Adds the Nargol as a playable Halfling subrace.

Studious to a fault, yet racist to the core, the Nargol empire once dominated Maj'Eyal. Though their superiority complex has been much humbled by the Age of Pyre, their brilliant inquisitive minds have not. Nargol may take any combination of any four talents in their race tree, with more talents being unlocked later.
1. Concentrate: select a non-instant, non-fixed-cooldown talent. That talent will always be cast at effective level 4, but its cooldown will increase proportionally with how many levels this talent is effectively adding. If your selected talent has an effective level over 4, its cooldown will be reduced instead.
1. Space Out: each talent cast will increase your negative life slightly.

2. Recompose: select an activated talent that has a cooldown. If you are affected by any non-other debuffs, using that talent will reduce the duration of each by a percent of that talent's cooldown, spread out across all debuffs affecting you and with a minimum of 1.
2. Switchup: each time you use a talent with low cooldown in combat (hint: shoot and attack are talents), you gain a buff that lasts 3 turns and can stack. Using a talent with long cooldown will consume this buff to give it extra levels.

3. Practice: select an activated talent with less than 10 turns of cooldown that does not change the world in a permanent way and does not have a fixed cooldown. Each time you kill a creature that is worth experience, the raw level and mastery of this talent will increase to a cap.
3. Multitask: each time you cast a non-instant class talent, you get a buff of a random rank. Using a talent of that rank grants you extra speed.

4. Hyperfixate: instant sustain. Each turn your talent cooldowns are halved at the cost of burning away your life.
4. Epiphany: instant sustain. All eligible talents gain extra level and mastery, but render their entire category unusable when you cast them. Restore categories by burning out other categories. When you deactivate, become weakened with lower talent level.

In addition, they have a secondary "Imperialist" tree unlocked by wearing the Crown of Command, then unlocking it with a category point:
Duality: trade global speed and combat speed with each other and cause projectiles to hit instantly by toggling this talent.
Polymath: more talent levels for more power, more unlocked categories for more damage.
Expeditious: cause a portion all incoming damage to be procrastinated into the future.
Memento Mori: Second Life-like passive that grants a powerful boost to all base racials, then completely nullifies them while it's cooling down.

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