray's Illusions

Gray's Illusions

Alright, so this is two parts. A new zone, and a new class that you unlock by finishing said zone.
You should get an in-game item that explains some things.

Illusory Wood
You'll find this place a couple spaces east of Zigur. Minimum suggested level is 18.
Complete the quest inside and you'll unlock the Trickster class.

A psionic rogue.
- Use illusory walls and decoys to distract your enemies.
- A wide variety of debuffs that confuse and distract your foes.
- Turn enemies' confusion into your own power.
- Convince your enemies that they don't see you, even as you stand in plain sight.
- Stabbing things.
The basic idea is that you throw out illusions everywhere to cover you while you stab things to death.

Feel free to offer suggestions/feedback/whatever.

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Some suggestions

Trying it out so far. I agree, it's definitely evident you've spent time on the new zone, and the twist in the end is fun. I disagree with previous commentor about having to unlock the class, though; I like that you have to unlock it, myself. It's fun and cool.

A couple things that could make the zone better, IMO: (1) No auto-explore is tedious and irritating in this game. The graphics style is just too indistinct, and how the UI obscures the view when you're exploring the edge of a map just makes it painful. Enabling auto-explore would be nice!

(2) The lore and descriptive texts need some polishing. I'd be happy to do it, if you wanted.

Other than that, again, I like it and enjoyed the zone.

Thanks for reading and for making the mod!

Possible changes?

You should learn a lesson from other race/class addons and just start the game with the trickster unlocked. I can tell you worked really hard on the dungeon but maybe just make it a trickster only zone instead of manditory to unlock the class (like the peaceful meadow for cursed). I went through it thought the hidden trees and stuff were cool but the psychic molds are annoying as hell! Also for some reason the vaults in there are only dropping T1 loot (even though you have to be around lvl 20) for me, cleared a vault and got a 60 health per turn regen infusion *facepalm*