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Adds the Nekomancer class. Nekomancers are summon-based mages that focus on debilitating their enemies while reinforcing their allies. They primarily deal physical and light damage. Uniquely, they do not use mana like other mage subclasses, relying souly on the soul resource. They use the soul resource in a much different way then Necromancer does, since they naturally regain one soul a turn. Combined with a relatively low soul maximum, they run completely counter to the standard ToME resources with tiny regeneration rates and huge maximums. Aside from the usual unlocked Combat Training and Survival, Nekomancer uses completely unique trees. It has 4 unlocked class trees, one locked class tree and two generic trees.


1.0.1: Updated description somewhat
1.0.0: Initial Nekomancer release

Feling Race

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Adds the Feling subrace to halflings. Born of magical bloodlines, they take on the shape and nature of cats.

Furrae Race

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Adds new races to take your game in different directions.

Feline: Lucky and agile warriors that prefer keeping their hide in one piece. Have an extra ring slot, but no feet slot due to oddly shaped feet.
Grey Canine: Proud alpha dogs that lead their pack into battle as they roam maj'eyal. Strong and healthy. They also have odd feet and miss out on the slot, but do not deign to ornate their tails with baubles.
Hooter: Wise birds that can see trouble coming. They have an extra amulet slot. Like most of the furrae races, they have no feet slot. Darn talons.

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