Escorts Enhanced CN

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Various enhancements to escort quest NPCs:
- Escorts now follow the player when not close to the portal.
- Escorts occasionally say useful things.
- Escorts heal 5% of their maximum health per turn when not doing anything else.

Player AIoo :idle TOME

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This is a fork of PlayerGAI by Glavius itself a fork of PlayerAI by Charidan.
Adds a keybind to activate the new player AI. Set to Alt+F1 by default.

Once you click ALT-F1 (you can change this key with Keybinding)
it does:

1.Auto explore
2.Fight using the same AI coded for enemies in the game
4. go back to 1

You can weight the talent used by the AI by right clicking on your character and clicking on "Define Player-Aioo" at the bottom of the dialog box.

It will Stop when your character is low on life, when you are on an Exit, when a dialog box open, or you are blinded.
Then you control your character. And once you are healed you can launch the AI again with ALT-F1 (or your key)
You can force the AI to Stop by closing the TOME window. The dialog for saving will appear immediately, stopping the AI (repeatedly bashing ALT-F1 work too)

!Warning: Use it at your own risk. This can put your character in a sure death situation!

It will clear a level in a few seconds.

Known Bug:
- Talent with a weight 0, still activate themselves sometimes (especially if they are instant). Overweighting other talents (weight 5+) should prevent weight 0 talent to activate
-Some talents cannot be used by NPC (Vimsense, suncloak, Lure.. etc) .. so the AI wont use them. Putting them on autocast is the only way the AI will use them

Frozen Summoner AI

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Obsoletion notice:
Frozen Summoner AI was designed for 1.5.10. This addon is not needed if you are playing on version 1.6, as the official game includes changes which makes this redundant.


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Basic bot designed to automate some of the tedium of starting a new character.
This bot will rest, explore, and use a very basic algorithm for engaging in combat.
You will need to configure the bot's talent usage from within the game (Shift + F2 -> Option a)
  • Combat abilities will be used in DESCENDING priority order
  • Sustain talents will be kept active at all times
  • Damage prevention talents are used when "large" damage spikes are detected to the player.
  • Recovery talents are used when the player is missing 25% life or more. (Threshold configurable from menu under [Skoobot] tab)
Hotkey defaults are as follows and can be configured in the options screen:
  • Alt + F1 - Toggle bot
  • Shift + F1 - Disable bot (I recommend holding this when the bot is active as its difficult to press it at a time when the bot will listen)
  • Alt + F2 - Single Step bot - This has the bot perform a single action without fully engaging autopilot. Useful when you want to supervise the bot's behavior. Currently a bit buggy and may not run more than 25 times in a row.
  • Shift + F2 - SkooBot Menu - Currently the only option is to configure talent usage as well as configure which stop conditions are active
  • Alt + F3 - Query bot - This prompts the bot to declare the next action it would take, but should not perform any action.

This will probably not even get close to beating the game for you, and will frequently run into situations that it will not be able to act in.

Changes in 0.0.12
  • Update version compatibility after verifying functionality in 1.6.7
Changes in 0.0.11
  • Fixed some conditions where the bot would stop running for no good reason.
Changes in 0.0.10
  • Fixed lore dialog hiding to not disable tooltips
  • Fixed lua error when mousing over enemies you couldn't see (stealth enemies; player blind)
  • Added ability to configure a delay for the bot to wait before each action. This is currently a bit buggy and occasionally gets stuck or acts extra times (Seems to be tied to moving the mouse..?)
  • the default delay is 0 and when set to zero the bot performs exactly as before (...I think)
Upcoming Features (in no particular order):
  • Companion addons and an integration with this bot to auto-spend levelup points and optimize equipment so you don't have to
  • Recognize area damage and avoid standing in it
  • Make activatable items a valid choice for combat rotation. Currently items on the hotbar are ignored.
  • UI to enable or disable any of the various features I've added so you can customize the way the bot performs.
  • Anything else I think of.


Escorts Enhanced CN

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hz-escorts CN

Escorts Enhanced

Escorts Enhanced

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Various enhancements to escort quest NPCs:
- Escorts now follow the player when not close to the portal.
- Escorts occasionally say useful things.
- Escorts heal 5% of their maximum health per turn.

Better Tactical AI

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reworks the tactical information in hundreds of talents, as well as minor changes in the AI itself. This should mean that enemies make better tactical decisions, as well as preventing stupid ones as well (eg. attacking when out of range, healing when at full HP)

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