Void Scholar - Celestial Class

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Adds the Void Scholar, a twisted Celestial class themed around cosmic expansion and the emptiness of space, featuring a unique starting scenario. Void Scholars are dedicated spellcasters with poor durability, but many ways to negate damage and debilitate foes. Their spells are ineffective against nearby targets, but grow incredibly potent when cast at a distance -- strike from the depths of infinity, where no eyes or blades can reach! They use a unique resource called "Void Energy" that is built up by casting certain spells and quickly disperses when out of combat, requiring careful management to retain momentum.

Unique talent trees:
Logia (generic): Three forbidden chants to turn away slings, arrows, and everything else!
Void (generic): Render foes impotent before the majesty of the Void!
Vacuum: Draw upon the cosmic vacuum to replenish your resources!
Dilation: Pull space apart like putty to shred your foes!
Chaos: Crumble away your foes' defenses with the Void's power!
Collapse: Slowly crush enemies down to nothing under the Void's relentless weight!
Subspace: Ride and shape the Void to control the battlefield!
Dissolution: Dissolve away the material world to erode the strength of those who oppose you!
Genesis (locked): Repaint the world in your image to build overwhelming power!
Hyperspace (locked): Stretch and bend the universe to resculpt existence and unleash untold destruction!
Terminus (locked): Bring the slow, inevitable doom of the universe upon your foes!

All things come to an end, adventurer. Those who place themselves above the slow march of the cosmos should take heed not to stand upon nothing.

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