Show randart egos

Short Name: 

Adds a toggle to hide all egos except for the randart ones for easier comparison between similar items.

Unrandom Egos

Short Name: 

No wide random numerical ranges on ego modifiers.

Doctornull's Ego Pack

Short Name: 

Not complete. Please don't use yet unless you want to beta-test an incomplete addon.

Contains replacements for existing egos.

Details here:

- Rebalancing pretty much all item type egos.
- Some replacements, some removals, a few additions.

Inscriptions Egos Suffixed

Short Name: 

Very simple addon that alters infusions and runes names to have their egos (if any) suffixed instead of prefixed,
thus similar infusions and runes will sort close to each other in the character inventory.

The 1st release has different egos names:
Original prefix -> Altered suffix

warrior's -> of the grunt
duelist's -> of the nimble
wizard's -> of the gifted
psychic's -> of the thoughtful
sneak's -> of the astute
titan's -> of the robust

The 2nd release has egos names revised to their traditional form:
Original prefix -> Altered suffix

warrior's -> of the warrior
duelist's -> of the duelist
wizard's -> of the wizard
psychic's -> of the psychic
sneak's -> of the sneak
titan's -> of the titan


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