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Permadeath Difficulty Race Class Campaign Version Addons
UserNameLast updated
V for VanessaPrincess Filianore the level 20 Dwarf Necromancer6 min 32 sec ago
AdosWulfeWulfe the level 29 Dwarf Werebeast6 min 35 sec ago
BrimiMAtga the level 26 Dwarf Stone Warden6 min 49 sec ago
KyteShales the level 6 Dwarf Berserker7 min 20 sec ago
RaychopNecrogre The First the level 30 Ogre Necromancer7 min 25 sec ago
AskarArcanas the level 9 Shalore Archmage8 min 7 sec ago
Pungis "The Bitch"shappa yoyos the level 22 Skeleton Marauder8 min 43 sec ago
krumslyBrawndo the level 13 Dwarf Bulwark9 min 2 sec ago
MuehldozerBork the level 25 Thalore Berserker9 min 9 sec ago
ChilblainHexsin the level 10 Shalore Archmage9 min 51 sec ago
Friya the level 5 Halfling Mindslayer
9 min 55 sec ago
tyckspoonMayona the level 1 Kruk Yeti Sawbutcher10 min 33 sec ago
ShuujyArakall the level 19 Doomelf Necromancer10 min 34 sec ago
Squadleaderjoeyandrew the level 1 Shalore Archmage10 min 50 sec ago
reize00Othiafa the level 11 Thalore Archer11 min 7 sec ago
champimasterGhoul qwabegi the level 3 Ghoul Necromancer11 min 15 sec ago
ImlyImly02 the level 12 Thalore Bulwark11 min 20 sec ago
eridanEridin the level 16 Cornac Adventurer11 min 33 sec ago
Zack1782Anuis the level 29 Thalore Wyrmic11 min 41 sec ago
makraizIzede the level 1 Yeek Possessor12 min 2 sec ago
Grim Lockheart the level 10 Dwarf Summoner
12 min 3 sec ago
matson17Urthadas the level 2 Orc Brawler12 min 50 sec ago
SilentNinjaSilentNinja the level 20 Halfling Rogue12 min 56 sec ago
HorgaTime to Throw the level 18 Doomelf Skirmisher13 min 16 sec ago
angryazn17Artu'uinn the level 14 Cornac Adventurer13 min 37 sec ago