Turn Tracker

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Only for Minimalist UI

Adds a UI element to display the predicted order of character turns for the next three turns.
If you hover over a talent in your hotkey bar, your position in the tracker will be updated based on the speed of that talent.
If you hover over a creature in the turn tracker, they will get a small indicator over them on the map, to help identifying identical creatures.
Creatures with high speeds are marked with a small '+' icon.

NOTE: The game itself is not necessarily consistent about who goes first if two creatures are tied in energy.

Ghoul Global Speed Tweak

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Tweaks Ghoul Global Speed from -20% to -10%

Compatible with "Embers With All Races" addon by loading before it.

Not compatible with "Race Rebalancing Addon aka RACISM" and any other Ghoul addon that affects global speed.

NOTE: This addon is no longer recommended, unless you specifically prefer a speed penalty decrease. If you want removal of speed penalty and reassessing other aspects of the Ghoul subrace, see Ghoul MultiFork here:


ADDON PRIORITY (Load order): 1000

Marson's Speedfix

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Parts of this addon were merged into v1.2.0

Hand armor can slow down unarmed attack speed, but it is also having an impact on talents in the "Technique" category as well, slowing them by about 20%. This addon will update the speed of talents to use shield speed for shield skills, main weapon speed for all others, and if unarmed, it will use the default single-turn energy expendature of other talents not already in the Spell, Mind, or Summon categories.

Talents not in the Technique category, but also modified:


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Creates a new widget that displays how long it will take your character to perform various actions. Works in Minimalist or Classic UI. Full UI functionality (scale, move, etc). Mouse over an NPC or projectile to see how their speeds compare to yours. Enable verbose mode from "Chronometer" in main menu for even more info about your moused over targets' speeds.

Due to MD5 woes, the earlier Chronometer page has been lost (along with my votes :( )

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