Marson's Developer Tools

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Adds a few tools for addon developers.

• "Reload Addons" action is keybound (CTRL-R by default) and also added to the top of the Debug menu. CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-R was already in the engine and will reboot without saving. (I didn't know about this until I stumbled across it in the code, but now there's a choice between save and no-save reboots.)
• LUA console font scales based on game settings, including the larger fonts in Marson's UI Modifications. If installed, the style is based on the tooltip option, and size is based on dialog font size.
• Added Enrique Garcia's "inspect.lua" function to the LUA console for expanded table inspection (default depth of 2). Example: ==game.player.combat (MIT license)
• Keypad Enter key has same functionality as the Return key.
• The LUA console can be called even when a dialog is already on-screen. (Except the Inventory screen. Install my UI Mod as well in order to enable it there.
• The PrtScn button will take screenshots of the console screen.
• Debug info outputs to on-screen log while registering and uploading addons.
• CTRL-F will flush waiting output to the logfile.
• Added "Lua inspect grid" option to the right-click menu (Map.TERRAIN).

• Compatible w/ 1.1.5 - 1.2.x

+ Added a Minimalist UI element for tracking variables. Edit the list via CTRL-V.

Tiles Attachements

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Let's creators of tilesets for ToME define attachement spots for each tile with a simple click interface.

A new entry will appear for it in the debug menu (do not forget to activate cheat mode and keybind the debug menu).

When the dialog is exited a file will be written in your tileset folder (this means you MUST use it on a non-teaa compressed addon) named "attachements.lua" containing all the data generated. This file is automatically read by the game when it loads the tileset.

This requires at least 1.0.5 or the git version and it has no MD5 attached, thus always invalidating characters made with it.

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