Swordsmaster Class

Swordsmaster Class

Adds a swordsmaster class to the game.



 - Added a new talent tree, Technique/Fencing which has defensive talents related to parrying.
 - The talent Web of Steel has been moved from Swordsmanship to Fencing. It's place in the Swordsmanship tree has been taken by a new talent, Vorpal, which gives Physical Power and Armor Penetration.
 - The talent Crescent Sweep has been reworked. It deals more damage, inflicts bleed, moves before attacking, no longer allows swapping places, and has a cooldown. It's usage as a spammable movement talent for swapping places has been filled by the new Mist Step talent on the Fencing tree.
 - Lightspeed Draw can now attack enemies adjacent to any tiles you pass through in addition to enemies that you pass through directly. These additional targets count when determining whether you can use Lightspeed Draw or not. It still can only hit one enemy per tile you travel through though.
 - Fixed Swordsmanship not functioning for daggers
 - Fixed Swordsmanship to not permanently replace a weapon's strength damage mod with dexterity
 - Harrying blows no longer requires your spring attacks to hit the target; instead it only requires that you attempt them.
 - Harrying blows's finishing blow now bypasses evasion/repulsion talents that the target possesses
 - Harrying blows's finishing blow no longer ignores ALL armor and resistances. It ignores 50% of the target's resistances, and has set bonus armor penetration.
 - Spring Attack now functions immediately when activated instead of only after an action is performed after it is activated.
 - Surgical Strikes's stun and interference effects are now separate (so you get the full stun regardless of what the target does on its next turn). It's cooldown has also been increased from 6 to 8.
 - Added clarifying text to the descriptions of Will to Live and Unfetter to give a better idea of how effective they are when leveled up without requiring arithmetic.
 - Buffed Spring Attack stamina restoration
 - Cunning/Tactical is once again locked by default
 - Added translation support to timed effects

 - Fixed bug with pre-use talent for swordsmanship talents when npc does not have an inventory

 - Added a new talent tree, Technique/Two-handed Bladework, which serves as a Dexterity-based replacement for Technique/Two-handed Assault
 - As it has now been replaced, Technique/Two-handed Assault has been removed from the Swordsmaster class.
 - Cunning/Tactical is now unlocked by default

 - Lightspeed Fatigue duration changed from 40 turns to a lower value which is based on effective talent level
   - (with 1.3 mastery: 24, 21, 18, 16, 14)
 - Lightspeed Fatigue now increases stamina cost of Lightspeed Draw linearly instead of quadratically.
   - (20 -> 40 -> 60 -> 80) instead of (20 -> 40 -> 80 -> 160)
 - Removed cooldown from Spring Attack, making it fully toggleable.

 - Changed Moving Target to reduce direct damage taken by 30% instead of giving 15% all resist.
 - Buffed pin resistance of Slippery to 100% from 50%
 - Buffed movement speed granted by Slippery to 50% from 20%
 - Spring Attack once again restores stamina when wielding one-handed weapons
 - Lowered the maximum number of attacks per turn at ETL 5 for Spring Attack from 3 to 2
 - Fixed typo in Harrying Blows description
 - Fixed Swordsmanship talents still being usable even when disarmed
 - Removed Duelist tree from Swordsmaster class, as it is mostly extraneous at this point

 - Fixed infinite loop caused when reflecting certain spells like Invoke Darkness with Web of Steel

 - Updated for version 1.7.2
 - Raised stamina cost and cooldown for "Never Give Up"
 - Added offhand damage increase to "Swordsmanship" for swords and daggers
 - Changed format calls to tformat calls to support potential translation

 - Added tactical data to talents for npcs
 - Swordsmanship mastery and str/dex scaling swap now works with daggers as well as swords
 - Determination now always takes 15 turns to reach maximum regeneration instead of taking fewer turns with a higher talent level.
 - Fixed logic of projectile selffire to correctly function as indicated by comments (for web of steel)
 - Fixed Vapor Blade knocking back even when it misses

 - Swordsmanship now completely exchanges strength scaling for dexterity scaling on swords instead of giving -100% str mod and +100% dex mod
 - Fixed bug that prevented critical hits from occurring (oops!)
 - Unfetter and Never Give Up now have stamina costs
 - Harrying Blows fixed to only require Spring Attack to hit once per global turn instead of once per target's turn
 - Lightspeed Draw now has a fixed cooldown.
 - Spring Attack now only restores stamina if you are wielding a two-handed weapon
 - Will to Live changed to provide a health regen bonus equal to a flat amount per percent missing health rather than an amount equal to a percent of missing health. Also, now scales with Willpower.

- Initial Release

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Dual wield is very strong

This class was very fun, but so strong that it felt impossible to die for the whole game, even with my lazy gearing. Basically a Marauder with extremely good survivability and even more movement. A better player could demolish the game with it.

The character I played

Footwork is the main culprit... when you start getting overlapping Moving Target stacks from movement speed it effectively becomes permanent (wait for 2 stacks before doing non-instant actions so it never falls off). Footwork working with all types of movement makes blink/phasing strategies crazy. Disables are no problem at all with Conditioning + Intrepid (great tree by the way, what Combat Veteran should be). Parrying disables enemy melee crits and my final parry rate was 98% (!!!). Stamina issues were negligible, just walking around with Spring Attack was good enough to kill many rares anyway, and the class is spectacular at running away if you're really dry.

Great concept

Love having an alternative melee warrior that's neither hiding behind a shield nor a raging lunatic. However two problems I've noticed so far: With dual wield, using Harrying Blows is often not feasible because many many fights are in narrow corridors (often intentionally for survival) and the standard dual wield tree lacks a spammable movement option to get in 3 turns of strikes. Second, which seems more of a bug, daggers do not seem to be using Swordmaster mastery as described, instead still benefitting from Dagger mastery.

Very interesting class

I love the idea of a melee class with mobility built in! This definitely goes a long way towards reducing the frustration of playing a melee class in TOME.

Now for some helpful feedback: I think the resources could use smoothing out.

From 1-10 I had no stamina issues at all, and I was beginning to wonder why everyone was talking about being tapped out quickly.

Then I fought some bosses at 11-20 and wow, there really is not enough stamina! It's impossible to have the stamina per kill talent very high (or at all, at 11) so boss fights basically came down to me doing burst damage until I ran out of stamina, the boss healing back up, and me trying desperately to flee across the map and find a place to hide and regen hp/stamina to try again. Fortunately I had a lot of regen and a healing totem, but I had a number of close calls. This was on Nightmare Roguelike, using an orange greatsword, so damage should not be lacking. I even had an armor of Second Wind.

Very interesting class (feedback continued)

I think the awkward level 11-20 boss fights could be dealt with via a few approaches:

1 - Building in some early access to healing reduction. Bisect, for instance, could apply a bleed debuff that reduces healing. Yes, we can get Battle Tactics/Bleeding Edge to do just this, but it's gated behind an unlock and there just are not enough points in the early game to have this AND the survivability/mobility a melee class wants.

2 - Reducing stamina costs by about 20-30% across class unique talents. I do understand that the talent tree is just a copy of 2h assault, but Sun Paladins get free damage+blind on demand from their Celestial side and Spring Attack doesn't make up for that. Again there is no problem whatsoever against minions; it's boss damage that falls off.

3 - Adding max stamina instead. Having 400+ max stam where we currently have 250 would achieve similar results.

4 - Straight up adding more damage. This is the least nuanced approach (I disfavor it) but it's a possible solution.

The class is fun to play and operates smoothly - it just suddenly becomes janky when opponents have thousands of hp.

Surgical strike almost never success

Surgical strike adds an interfered debuff with skill failure as well as stunning. However, in most conditions the enemy just simply attacks and never triggers the second stage stunning, even though the failure rate exceeds 100%. So in most cases the skill can only produce extremely short stun, making itself a waste of investment

Problem with harrying blow

Harring blow is powerful, but the requirement is too complicated. It is necessary only for 1 to 1 battle with a tough enemy. However, 1 to 1 battle often has no enough room to perform spring attack. And tough enemies are offen hard to hit(either having high evasion or some class power to deflect weapon attacks),making the preparing stage extremely fragile.

Cool class

Was going to suggest adding Duelist but saw it got removed in changelog, why not have duelist as an option for dual-wield build tho? I feel the class needs a little more in way of defense. Also, would be nice to make Lightspeed Draw a core mechanic of the class, by lowering the stamina increse per use to match Tumble (and have similar or lower scaling), or maybe have it use a charge system, and making it give a shield and/or defense on use (maybe stacking up to a point? or not...). I just feel like the class needs more defensive options, maybe a whole tree of them (or bring back duelist).
Either way the experience so far was fun, reminded me a lot of playing Sil which had skills that let you attack by moving too. Nice concept!

Also, some other things I noticed upon playing further:
- Lightspeed Draw can be used while asleep
- Swordsmanship doesnt seem to give the mastery bonuses for daggers at all

Great but just wondering

Enjoying the class so far but just wondering for certain class trees. Since you will be focusing more on dexterity and strength wouldn't be better for requirements for them to scale of dexterity than strength so they are more readily available as in most cases you may have to ICTW prodigy (if you also extra physical power) I so you can acquire them. At least tie into the swordsmanship passive. Also to help make feel a bit more unique to class since you're focusing more on skill and technique than sheer brute force.

And Spring Attack cancelling movement infusions which can be can be annoying as only set amount of spring attack that can happen per turn.

For Lightspeed draw. It's a pretty underwhelming skill. Cause basically after around 3 or 4 uses (which take massive toll on your stamina ) for what amounts to range 9 and 120% weapon attack (granted it's instnat) but 40 turns of increased stamina usage which 40 of mere movement skill on cool down.. robably lower down amount cool down for your (your better off using mutiple evasions or rush is more reliable as lightspeed draw is under the same issue of can't use if there are no enemies) on raw talent cool down. If not probably atleast the increased stamina cost for turn is significantly lower per turn while resting so it you can probably do a hit run or simply that not trying rest with auto explore with it waiting for amount turns to use the rod of recall


Love the class.

Lua Error

I sometimes get a Lua error. I suppose it occurs when I reflect a beam or ray with "Web of Steel"talent.

Thanks for the report! I'll

Thanks for the report! I'll take a look into it.


An interesting class, seems to work well. Strangely, 2h build seems to work better - partially due to needing less talents to up. Maybe there should be a build based on sswitching between 2h and double-blades as well? Didn't try mindstar variant, but think it is only useful if you go Antimagic?


Can Japanese or Chinese translation be added?

RE: Japanese translation of Swordmaster addon

You should look into Asada's work here:



This is a very fun and well-put-together class!
I especially like Spring Attack.

A couple notes:

  • Vapor Blade knocks enemies back even if the attack misses
  • Will To Live should have a cap, or better yet, be a flat (or based on player level) amount that's increased the lower your health is.
  • Lightspeed Draw needs a Fixed Cooldown. Otherwise, if you take Hidden Resources and have some way of lowering the cd, you can cast it forever, doing infinite damage instantly.
  • Spring Attack's stamina restore is kind of overkill given Tempo and Determination. Maybe it should only work if you're using a 2-hand weapon?

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! I haven't been able to duplicate Vapor Blade knocking back even when it misses on my end yet, but I'll continue to look into it.