astralInferno's Celestial Oddities

astralInferno's Celestial Oddities

A combination of all my celestial addons; Firmamancer, Primal Chosen, Trench Strider, and the Empyreal fork.

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Icy Retaliation extra d

Icy Retaliation was sending out asterisks instead of ice_shards.png, so I had a look around in blizzard.lua and saw ddisplay={particle="arrow", particle_args={tile="particles_images/ice_shards"}

Removed that extra "d" and it works fine now

Avalanche crash with fallen meditant

I just noticed that this addon and your fallen meditant addon cant be loaded together at the same time.
The deprecated talent "Avalanche" from "celestial/blizzard" of the Firmamancer uses the same short_name (INFERNO_AVALANCHE) as one of the talents of the meditant ("Avalanche" from "wild-gift/discipline").
While no longer in use, the talent is still loaded.

Changing either short_name to something like "INFERNO_AVALANCHE_B" or directly removing the talent from the addon (since it' a relic from an earlier version) should easily solve this problem.

Thanks for the comment!I am

Thanks for the comment!I am aware of this bug; it'll be fixed next time I put out an update for either of these addons, but unfortunately I haven't been coding much recently. As it can be avoided by only loading one at a time, it doesn't feel worth releasing a new version just to fix. Thank you for the comment, and for using my addons!


Is an excellent mage class from a fun standpoint.