Class: Astromancer

Class: Astromancer

A new class, a Celestial summoner who draws on the powers of Shandral's other planets to call up elementals.
Their basic trees summon and support Fire, Ice, and Lightning Elementals, as well as providing utility effects.
Their unlockable advanced trees rain down Meteors and twist Time Elementals into being.
They start with Chants, and a new tree in the vein of chants and hymns. They can unlock Celestial Light.

Their main resource is negative energy, which they generate by summoning and some other spells, and spent by others.

This mod should be compatible with just about everything.

  • data/talents/uber/mag to support Blighted Summoning
  • mod/class/interface/combat.lua to support Glacial Path's speed boost.

Sounds remixed from samples by Mike Koenig under CC-BY 3.0

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Astromancer Notes

Quick bug/maybe bug notes- Planetary Charge: Kolal effect action speed display shows 0% (effect works though). Icy Block has a cooldown of 2 (!) which I'm guessing wasn't intended?

Notes - Thanks

I missed a conversion between percentage and multiplier there; I'll fix that in the next version.
The low cooldown was intended, but I think I've come up with a better plan for it.

One thing I've discovered

....and this isn't a criticism, just an observation, is that rares, uniques, and bosses with astromancer powers tend to absolutely slaughter my characters with their meteors. It's my fault -- I like to play insane, madness, and the Everything is Unique mod, so I see a lot of rares, uniques, and bosses -- but I've had characters that could wipe the floor with some very powerful opponents sent fleeing, or dying, since it can happen very quickly, from any astromancer with meteors. I've tried playing the astromancer a few times and never quite worked up that level of destruction, but I didn't play with real dedication. So I couldn't say whether it's overpowered for PCs, just that somehow NPCs are absolutely deadly. So now I turn the mod off if I'm not playing an astromancer myself.

Just to end this one a positive -- and truthful, let me be clear -- note, I think the class is a very interesting one and clearly had a lot of work and thought put into it. I have absolutely nothing but good things to say in that regard.

Meteor Damage

Thanks for the feedback (and the compliments at the end). I just redid the meteor tree in the most recent update, so it's not as well tested as the rest. I'm usually on Nightmare With Randbosses anyway.

Running the numbers, it looks like Meteor Bombardment is contributing far too much at high talent levels.
Meteor Storm is also a little too strong given the lack of downsides.
I'll turn them both down one way or another.

Voltaic Storm

It play the sound for it even if it isn't going to hit anyone and if you auto-run with it on out get a consistent sound and it's loud is this intended? If not can you make it play only if it's going it hit someone?

Voltaic Storm

It shouldn't play a sound if no one's in range; I'll get right to fixing that.
EDIT: And done! I had actually been trying to make it play *fewer* lightning sounds, and really messed it up by looking at the maximum number of targets instead of the current number of targets.

Voltaic Storm

Thank you

Blighted Summoning?

I don't see any of these summons in the Blighted Summoning prodigy tooltip, so I assume that they don't get any benefit from it.
It would be nice if these summons were included.

Blighted Summoning!

Adding Blighted Summoning abilities has been part of the plan, and now it's included!
What ability they get is in the individual summon description rather than the prodigy tooltip because that tooltip is getting really crowded already.

Teluvorta Dark Portal

The Teluvorta's Dark Portal also affects the player and other friendlies if in range.
Is this intended? If not, can anything even be done about it?

Otherwise I'm really enjoying your addon. Thanks!

Dark Portal

Yes, it's the same way Wayists work when they get Dark Portal. For the same reason the Shivgoroth can damge you with its blighted acid but not with its ice. Blight can be dangerous!

But it is *possible* to turn off the friendly fire there. I'll think about it. The teluvorta is fairly unpredictable already...

Lazy, Fat Faeros

The Faeros spawns are getting Constitution rather than Dexterity which leaves their accuracy at ... -4. That is all for issues bugs so far.

If you're looking for any ideas for more categories, perhaps try advanced trees for assuming the form and abilities of the three elementals, based on using a sustain and building on that with the three talents after for offensive, defensive, and utility bonuses.

Bug detected!

You added Staff Combat, which is fine, but I think you forgot to give the class natural mana regeneration, or at least a starting mana regen rune, so you will eventually be unable to cast spells unless/until you either level up, die, or get a mana regen rune :3

Initial Release

This is a basic version with functioning talents but very little balance testing.
Further updates will include adjusted numbers, new generic tree, new advanced class talent trees, and class-relevant artifacts.
If you try it anyway, I hope you have fun.

Version 1.4.0

Updated to match ToM'E 1.6
Negative Energy costs and gains adjusted across the board.
Meteors are weaker, especially on high-level enemies.
Celestial Convergence a little more useful with additional points.
Bugs with Swift Arrival, Voltaic Chain, Planetary Charge's tooltips, and the Gliding Boots have been fixed.
Summons keep their skills with the new blighted summoning.

Version 1.1.0 - Fixed Paeans


  • Paean of Glacial Ice has fixed description.
  • Fixed typos and bad descriptions in Paeans.
  • Paeans have real requirements to be learned.
  • Paeans are sustained with negative energy, not positive.
  • Voltaic chain can heal the caster


  • Paean Maelstrom gives penetration for all 3 basic elements automatically. When you switch it should be to protect yourself, not to help your minions.
  • Paean Adept gives less affinity at higher ranks.
  • Tectonic Rift does more damage and inflicts Spellshock instead of pin. Ice already has a pin and lowering resistances sets up your minions to succeed more than keeping an enemy in place does.
  • Astromancers start with a point in Chants.

Version 0.8.5


  • Voltaic Chain no longer warns you when cast on yourself.
  • Volcano targeting is not interrupted by allies.
  • Icy Block defaults to targeting you, not the nearest enemy.


  • New sound effects added to Bright Lightning, Voltaic chain, Volcano, Evasive Gust, Braided Threads, and Time Flood.
  • Fixed Artifacts using/inspired by Astromancer added. Find the Meteor Staff, Windswept Shield, Molten Hammer, and Gliding Boots.
  • Evasive Gust costs more

Version 0.5.0


  • Meteors correctly fall near summons, only meteor, more damage.
  • Rebalanced cooldowns and resource costs
  • Planetary Convergence no longer permanently makes your hand glow.
  • Added particle effects to Icy Block and Bombardment.

Version 0.4.0


  • Faeros actually gets the listed dexterity now
  • Starts with a manasurge-rune to support staff usage until you can use Chant Illuminate


  • New Advanced Class Talents with Time Elemental and Utility effects
  • Has a class icon.

Version 0.3.0 - bugfixes


  • Elemental Transposition uses the correct resource
  • Tectonic Fissure has a cooldown and doesn't do extra damage on subsequent turns


  • Astromancers start with Staff Combat unlocked
  • Glacial Path does less damage
  • Chill does less damage but more slow and makes enemies wet
  • Gwelgoroth attacks with a 0-cooldown bright-lightning bolt that does slightly less DPS
  • Shivgoroth attacks with enemy-only Glacial Vapour
  • Faeros move faster and melee attack with Flame Hands