Race: Banshee

Short Name: 

Adds Banshees as a new type of undead that harrow enemies with their sorrowful voices.

Silence and confuse enemies.
Drift through walls.
Cut away healing.

Banshees begin in a small starting zone of their own.

Banshees are unlocked if you have unlocked any other undead.

Ghost Race

Short Name: 

Adds in a new Undead race, Ghost. Ghosts have a life rating lower than that of yeeks, but ghosts make up for this by sharing damage with their mana pool.
Being a ghost gives them access to certain categories, Ghosts can gain the following categories; Aegis, Cursed-Aura, Gloom, and Fears.

Original Class idea and design by Faeryan
Graphics done by rexorcorum

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