Swordsmaster Class

Swordsmaster Class

Adds a swordsmaster class to the game.

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
Swordsmaster Class 1.1.0 1.6.7 2020-07-21 10:51
Swordsmaster Class 1.6.7 2020-07-19 06:56


Can Japanese or Chinese translation be added?


This is a very fun and well-put-together class!
I especially like Spring Attack.

A couple notes:

  • Vapor Blade knocks enemies back even if the attack misses
  • Will To Live should have a cap, or better yet, be a flat (or based on player level) amount that's increased the lower your health is.
  • Lightspeed Draw needs a Fixed Cooldown. Otherwise, if you take Hidden Resources and have some way of lowering the cd, you can cast it forever, doing infinite damage instantly.
  • Spring Attack's stamina restore is kind of overkill given Tempo and Determination. Maybe it should only work if you're using a 2-hand weapon?

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! I haven't been able to duplicate Vapor Blade knocking back even when it misses on my end yet, but I'll continue to look into it.