Werewolves of Maj'Eyal

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Adds 5 werewolf races to the game!

Copying and pasting the gist of the racial details from the forum post into here for easy visibility.

Largely your standard werewolf experience. Big, tough, and angry!
Life Rating: 14
Stats: +3 Str, +2 Dex, +1 Con/Wil, -1 Cun
Exp Penalty: 10%
Racial Abilities:
-Furious Rage: An active to boost their damage output and damage resistance temporarily.
-Unrestrained: A passive for stun/pin/disarm resistance.
-Wild Pelt: Passive damage resistance, even upping the resistance cap slightly, and increased size at higher investment levels!
-Monstrous Leap: An active ability to leap and come down with a crash, dealing damage in an aoe! Also gains a bit of size (and damage) when you do!

Next up, we have some nature themed werewolves! They're even green!
Stats: +3 Wil, +2 Con, +1 Str/Cun, -1 Mag
Life Rating: 13
Exp Penalty: 10%
Racial Abilities:
-Wild Rejuvenation: A regeneration and healmod boost, not just for yourself, but allies too!
-Bestial Vitality: Increased life regen and heal mod! Not much more to it, just big werewuff regen.
-Verdant Pelt: Increase your nature affinity, blight and nature resistance, and reduce the duration of detrimental effects!
-Call the Pack: Exactly what it says on the tin! Call up three wolf friends for a bit to help chow down on your enemies!

Following that, these werewolves are the more magically inclined of their brethren! Moon and star themes abound.
Life Rating: 9
Stats: +3 Mag, +2 Wil, +1 Dex/Cun, -1 Str
Exp Penalty: 5%
Racial Abilities:
-Lunar Light: Activate to gain a damage shield, and a boost to all affinities for a bit. Soak that damage!
-Lunar Shadow: A passive that pops when you take enough damage in one blow, and then gives you a chance to avoid any further damage.
-Shimmering Pelt: Adaptive damage resistance that can adjust to up to 3 different types of damage at a time.
-Celestial Power: An active ability to enhance your damage output and damage penetration!

From there, we go to some psionic fluffy friends!
Life Rating: 12
Stats: +3 Cun, +2 Wil, +1 Str/Con, -1 Dex
Exp Penalty: 8%
Racial Abilities:
-Sharp Focus: Self-buff for increased damage and crit chance!
-Shrouded Mind: Confusion and mind damage resistance, increased mental save, and a short range telepathy of all creatures at higher levels!
-Faded Pelt: Resistance to all damage, and quite a bit of it, but taking damage will eat away at the resists until they're gone!
-Psionic Howl: An aoe howl that sics some mental wolves on your enemies, giving them damage over time, reduced damage dealt, and chance for talent failure!

And last, but not least, the stealthy wolves!
Life Rating: 11
Stats: +3 Dex, +2 Cun, +1 Str/Mag, -1 Con
Exp Penalty: 8%
Racial Abilities:
-Hunter's Agility: Boost global speed for a short time!
-Killer Instincts: Increased crit chance and crit damage.
-Shadow Pelt: Defense, crit avoidance, stealth power, and even some light and dark resistance!
-Through the Shadows: An active ability that gives you an instant, variable range, no-cooldown teleport! However, the range diminishes the further you travel with it, and recovers over time.

Class: Hunted

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A stealthy Cursed class that uses unarmed attacks. Inspired by HousePet's Werebeast from the Verdant Class Pack.

First and foremost, thank you to everyone in the Tales of Maj'Eyal Discord for all the coding help!

--- Class Talents ---
Cursed / Primal (WIL)
Takedown - Perform a short dash to a target, striking it in melee and pinning it if used from Stealth. Costs Equilibrium, damage based on talent level. Claws of the Beast must be active.
Rip and Tear - Deals melee weapon damage, Bleeds, and increases Hate. Disarms if used from Stealth. Costs Equilibrium, damage based on talent level. Claws of the Beast must be active.
Mournful Howl - Deals Darkness and Mind damage in a small radius and increase Hate. Causes a random gloom effect if used from Stealth. Costs Equilibrium, damage based on talent level and Mindpower. Claws of the Beast must be active.
Throatseeker - Deals high melee weapon damage and increases Hate. Silences if used from Stealth. Costs Equilibrium, damage based on talent level. Claws of the Beast must be active.

Cursed / Prowl (WIL)
Prowl - It's Stealth.
Pounce - It's Shadowstrike.
Nocturnal - It's the stealth regen thing but instead of Life and Stamina, it's Life and Equilibrium.
Into the Woods - Re-enter stealth no matter if enemies are near you or not. No cost, but high cooldown and breaks like regular stealth.

Cursed / Gore (WIL, Locked)
Bloodlet - Critical weapon attacks also apply Bleed. Bleed increases based on talent level.
Dig In - Deals melee weapon damage and intensifies Bleed effects on the enemy. Costs Hate and Equilibrium, damage based on talent level. Claws of the Beast must be active.
Frenzied Swipe - Lash out and swipe madly at everything around you, dealing damage and applying Bleed. Claws of the Beast must be active.
Shadow of the Pack - Sustain that causes triggers a weak melee attack against all Bleeding enemies in a short radius. Costs Equilibrium to sustain, and Hate once per turn that it triggers.

Cursed / Endless hunt
Cursed / Strife
Cursed / Predator
Cursed / Fears
Cursed / Rampage (Locked)

--- Generic Talents ---
Cursed / Werebeast (WIL)
Claws of the Beast - Sustain that gives you some Physical critical chance as well as have a chance to cast your current level of Instill Fear on a single target on melee attacks. Costs Equilibrium, damage based on talent level and Mindpower. Cannot be used with anything in hands. Also passively provides unarmed mastery and makes gloves scale with STR and WIL.
Ravenous Hunger - Gain Hate each turn a Bleeding enemy is in range.
Fight or Flight - Trained Reactions but it costs Equilibrium.
Beastly Form - When active, you gain a stack of Seethe and Grim Resolve (if you know them) automatically and Intimidate enemies around you.

Technique / Combat training
Cursed / Cursed form
Wild-gift / Call of the wild

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