Plenum Tooltip Custom Edit

Plenum Tooltip Custom Edit

Plenum ToolTip Custom Edit: Enhanced Plenum tooltip display for ToME version 0.3 for ToME 1.6.1

This addon replaces the normal tooltip for actors in TOME with a more detailed description of monster abilities and characteristics. It adds to the standard tooltip detailed information on speed, main-hand, off-hand, and ranged damage, and damage modifiers and extra crit power, including damage penetration and damage affinities, plus retaliation damage, depending on what options are selected (from a tab in Game Options menu). This makes it much easier to inspect multiple monsters and quickly identify the most threatening. By holding a meta-key (ctrl, alt, or shift) and hovering the mouse over a monster, information on its status immunities and talents is displayed.

In addition, information on temporary terrain features (like smoke and darkness) and map effects (from spells and the like) will be displayed in the terrain tooltip if the appropriate options are enabled.

This addon is originally developed by Hachem_Muche and continued by sSs1897.

version changes:

version 2.7 for ToME 1.5.0:

-- updated for cold flames
-- negative life levels now display (for the player only)

custom edit version 0.1 for ToME 1.6.1:
-- added class display in normal gameplay
-- added talent highlighting
-- added crit chance display

version 0.2:
-- added steam power/ crit (steam speed is not important)
-- togglable crit chance
-- togglable description
-- added regen if over 20
-- display negative life for enemies

version 0.3:
-- ranked res/dmg mods/pen based on value
-- reworked talent highlighting

version 0.4:
-- added high damage talents by hijacking damDesc, thanks to @梦幻泡影
-- minor bug fix

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