Swordsmaster Class

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Adds a swordsmaster class to the game.



 - Added a new talent tree, Technique/Two-handed Bladework, which serves as a Dexterity-based replacement for Technique/Two-handed Assault
 - As it has now been replaced, Technique/Two-handed Assault has been removed from the Swordsmaster class.
 - Cunning/Tactical is now unlocked by default

 - Lightspeed Fatigue duration changed from 40 turns to a lower value which is based on effective talent level
   - (with 1.3 mastery: 24, 21, 18, 16, 14)
 - Lightspeed Fatigue now increases stamina cost of Lightspeed Draw linearly instead of quadratically.
   - (20 -> 40 -> 60 -> 80) instead of (20 -> 40 -> 80 -> 160)
 - Removed cooldown from Spring Attack, making it fully toggleable.

 - Changed Moving Target to reduce direct damage taken by 30% instead of giving 15% all resist.
 - Buffed pin resistance of Slippery to 100% from 50%
 - Buffed movement speed granted by Slippery to 50% from 20%
 - Spring Attack once again restores stamina when wielding one-handed weapons
 - Lowered the maximum number of attacks per turn at ETL 5 for Spring Attack from 3 to 2
 - Fixed typo in Harrying Blows description
 - Fixed Swordsmanship talents still being usable even when disarmed
 - Removed Duelist tree from Swordsmaster class, as it is mostly extraneous at this point

 - Fixed infinite loop caused when reflecting certain spells like Invoke Darkness with Web of Steel

 - Updated for version 1.7.2
 - Raised stamina cost and cooldown for "Never Give Up"
 - Added offhand damage increase to "Swordsmanship" for swords and daggers
 - Changed format calls to tformat calls to support potential translation

 - Added tactical data to talents for npcs
 - Swordsmanship mastery and str/dex scaling swap now works with daggers as well as swords
 - Determination now always takes 15 turns to reach maximum regeneration instead of taking fewer turns with a higher talent level.
 - Fixed logic of projectile selffire to correctly function as indicated by comments (for web of steel)
 - Fixed Vapor Blade knocking back even when it misses

 - Swordsmanship now completely exchanges strength scaling for dexterity scaling on swords instead of giving -100% str mod and +100% dex mod
 - Fixed bug that prevented critical hits from occurring (oops!)
 - Unfetter and Never Give Up now have stamina costs
 - Harrying Blows fixed to only require Spring Attack to hit once per global turn instead of once per target's turn
 - Lightspeed Draw now has a fixed cooldown.
 - Spring Attack now only restores stamina if you are wielding a two-handed weapon
 - Will to Live changed to provide a health regen bonus equal to a flat amount per percent missing health rather than an amount equal to a percent of missing health. Also, now scales with Willpower.

- Initial Release

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