Recaiden's Undead Racepack

Recaiden's Undead Racepack

This is a compilation of my undead race addons. This will always be the most up-to-date version.
Silence and confuse enemies.
Drift through walls.
Cut away healing.
Banshees begin in a small starting zone of their own.
Banshees are unlocked if you have unlocked any other undead.

Embalming increases Strength and Willpower
Entangle wraps up an enemy, slowing them, with a low cooldown.
Inevitability wears away at the resistances of your enemies as your own resistances mount.
Uniquely, they have a small secondary racial tree that removes detrimental effects.
Mummies begin in their own starter zone, a low-level dungeon reminiscent of both the Blighted Scar and the Elven Ruins.
Mummies are initially locked, and unlock by defeating the Mummy Lord

Blast enemies with elemental power.
Ignore attacks with your ghostly nature.
Unerringly seek out enemies, even behind walls
Wights begin in a tiny starting zone of their own.
Wights are unlocked by completing the ancient battleground event.

And adds a new prodigy for any undead: Dreadmaster

Chinese translation by gooder1029

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