Pepper Pack

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Adds classes, races, objects and other stuff into the game.

Class: Performer / Bard

Jacks of all trades, masters of none, Bards are known for being proficient in a vast array of talents, such as melee and ranged combat, spellcasting and performing capabilities and blend all of these styles into a very versatile mix.

Race: Animal / Bunnymorph

Bunnymorphs are former humanoids morphed into bunnies by a spooky evil dark wizard. This transformation rendered them more fragile but gave them some special talents.

Objects and other additions include rapiers, whips, harps, flutes, lutes, singing swords, a new item type (instrument), a new resource pool (melody), a new damage type (sound), a new escort type, a sizable amount of new egos centered around melody, sound damage, new talents and a handful of new artifacts.

Thanks to rexorcorum for all the custom images and to game-icons.net for the custom icons.

Bunny Horde Race

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Notice: All Icons are placeholder.
For now, they are simply that way to be sorted via what bunny they control.
You are also going to have too many generics to spend.
I will eventually offer more trees, for now, enjoy the initial test.


This addon adds in the Bunny Horde race.
You control a horde of bunnies, each of which has unique talents.

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