Patrol Gold

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This addon makes enemies in the world map patrol drop a fair amount of gold.

Every enemy generated via a world map ambush will drop ten instances of gold, averaging around one gold per instance. If used with the Spells Merchants addon by Akaviriblade, it adds a way to "grind" the patrols for gold so you can buy stat points and whatnot.

It should work with every mod, but please let me know if you get a compatibility error! :)


1) Download the file

2) Move it inside /(Your Game Directory)/game/addons

3) Launch Tales of Maj'Eyal

4) On the main menu select "Addons"

5) Find "Patrol Gold" and ensure it's active


Not compatible with mods that change data/general/npcs/humanoid_random_boss.lua
(Should be compatible with all mods)

Updated to work for 1.7.6

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