Embers With All Races

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Adds the Maj'Eyal campaign races (and a large number of addon races) to the Embers campaign. You will still need to have a race unlocked in order to play it in the Embers campaign.

Currently includes support for:
Ashes DLC
Cults DLC
Playable Naloren Race Addon
Sholtar Race Addon
Vor'tep Race Addon
Inferno Race Pack Addon
Midnight Addon
Dreamelf Addon
Troll Race Addon
Xorn Race Addon
Abomination Race Addon
Runic Golem (Ignore Race/Class Locks Addon)

Steamshaper Subclass

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Adds the Steamshaper, a Tinker Subclass.
Combines Steamtech and Embers Psionic talents into a Willpower/Cunning focused Steam/Psi caster.

"Powerful psionics are able to enter a gestalt with steam generators and technology to enhance their own mental prowess.",
"The Steamshaper combines this ability to gestalt to enhance his tinkers, all the while boiling her foes to death with steamy, mind-induced mayhem."

["steamtech/blacksmith"] (locked)
["wild-gift/mindstar-mastery"] (locked)
["cunning/survival"] (locked)
["steamtech/automation"] (locked)
["steamtech/furnace"] (locked)

Orcnac Subrace

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Adds the Orcnac Subrace, the Orc equivilent of a Cornac.

Embers Races for Maj'Eyal Campaign

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Adds Embers of Rage races for use in the Maj'Eyal Campaign. Currently they all start in the Trollmire, Allied faction, with the default Human quest. Suggestions for that stuff is welcome.

DarkGod pretty much showed me how to do this, so thank you!

Yeti/Whitehoof will be locked unless you've unlocked them in the Embers of Rage DLC.
Embers of Rage DLC is required for this to work!

I'm still new at this, so let me know if there are any issues and I'll try to sort them out.

V1.0.1 is up, I wasn't paying attention when I did it through TOME so I just got rid of the old version. This version should hopefully add in the random escort quests for the three races, since they weren't defined before.

Embers Races for Maj'Eyal Campaign

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Add Embers Races To Main Campaign

Z Add Orcs To Main Campaign

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Add Orcs To Main Campaign

Half Orcs

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You are the bastard son of an orc invader from the east and a farmer's wife.
Not ever knowing your father, you decide the best way to find him is to become an adventurer.

Introducing Half-Orcs!

0.0.2 Bugfix Release:
Fixed survival instinct not triggering.
Fixed Running for your life increasing global not movement.

Fixed survival instinct not increasing with multiple mobs
Rebalanced survival instinct to give less bonus that Cunning/Tactical/Tactical Expert
Renamed race from Half to HalfOrc (Will change this later to Half-Orc or Half Orc if I can figure out why it wasn't letting me)
Other bugfixes that I can't remember

Went Mad.
Broke Survival instinct
Fixed Survival instinct
Rescaled Survival instinct

Killed more bugs.
Wondered if bugs are spreading?

0.0.6 "Home sweet home Edition"
Killed bugs.
Created half-orc's home. Can only be accessed once for now, will fix this later.
Renamed Tough Upbringing to Garkul's Successor
Added misc things that I forgot to note down.
Removed Survival instinct, shifted talents down and added Devourer's Strength as the new third tier talent

'Purists' Breeding Pits Restoration Project

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Restores the orc breeding pits cut content to the game. This is the original completely unaltered orc breeding pits, just as objectionable as it was in version 1.1.3, before any changes were made. You have been WARNED. Do not complain about the potentially objectionable content.

Orcs Campaign Teaser: Planned zones

My minions,


The work on the orc campaign is going quite well and now is time for a little teaser of the planned zones!


  • Yeti Caves: The name is quite explicit, a cave, filled with yetis .. white, covered in fur, kind of like giant yeeks!
  • Vaporous Emporium: A trading place for the steam giants in the mountains. Beware of the guards!
  • Sunwall Outpost: This outpost blocks the way to the mainland.. what shall orcs do with it?
  • Internment Camp: This is were the remnants of the Prides are kept, mentally subdued
  • Dominion's Port: The Troll Dominion of the Kar'Haïb is trying to setup a permanent presence on Var'Eyal!
  • Sunwall Observatory: High in the mountains anorithils are looking at the sky
  • Ritch Hive: You love ritches! Get more!
  • Ureslak's Host: Your favorite unique dragon, now back in undead form!
  • Steam Quarry: Steam giants geothermal powerplant, a key structure in their dominion, it must be destroyed!
  • The Palade of Fumes: Hiding place of the ruling council of steam giants, your final destination! or is it ..
  • The Slumbering Caves: Deep bellow the palade of fumes, something is being disturbed..
  • Amakthel's Prison: The body of the dead god is being ressurected by one of the last loyalist Sher'Tul, the world is about to shatter!

Feeling teased yet?! :)

Breeding Pits Restoration Project

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Restores the orc breeding pits cut content to the game.

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