Bloodriver Adherent Class

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Adds Bloodriver Adherent class, a Mage subclass.

Bloodriver Adherents are very in tune with arcane energies, their mana will buffer any harm done to them. It also makes them know basic elemental spells innately.
They also have access to unique Bloodriver spells which utilize their own mana-infused blood to enhance their effects.

Bloodriver Adherent talents revolves mainly on their bleed mechanics. A lot of talents costs both mana and life to cast.
By default, this class can, and it is recommended, to focus on 2 different basic element talent trees. These 2 selected elements will later got advanced talents that you can learn.

There are around 11 custom made talent category which you can choose. Some are essential to Bloodriver Adherent, as this subclass try to utilize bleed as much as possible.
However, how you want to play this subclass, which talent to choose, is up to your liking.
You want to cause debuffs to your enemies? Prolong debuffs and make them suffer? sure you can!
You want to summon a cute golem to do your bidding and cute fairy to spice things up? Go ahead!
You want to just straight up deal damage to your enemies? say no more!
You can even summon some totems, put traps, and more.

There are currently 9 variation of totems. 5 which you will learn by default, and the remaining 4 you will learn by:
killing a certain named bear
destroy a certain magical crystal
killing a certain spider in the east, and
going to a certain place where magic are blazing.

This subclass is a bit tricky to play and on the harder side of difficulty-wise.
As both mana and life are used as resources to cast, and both life and mana dictates your livelihood, you will need to manage your mana and life, and choose your actions carefully.
If your mana is empty, you won't instantly die, but you will suffocate and take damage every turn. Suffocation will last until either you die or you replenish your mana.
There are a lot of self-perseverance talents embedded in this class, so you can take those to ensure your longevity.

Also beware, some of the talents are very powerful, but makes no distinguishing between friend or foe, so you may harm your allies, or even yourself!

If you are starting as humans, halflings, elves, or ogres, there is a small quest given at birth, you can do the quest and get some reward for it. There are also some lore fragments scattered regarding The Bloodrivers.

Please enjoy your time as One of The Bloodriver Adherents! Best regards, Shad3.

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