No Patrols

Short Name: 

Warning: This addon breaks Orcs campaign.

All World Map Patrols have been disabled.

Based on Fuck Patrols Addon. Make it work for Orcs campaign. Also eliminate friendly patrols.

Why not use Opt-in Adventurers Parties?
Because it's annoying that Running by click stops when the patrols approach.

Overloaded Files:
- data/general/encounters/fareast-npcs.lua
- data/general/encounters/maj-eyal-npcs.lua
- data-orcs/general/encounters/fareast-npcs.lua

Friendly Patrols

Short Name: 

Changes Maj-Eyal & Far East world map patrols to always be friendly by altering their faction (and hate for arcane magic).

Fuck Patrols Addon

Short Name: 

All World Map Patrols have been disabled because they're fucking annoying and nobody likes them.
Patrols eliminated:
- Adventurer Parties
- Zigur Patrols
- Orc Patrols
Who's going to miss them? Nobody.
RIP in Pepperonis.

Ziguranth Genocide

Short Name: 

After Protector Myssil died some say by the daggers of a shadowy backstabber, while others bespoke of a crazed mage drawing fiendish black magicks, the fanatic Ziguranth order crumbled into chaos, and its numbers dwindled into insignificance.

Completely removes Ziguranth patrols after Myssil dies.

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