Playable Naloren Race/Fixed Weapon speeds/Modified rarities

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Adds Nalore as a playable Elf subrace and adds Whips and Tridents as regular drops. /Rectifies the attack speeds of tridents and whips, as well as making them a bit more rare. NONE of this is my original work, just tuning it to my preference; credits all go to original creators.

Orcnac Subrace

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Adds the Orcnac Subrace, the Orc equivilent of a Cornac.

Playable Naloren Race

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Adds Nalore as a playable Elf subrace.

The Naloren have an affinity for water and are adept with mail armor, whips and tridents. They are also known for their great speed and dexterity. Notable talents include the ability to unlock Exotic Weapon Mastery with a generic talent, breathe water, and the ability to equip mail (heavy) armor by meeting the requirement with Constitution rather than Strength. Other talents provide defense and mobility, many of which scale with Dexterity and/or Constitution.

Spirit of the Tides:
For a few turns, increases all powers (physical, mind, spell, and, if you have EoR, steam) and only die when reaching a negative value which scales as a percent of your max life.

Naloren Guard Training:
Passively increaces your max encumbrance, reduces fatigue, and grants one point in Armor Training, and reveals Exotic Weapon Mastery. Wearing mail (heavy) armor will grant you a bonus to movement and attack speeds, and give you a chance to completely negate damage. Taking the fifth talent point changes the requirement for wearing heavy armor and learning Armor Training from Strength to Constituion.

Constitution will grant Defense and Critical Shrug-off Chance at 2/3s the rate of Dexterity (0.23 def and 0.20 crit shrug per Con). In addition, when afflicted with a negative status effect, you gain a temporary bonus to movement speed and each time you move while the bonus lasts, you will have a chance to shed one negative effect.

Call on the surging tides to aid you, creating an area of rushing water lasting for 8 turns. You and allies within the area will gain 300% movement speed for one turn, refreshed each turn you remain in the area. Foes in the area will have a 50% chance to be pushed onto an adjcent tile each time they act; if pushed, they will fail all talent use for two turns afterward.

Naloren start with +4 Con, +4 Dex, -1 Cun, -1 Str, -1 Mag and a life rating of 10. They have a global speed bonus of 10% and a 30% exp modifier.

Full details in the forum:

Subrace Pack

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Adds in some random subraces. Power levels may vary.

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