Frozen Summoner AI

Frozen Summoner AI

Obsoletion notice:
Frozen Summoner AI was designed for 1.5.10. This addon is not needed if you are playing on version 1.6, as the official game includes changes which makes this redundant.

There's a little 'quirk' with the AI where summoned minions of yours will help break you out of any ice you may be stuck in. Unfortunately for you, this also just damages you, which may kill you.

This addon removes this behavior entirely.

Extends mod.class.Actor:reactionToward(). This addon is safe to enable and disable on existing save files.

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1.0.1 - Compatibility update 1.5.10 2019-01-16 00:06

I was looking for an addon

I was looking for an addon that does this for so long! I didn't yet get into a situation when it would be useful (not playing summons much for now), but if this addon really does what it says it does... *squee!*
5/5. Thank you! :3