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This is a fork of PlayerGAI by Glavius itself a fork of PlayerAI by Charidan.
Adds a keybind to activate the new player AI. Set to Alt+F1 by default.

Once you click ALT-F1 (you can change this key with Keybinding)
it does:

1.Auto explore
2.Fight using the same AI coded for enemies in the game
4. go back to 1

You can weight the talent used by the AI by right clicking on your character and clicking on "Define Player-Aioo" at the bottom of the dialog box.

It will Stop when your character is low on life, when you are on an Exit, when a dialog box open, or you are blinded.
Then you control your character. And once you are healed you can launch the AI again with ALT-F1 (or your key)
You can force the AI to Stop by closing the TOME window. The dialog for saving will appear immediately, stopping the AI (repeatedly bashing ALT-F1 work too)

Warning: Use it at your own risk. This can put your character in a sure death situation

It will clear a level in a few seconds.

Known Bugs:
- Any talent who cannot be used with the "Accept auto target" option (e.g: all wild summon, disengage, Dust to Dust, cunning/traps, etc) can get the AI stuck in talent selection and stop. Setting the weight of those talent to 0 should prevent the interruption
-The AI use the "accept auto target-enabled" option. Sometime it cannot revert back to your default option. Manually get back to your option in the gameplay tab, or with your shortcut

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