Improved Enemy UI

Short Name: 

1. improve the default shockbolt of enemy, making them brighter and easier to find.
2. when your rest/run/autoexplore got stopped with monsters nearby, you will see these monsters in combat log, with more detailed information.
3. introduce a game option that you may shout when your rest/run/autoexplore stopped with monsters nearby.

Kor Addons for ToME4 1.7 (TEST)

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Korean Translation Addons (TEST VERSION!!!!!)

본 애드온은 ToME4 공식 한국어 번역 프로젝트의 "검수용" 입니다.

※ 아직 번역되지 않은 부분이 있습니다.
※ 번역 관련 오류가 발생할 수 있습니다.

번역과 검수가 완료되면 이 애드온은 창작마당에서 내려가고 공식 번역으로 편입됩니다.

※ 오류 및 버그 발견 시 uueeck@gmail.com
오역 오타 등을 발견 시 khelerd29@gmail.com 으로 제보 부탁드립니다.

※ 더 자세한 내용과 애드온 이용 가이드는 아래 링크를 참고하세요.

Talents in Tooltips

Short Name: 

Optionally modifies the tooltip description of objects that grant talents when worn or carried to include descriptions of the conferred talents.

Time Shield Tracking

Short Name: 

Improves the status icon for the Time Shield effect conferred by the Time Shield and Temporal Shield talents, showing both the remaining strength and the remaining duration of the shield.

Also available as part of the ZOmnibus Addon Pack and ZOmnibus Lite.

Restart as Random

Short Name: 

Based on a request from YokuPlays.

Adds an option to the death menu to allow for instantaneous restarts as a random character, as though you had gone through the birth screen and mashed the Random button.

Twitch Menu Tweaks

Short Name: 

Based on a request from YokuPlays.

Removes several CRITICAL menu items from both the ingame escape menu, including options of various sorts, and the ability to gracefully quit the game. I repeat, loading this addon will substantially impact your ability to interact with the game's settings. Alt-F4 will still take you back to the main menu.

Also modifies the death dialogue to prevent some other avenues of possible shenanigans.


Short Name: 

Its still a test. It just removes some Windows (like main Menu) to suit the game for "Twitch Plays" streams.

Interact with the Mech

Short Name: 

Adds new talent Interact with the Mech, allowing Annihilators from the Embers of Rage DLC using the Steamtech/Mecharachnid talent tree to manipulate their mecharachnid's equipment and talents (and name) in a more convenient manner similar to Alchemists' Interact with the Golem talent.

Smithfield UI

Short Name: 

The Union of Hunting Keys and Tactical Minimap.

For keyboard play only.
Changes scrolling and centering. Move the view and your character w/ single keystrokes. Much more fluid for the keyboard player. No more 'taptaptaptaptap' to move the map away from the edges.

Changes the minimap colors.
You are green.
Friendlies are light blue. So are stairs.
Neutrals are purple. Oranges are hostiles.
Hostile Elite Bosses and Rares are Red.
Changes tactical borders, coordinating to minimap.

This version wrecks the use of the mouse for targeting and scrolling (but just a little).

Hunting Keys

Short Name: 

Designed to facilitate playing keyboard-only on a small screen.

Overrides the existing scroll lock process.

Adds a third state to scrolling, the 'hunt' mode.

Press scroll lock once to enter 'hunt' mode,
Press a movement key to move the camera to the indicated octant, exiting 'hunt' mode, resuming movement.
Press scroll lock again to center on the character and then enter a 'scroll' mode similar to the original but with larger scroll steps. In both places, rest centers upon the character.
Press the scroll lock a third time to exit 'scroll' mode and resume movement.

Its easier than it may sound.

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