Use Classes in All Campaigns

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As recently seen with the cults expansion, new classes are sometimes missing from addon campaigns due to load order. This addon solves that problem. It allows usage of all main campaign classes in all addon campaigns.

Diversity Mod

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Allows usage of all races in all campaigns. This includes addon and DLC races. Should remain compatible with future updates and DLC, the transition from 1.4.9 to 1.5.10 did not require any changes, and I doubt any future transitions will.

Currently includes support for:
Every DLC and race addon that doesn't have a weight over 9000 million.

Embers With All Races

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Adds all races available in the Arena campaign to the Orcs campaign. You will still need to have a race unlocked in order to play it in the Orcs campaign.

This should work for all DLC races and most addon races, assuming they are not implemented in an unusual way and their addon weight is lower than that of this addon (200000).

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