Class: Hekatonkheire

Class: Hekatonkheire

This adds a new class, the Hekatonkhiere, which is loosely based on the Headless Horror.

Hekatonkhieres are considered Demented, but use a new resource instead of insanity and do *not* require Forbidden Cults.

They are spell-using melee combatants who mix armed and unarmed attacks while accompanied by their eldritch Wandering Eyes.

New Talents
Spell / Shambler: This tree defines your combat style: stomp up to your target and wind up to a single devastating blow.
Spell / Headless Horror: Extract your own eyes from your head and empower them into monstrous minions for both attack and defense.
Technique / Titanic Blows: Heavy attacks with your weapons, which gain space-warping powers later on.
Technique / Helping Hands: Use your other 98 hands to block, steal, distract, and heal.
Technique / Harming Hands: Use your other 98 hands to grab, crush, drag, and batter.

Advanced Talents
Spell / Mountainshaper: Locked but available at level 0, your eldritch presence spills out into the world and warps the ground.
Technique / Splintered Lord: Time your attacks to take advantage of your extra-dimensional nature - or just chop enemies in half
Spell / Eyesight: Improve and direct your Wandering Eyes to better protect you and afflict your enemies.

Old Talents:
Cunning / Survival
Technique / Conditioning

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this is amazing

might be the best marriage of theme and mechanics of any addon class i've used yet, great feel and Hands is a really neat resource system


feels strange with main vision out of the body, etc. was killed some times while eyes were away. Also, it feels like the guy has vision 1 regardless of whether the eyes are activated, even with the sustain off... would also be nice to have any info on when new eyes are generated.

Wandering Eyes

I've changed the description of the talent to indicate that the loss of vision and blindness immunity are permanent.
Also, it now shows the countdown until you get the next eye on the sustain icon.