Teleport: Kroshkkur Unspelled

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Changes 'Teleport: Kroshkkur' to not be a spell, allowing Drem (who would not be barred for any other reason) to enter Zigur. It can still be silenced.

Fuck Patrols Addon

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All World Map Patrols have been disabled because they're fucking annoying and nobody likes them.
Patrols eliminated:
- Adventurer Parties
- Zigur Patrols
- Orc Patrols
Who's going to miss them? Nobody.
RIP in Pepperonis.

Ziguranth Genocide

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After Protector Myssil died some say by the daggers of a shadowy backstabber, while others bespoke of a crazed mage drawing fiendish black magicks, the fanatic Ziguranth order crumbled into chaos, and its numbers dwindled into insignificance.

Completely removes Ziguranth patrols after Myssil dies.

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