Y Tooltip

Y Tooltip

Display more infomation in actor's tooltip. And add a hotkey to show actor's talents at cursor.

Showing Order: (+) is added, (*) is heavily modified
- Name (Range)
- Type / Subtype (gender)
- (*) Size (related talents helper) if size related talents are involved
- Level, Rank
- class
- (+) prodigy if the actor have
- invulnerability
- (*) Life [NegativeLife] +Regen (Healmod)
- Solipsism Psi if the actor have
- Iceblock if the actor freezed
- Manaburnable Resources if player is antimagic
- Summon Timer if the actor are summoned creature
- Vim Gain after kill if player has vim pool

- (+) Damage Modifiers
- (+) Damage Penetrations
- Damage Resists
- (+) Damage Affinities

- (+) Speeds
- (+) Crit Chance
- Crit Mult
- (+) Crit Shrug Off / Reduction
- (*) Weapon Damage, APR, Crit, Range, ego
- Armour (Hardiness)
- Melee Retaliation

- Predator Bonus if player know
- Accuracy, Defense
- Power, Save
- (+) Status Immunities

- Status Effects
- Sustains

- Faction
- Target
- Guess hiding player place if player is hidden
- (+) Stealth, Invisible helper if player is hidden
- (+) vs Stealth, Invisible

- Flavor Text
- Killed by you

These can be hidden or shown in only normal or detailed (ctrl pressed) tooltips
- Type / Subtype (gender)
- Prodigies
- Manaburnable resources
- Vim Gain
- vs Stealth, Invisible
- Faction
- Flavor text
- Killed by you

These can be always shown or hidden regardless of the related talents involved
- Size
- Stealth, Invisible helper

These can set threshold
- Damage Modifiers
- Damage Penetration
- Damage Resists
- Damage Affinities
- Crit Mult
- Melee Retaliation

Move flavor text to the bottom. Because some characters have very long flavor text that get in the way of seeing important infomation.

Range that is displayed on terrain tooltip in base game is also displayed next to actor's name. Because sometimes actor's tooltip is so long that need to wait scrolling to see the range.

Group relevant infomation.
And color labels to weak-group offense and defense.

Color DamageType. And change colors that hard to see.

Since name and level of talents is not enough information, add a way to open the actor's talents tab of character sheet quickly instead of displaying talents in the actor's tooltip.

Github: https://github.com/h-youhei/tome4-y-tooltip

Special Thanks:
- Plenum Tooltip Custom Edit
- Nexus improved tooltips

Weight: 160

- mod/class/Actor.lua:tooltip()
- mod/class/NPC.lua:tooltip()
- mod/class/Game.lua:setupCommands()

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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1.1.1 clean damages 1.7.2 2021-07-10 04:22
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