Embers Races for Maj'Eyal Campaign

Embers Races for Maj'Eyal Campaign

Adds Embers of Rage races for use in the Maj'Eyal Campaign. Currently they all start in the Trollmire, Allied faction, with the default Human quest. Suggestions for that stuff is welcome.

DarkGod pretty much showed me how to do this, so thank you!

Yeti/Whitehoof will be locked unless you've unlocked them in the Embers of Rage DLC.
Embers of Rage DLC is required for this to work!

I'm still new at this, so let me know if there are any issues and I'll try to sort them out.

V1.0.1 is up, I wasn't paying attention when I did it through TOME so I just got rid of the old version. This version should hopefully add in the random escort quests for the three races, since they weren't defined before.

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Embers Races for Maj'Eyal Campaign 1.0.1 1.4.4 2016-03-03 06:09

Minor bug. Just got to the

Minor bug. Just got to the east as a yeti berserker, and Fillarel (and Krogar) refers to me as YetiMC instead of my character name. Didn't notice if it happened in any other instances.

Suggestion for Orcs

One pretty genius and lore-friendly idea I heard was to have Orcs start in the Dwarf-Starting-Zone, give them the Cloak of Deception (or whatever that cloak that undead start with is called) and have them be hostile to humans of they are not wearing it (one again, like undeads)

In Reverse?

This is great, I hope all races get added this way, seems a waste not to do it by default. Will you consider doing this in reverse to? Maybe make a human slave for example, that fights for the orcs as that is all they know?