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Adds two races, one class, a new town, and a new low level dungeon. Completing a quest to explore the new dungeon unlocks purchasable perks in the town. This quest is the starting quest for the added races, but anyone can access an alternate version of the quest with the same rewards. Look toward the coast east of Last Hope to get started.

Available perks (cost varies):
Reveal Exotic Weapons Mastery (must already know Combat Training; Combat Training can also be purchased as per Last Hope shops).

Gain the ability to invest in Heavy Armour Training and equip mail(heavy) armor by meeting the requirement with the highest of Constitution and Dexterity (or Strength, as usual).

Gain bonus attack and movement speeds and a chance to evade incoming damage while wearing mail(heavy) armor. These values scale with Dex and Con, respectively.

Learn (locked or unlocked) a new Psionic/Mindstar combat talent tree. Similar to Wild-Gift/Mindstar mastery, this tree also has a Psiblades sustain. Once learned, you can also pay to boost mastery (as with Mindstar mastery from Zigur).


Psionic/Mindstar combat:

Increases damage and physical power when attacking with Mindstars. When sustained, increases the damage modifiers and mind stats granted by equipped mindstars (this is an exact copy of the wild-gift/mindstar mastery psiblades talent).

Mind Thorns:
Instantly touch the mind of an adjacent foe, creating mental thorns which reduce mind save and deal mind damage each turn for a few turns.

Mind Storm:
Create a storm of psionic energy which lasts for a few turns. The storm will overheat the mind of foes in the area, causing them to burn (stacking). Allies in the area will be obscured by illusions, reducing the bonus damage of critical hits dealt to them.

Psionic Balance:
Attack an adjacent enemy with your mainhand Psiblade and channel the energy through your offhand to create a psionic damage shield around an ally or yourself. The power of the shield is based on the damage of the attack and can be a mental critical. The shielded target will also regain an amount of Psi based on the damage of the attack.



The Naloren are elven race with an affinity for water who are adept with mail armor, whips and tridents. They are also known for their bountiful spirit and superb flexibility.

Spirit of the Tides:
Gain X charges of Surging Spirit for 5 turns. Charges will be consumed as you activate talents to reduce their cooldown by one turn per charge.

Spirited Combat:
Gain X% armor hardiness in all types of armor and a Y% Constitution damage modifier for all weapons.

Cleansing Water:
When you are afflicted with a detrimental effect you have a X% chance to create a 1-tile pool of Cleansing Water within 2 tiles of yourself. Moving into Cleansing Water will consume it to cleanse the detrimental effect with the highest duration currently afflicting you. This has a cooldown (3).

Call on the surging tides to aid you, creating radius X pool of rushing water lasting for 6 turns. Moving within Whitewater is instant for you. Foes will have a 50% chance with each movement within Whitewater to flounder, draining 50% of a turn and leaving them Dazed for 1 turn.


+ 4 Con, +4 Dex, -1 Cun, -1 Str, -1 Mag, +10 life rating, 10% increased global speed, 15% xp penalty.


The Freeks are a tribe of Yeeks who broke free from The Way. They are still strong psionics, but their minds have been irreparably shattered.

Unbound Mind:
Remove up to X silence and confusion effects from yourself and increase your silence and confusion immunities by 100% for a few turns. When activated, all foes in range 8 are afflicted with Shattered Mind for the same duration, giving them a chance each turn to become dazed or confused(35%) for 2 turns.

Increases resistance to all damage and decreases the duration of negative effects.

Gain a passive mind speed bonus. If you are afflicted by 4 or more negative effects, the passive speed bonus will temporarily be doubled and any actions (attacks, spells, movement, etc) will use your mind speed if it is faster than the usual speed.

Create up to 3 illusions of yourself adjacent to foes within range 10 that will taunt enemies for a few turns.

-2 Con, +0 Dex, +3 Cun, +0 Str, +1 Mag, +3 Wil, +9 life rating, -10% xp 'penalty', -15% confusion immunity.


Added a new Psionic subclass: the Psion.
Psions are mindpowered ranged casters who prefer to wield 3 mindstars.
Psions know many of the same talents as Mindslayers, but enhance and adapt them to their own purposes.

Psionic Striking(new)
Kinetic Mastery
Thermal Mastery
Charged Mastery

Augmented Mobility
Finer Energy Manipulations


Telekinetic Crush:

 Deal physical damage and stun. Active Aura damage is added to the attack at 3 times the usual power.

Increase Con based on combined Wil and Cun.

Guiding Star:
Target a foe and disrupt their next talent with a blast of physical damage. At level 3+ adds confuses. At 5+ has a passive chance to block damage over a threshold, blast the source, and disrupt the source talent.

Deal physical damage with added bleeding damage. At level 3+ has a chance to disrupt temporary buffs on the target. Direct damage bypasses ice blocks.

Psionic Striking

Kinetic Blast:

 Deal physical damage and pin. Frozen targets take extra damage and both hits bypass the ice block.

Thermal Blast:
Deal fire damage and cold damage and freeze. If target is pinned, pull in nearby enemies and freeze them to the ground for a few turns.

Charged Blast:
Deal lightning damage and shock (reduce stun/pin resist by half). If target is pinned, boost Charge Shield value. If target is frozen, push nearby enemies away from you.

Psi Weaving:
Increased Fire, Cold and Lightning damage and res pen. Also applies to physical, but at half the value.

Altered Talents
Beyond the Flesh:
TK mindstars now project a blast of damage instead of pulling enemies. Chance, range and damage scale with mindstar tier (damage also scales on Mindpower). Active Aura damage is added to the blast at 2 times the usual power.

Quick as Thought:
Also increases mental crit chance.

Can also target a wall to pull yourself.

Resonant Focus:
TK mindstars have increased chance to blast and also increase the radius of Voracity talents and the range non-melee mind powers.

Frenzied Focus:
TK mindstars attempt to blast all foes in range and Aura damage is added at 4 times the usual power.

Transcendent Telekinesis:
Resets Kinetic Blast, Telekinetic Crush and Puncture. Converts all damage to Physical while in effect. Kinetic Blast will also strike two random foes adjacent to the target.

Transcendent Electrokinesis:
Resets Charged Blast, Telekinetic Crush and Puncture. Converts all damage to Lightning while in effect. Charged Blast will also chain to 3 nearby enemies.

Static Net:
Static Charge is released with your next Telekinetic Crush or Charged Blast.

Transcendent Pyrokinesis:
Resets Thermal Blast, Telekinetic Crush and Puncture. Converts all damage to Fire or Cold (based on your increased damage) while in effect. Thermal Blast cold/freeze will hit in a radius 1 ball.


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