Autosell Schematics

Short Name: 

Allows schematics to be transmogrified again.

Schematics of Ascendancy

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Allows schematic-only artifacts from EoR to be learned AoA or Infinite Dungeon. Each one is unlocked randomly by defeating bosses (not elite bosses) above level 20.

Points, Horrific Points

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Guarantees rewards from The Place Which Does Not Exist (PWDNE) by giving points for passing each level. Entering level 1 grants a class point, entering level 2 while knowing the first lore piece grants a generic point, entering level 3 while knowing the first and second pieces of lore grants a category point, and the first entry into the Home Which Is Not while knowing all three lore pieces grants you a prodigy point.

Schematic Recycling

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Undoes a small change in release 1.1.5 of the Embers of Rage DLC, allowing schematics to once again be transmogrified via the Transmogrification Chest or melted down in the Automated Portable Extractor.

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