NameGameLast updated
Droopy McCool the level 10 Ghoul Adventurertome11 hours 39 min ago
Lyuine the level 18 Shalore Necromancertome13 hours 26 min ago
Betholdaba the level 10 Ghoul Adventurertome1 day 1 hour ago
Droopy McGhoul the level 6 Ghoul Cursedtome6 days 16 hours ago
Gool McCurst the level 1 Ghoul Cursedtome6 days 17 hours ago
Isenor the level 2 Ghoul Cursedtome6 days 17 hours ago
Veen the level 3 Doomelf Paradox Magetome6 days 17 hours ago
Idrig the level 8 Cornac Roguetome16 weeks 4 days ago
Madeirel the level 7 Cornac Corruptortome19 weeks 1 day ago
Firssni the level 4 Krog Maraudertome19 weeks 1 day ago
Varalla the level 6 Doomelf Necromancertome22 weeks 4 days ago
Nesandnie the level 1 Krog Solipsisttome22 weeks 4 days ago
Ghriev the level 16 Cornac Roguetome22 weeks 4 days ago
Vasruaten the level 11 Doomelf Archmagetome22 weeks 4 days ago
Asenien the level 11 Doomelf Archmagetome23 weeks 5 hours ago
Aleirda the level 6 Doomelf Anorithiltome23 weeks 20 hours ago
Ebeus the level 1 Halfling Annihilatortome23 weeks 21 hours ago
Sybliat the level 17 Cornac Doomedtome23 weeks 1 day ago
Othilio the level 6 Shalore Cultist of Entropytome23 weeks 1 day ago
Zamisi the level 3 Doomelf Anorithiltome23 weeks 1 day ago
Rani the level 1 Shalore Archmagetome23 weeks 1 day ago
Asira the level 12 Halfling Roguetome23 weeks 1 day ago
Muran the level 22 Cornac Roguetome23 weeks 3 days ago
Llaannyy the level 1 Cornac Roguetome23 weeks 5 days ago
Llaannyy the level 1 Cornac Roguetome23 weeks 5 days ago