No Ambient Sounds

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Removes all ambient sounds from the game. This includes removing dog barking, bird screeching, blacksmith sounds, wind, and so on. Monsters will still make their growling and hissing noises while fighting.

Enjoy the sweet sound of silence~


- v1.0.1 Update to tome4 1.7.5
- v1.0.0 Initial release.

The Hammer of Urh'Rok: Part I

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The Hammer of Urh'Rok, Part I
Spearhead the demonic invasion of Maj'Eyal in this high-speed mini-campaign.

((This Addon requires the Ashes of Urh'rok DLC))

In this timeline, the Scourge from the West died after using the Demonic Orb of Many Ways, giving the demons everything they needed to get through the planetary shield. As a Bringer of Doom in service to the demonic invasion, you will fight your way across a dozen new zones, uncover mysteries, pillage cities, join evil cults, and bring ruin to the land of Maj'Eyal.
The Hammer campaign is shorter than Age of Ascendancy, shorter than Embers of Rage. To provide the whole ToM'E experience in a quicker time-frame, the player levels up much faster, and enemies drop noticeably more treasure. Unlike the Arena, the classic features of multi-level dungeon zones, rare enemies, and so on are still present.

Future updates will bring better art, more variety, and all sorts of content.

Now with 4 pieces of art by rexorcorum!

Dream Hammer Tweak

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Makes Dream Hammer replace melee attacks, stops the game from punishing you for putting points in the 4th talent, and makes the cooldown reduction more reliable. For your pure melee needs.

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