Eoland's Vampire Race

Eoland's Vampire Race

This is my own spin on a vampire race. It has some large benefits but also some very strong drawbacks.

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Liiiiiiitle bit OP

So Eoland take most powerful skill from Ghoul (50% HP max taking damage), most powerful skill of Yeek (+15% global speed, and more on low health), second strongest Halfing skill (remove all detrimental effects), detrimental reduce from Doomelf, super strong Cornac +skill/generic/cat point... And downside its just -30% light resistance and no infusion? O_o

That was my intent.

In my mind, Vampires are apex predators. Far stronger than normal humans. Outside of my head cannon, there are lots of options for people who want to play a race that is challenging. First and foremost I made it to be my min-maxing go to while keeping to things already in the game.

The mix being Ghoul, Parasite, Yeek, Shalore.


this is great since sometimes you just want to have something out of balance to fuck around with and vampire theme is always nice in my opinion, they are otherworldly creatures afterall and if someone doesn't like it, well you certainly don't have to play this race but be thankful that there is one! thank you.

can we use it in EOR company?

can we use it in EOR company?

I was unable to make universal compatibility happen.

If the mod does not specifically designate a "Vampire" subrace then yes.

I like this

Thank you for making it


Thank you for downloading and playing.

damage reductions seems not working?

subj. 1st tier power with 'no more than 50% max hp damage'. Or description is somewhat wrong? upd. Sorry for misprints

None of my testing has shown this is an issue.

Perhaps it was a compatibility issue with something else? My latest update will have fixed that for Inferno's Race Pack atleast.