Egress Artifact Codes

Egress Artifact Codes

Forbidden Cults tweak that adds lore drops containing the random artifact codes that exist for the Occult Egress. This doesn't give you any more artifacts than you would normally get, but makes them easier to find.

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See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
1.1 - finite artifacts 1.5.10 2020-01-23 02:09
Egress Lucky Code Drops 1.5.10 2018-06-04 03:08

Just curious...

But would this give the Kroshkkur code as a potentially generated code, or do you still have to see that personally?

Kroshkkur Code

That one still needs to be read in Kroshkkur

Infinite Artifacts

The lore drops added by this addon regenerate the codes every time an artifact is obtained. This allows for infinite artifacts from a single lore drop. I've got about twenty from only three drops.

How to Replicate:
1. Have one of the addons lore drops visible under 'Show known lore'.
2. Enter code in Egress. Receive artifact.
3. View lore in 'Show known lore'. The code will have changed.
4. Enter new code in Egress. Receive artifact.

Infinte Artifacts

This has finally been fixed.
After use, the codes are used up and disappear from your library of known lore.

Infinite Artifacts

Thanks for finding this! I'll see about making sure the codes don't reset.