Fallen Meditant class

Fallen Meditant class

Adds the Fallen Meditant class. The Fallen was once a monk; training in a natural combat style upon a mountain. They have been cast down.

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Name Module Version Required Released File
stupid glove procs ugh 1.6.0 2020-05-15 03:21
nerfs and bugfixes 1.5.0 2020-05-14 05:14
im back baby 1.5.0 2020-05-12 02:08

works better

Now works better, switching Avalanche with brambbles made iit surviable at low levels, making Cunning prerequisite for most talents, while not good from style point of view, made prerequisites reachable. Seems that Lua errors from the previous version are gone, too. Probably should switch or change descriptions for Avalanche and brambles, too? Also, Antimagic version doesn't work very well (mainly the same reason it is bad for Brawlers - you lose many good gloves). Maybe add magic tree?

lack prerequisites?

The 3rd talent at the tree giving unarmed mastery has no prerequisites so is available right as the 2nd one is taken. Otherwise, feels somewhat weakish. Update: it is quite strong at middle levels, but quite weak before levels 4-8. Partly because few races are able to get unarmed mastery at level 1 with Cun 18 requirement, but I think there may be other reasons.