Quick Transmo Chest Management

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Adds a new key bind to transmogrify things faster. Currently, hitting the key on an item in the transmog chest puts it into your normal inventory, while hitting the key on an item in your normal inventory immediately transmogs it with no confirmation. The key bind only works if you have a transmog chest and only if the selected item is transmog-able.
The default key bind is Shift + Enter.
The key bind can be found in the key bindings menu under the Inventory category.

I got annoyed at how slow transmog is and made this. I'll probably make its behavior configurable in a future update.

Juggle Hotkeys on Unwield

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Adds game options "UI | Hotkey handling on unwield" and "UI | Remove hotkey on drop" to control the handling of hotkeys for activateable objects when you unwield or drop them. You can choose to remove the hotkey or add a special marker to its icon to warn that the associated object is not currently wielded.

Also available as part of the ZOmnibus Addon Pack and ZOmnibus Lite.

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