Accurate Weapon Damage

Short Name: 

Makes the stats displayed when viewing a weapon's name more accurately reflect the damage it would deal if you were to wield it. Should not have any major compatibility issues with other addons.

Verbose Cursed Sentry

Short Name: 

]Modifies the tooltips of the Cursed Sentry and Choose Cursed Sentry talents to list the currently selected weapon (if any) for use with Cursed Sentry.

Ascii Information Frames

Short Name: 

Oh my god this stuff is so totally cool.
Holy crap I mean it's really super cool, like, wow.

Technomancy Tweaks

Short Name: 

Assorted small quality-of-life changes for the Technomancer class evolution from the Embers of Rage DLC (required). Currently includes:

  • Adds a status tracker to the Micro Spiderbot talent, showing how many active spiderbots you currently have and providing a tooltip listing their respective locations and durations.
  • Modifies the description of objects and tinkers to indicate whether they are metallic, for use with the Galvanic Arcing talent.
  • (new in v1b) Expands the tooltip of the Galvanic Rods status tracker to include information about persistent rods deployed via Galvanic Arcing and their respective beam/triangle zone linkage (including the player's metallic or metallic-tinkered weapon, if any).
  • (new in v1c) Modifies the Metaphasic Spin talent to automatically select a steamsaw from inventory if it is tagged with the (localized) name of the Metaphasic Spin talent.

Clean UI Easy Map Edit

Short Name: 

Replaces default interface styles with cleaner versions to enhance readability. Fork of Gurkoz's Clean UI addon to make the Parchment UI gray.

Ronnoc's Chinese mod translation Pack

Short Name: 

 This is mod Chinese translation for following mods:


Hotkey Squish

Short Name: 

Compresses some longer hotkey labels."

Grey Out Unusable Items

Short Name: 

This addon shows inventory items in dark grey if they have a power source incompatible with your character.

Arcane items are greyed out for antimagic characters, and arcane disrupting items are greyed out for characters with arcane abilities. Never accidentally break your spells again!

Hotkeys Toolbar Scroll Lock

Short Name: 

Adds new game option "UI | Scroll hotkeys toolbar with scroll wheel", which can be disabled to prevent the scroll wheel or other scrolling input mechanisms from affecting the hotkeys toolbar.


Short Name: 

Russian translation.

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