Playable Naloren Race/Fixed Weapon speeds/Modified rarities

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Adds Nalore as a playable Elf subrace and adds Whips and Tridents as regular drops. /Rectifies the attack speeds of tridents and whips, as well as making them a bit more rare. NONE of this is my original work, just tuning it to my preference; credits all go to original creators.

Orcnac Subrace

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Adds the Orcnac Subrace, the Orc equivilent of a Cornac.

Playable Naloren Race

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Adds Nalore as a playable Elf subrace, along with a new town zone and starting dungeon, complete with quest, new bosses, and artifacts.
The town is accessible to non-Naloren via a new NPC appearing on the world map and contains a shop which sells tridents and whips (and the Last Hope randart merchant will also offer exotic weapons). Anyone who completes the starting quest (granted to non-Naloren via the same NPC) will gain several new options at the exotic weapon shop (each with a fee):
Reveal Exotic Weapons Mastery (if you know Combat Trainig).
Gain the ability to invest in Heavy Armour Training and equip mail(heavy) armor by meeting the requirement with the highest of Constitution and Dexterity (or Strength, as usual).
Gain bonus attack and movement speeds and a chance to evade incoming damage while wearing mail(heavy) armor. These values scale with Dex and Con, respectively.

The Naloren have an affinity for water and are adept with mail armor, whips and tridents. They are also known for their great spirit and flexibility.

Racial Talents:

Spirit of the Tides:
Gain X charges of Surging Spirit for 5 turns. Charges will be consumed as you activate talents to reduce their cooldown by one turn per charge.

Spirited Combat:
Gain X% armor hardiness in all types of armor and a Y% Constitution damage modifier for all weapons.

Cleansing Water:
When you are afflicted with a detrimental effect you have a X% chance to create a 1-tile pool of Cleansing Water within 2 tiles of yourself. Moving into Cleansing Water will consume it to cleanse the detrimental effect with the highest duration currently afflicting you. This has a cooldown (3).

Call on the surging tides to aid you, creating radius X pool of rushing water lasting for 6 turns. Moving within Whitewater is instant for you. Foes will have a 50% chance with each movement within Whitewater to flounder, draining 50% of a turn and leaving them Dazed for 1 turn.

Naloren start with +4 Con, +4 Dex, -1 Cun, -1 Str, -1 Mag and a life rating of 10. They have a global speed bonus of 10% and a 15% xp penalty.

Full details in the forum:

Subrace Pack

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Adds in some random subraces. Power levels may vary.

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