Chaotic Race-Teraunces fork

Chaotic Race-Teraunces fork

A very silly human race that learns random talents. Also includes an option to give any character random talents. Improved by Teraunce to ensure antimagic doesn't learn magic and vice versa.
Works with 1.7.6 despite the module version. Original by Greyswandir. Original description below:

Adds the chaotic human subrace, which get a random talent on every levelup.

Also has the following option under Gameplay:

Extra Chaotic: This affects who gets random talents on levelup:
Standard: Only the chaotic race does.
All Races: The player gets the talents regardless of their race.
Enemies Too: Everything gets talents on levelup, even enemies.

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See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
Chaotic Race: Teraunce's Fork 1.2.3 2023-07-23 21:16

Multiple level ups without a chaotic addon

I've tried 2 different classes (Temporal Warden up to level 5, and Bulwark to level 2) without seeing a single "Chaos has taught you" in the log or not-expected talents when pressing "m".

I also tried without most of the addons, just the DLC, items-vault, and this addon. No difference.

I tried the original Chaotic Race addon, using Bulwark and the minimal addons. As soon as I leveled up I saw the expected "Chaos has taught you".

Not work

i'm korean. so, i can't speak english well.

this is not work. what's wrong?

old add-on is well work... do you test? old add-on necessary?

This replaces Greyswandir's old addon

I did test it. I've been using it right now. I added an extra option to choose whether you can learn an antimagic talent without knowing one already. Additionally, I sanity-checked it, so if you know an Arcane talent, it won't give you an Antimagic one. The same applies in reverse. I had a really good Archmage run get ruined by it giving me an Antimagic talent on an inherently Arcane race and class. That made me crack the mod open and make my own fork to fix that oversight.

Otherwise, it is exactly the same as the old version. It can still give you useless ones. I just made it so it can't end your run at random. Chaos is fun. Having your game end because a level up bonus became a game ending penalty is not.

Once again, don't use this one with the old Chaotic Race addon.