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  • Auto Fight   20 weeks 6 days ago

    I quickly put together an auto-fight addon similar to Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup's TAB key. Its path finds the nearest enemy and attacks using your 11th slot skill. If no enemy is present, it auto-explores until something happens. I have less than 10 hours in this game and I don't know Lua, so I might be missing some obvious things. Feedback appreciated!

  • Utility Supplies   21 weeks 2 days ago

    If it's a difficult fix, I completely understand. Honestly, most of the annoyance is self-inflicted because I will keep tapping the icon or the hotkey, thinking I pressed the wrong key or didn't tap my trackpad hard enough. It usually takes me 3 tries or so before I stop and remember that it doesn't function if there's one in my transmo chest. Just me being stupid. Also, I tend to not look too closely at loot I've picked up because I enjoy the feeling of looking at all my nice goodies once I've cleared a level, so I tend to not know I've picked up a rod until then.

  • Utility Supplies   22 weeks 2 days ago

    You mean activating it with a hotkey? Yeah, object hotkeys key off the object's name, and unlike most activatable tools, rods of the same type all have the same name, so if the code finds the one in the transmo chest first, it'll try to use that one and fail. I might be able to wedge in some code to make that handling a bit smarter, but it would be tricky.

  • I'm giving up ....   23 weeks 7 hours ago

    Thank you. Not sure I'm quite ready to faff about with Adventurer yet. I have so much unlocking to do ;)

    Yeah, resisting chests and such is SUCH an important skill. For that winning run I skipped every single vault from the Prides onwards. Admittedly, I had (what I though was) really good gear, so that was easy. That Elemental Fury ring alone probably made the game so much easier. No need to risk death at that point.

  • I'm giving up ....   23 weeks 1 day ago

    Yay, gratz!!! :D

    I only managed to win on semi-roguelike so far. Could never resist opening locked chests/vaults/other dangerous whathaveyous to keep myself from dying.. :(

    Still working on my 'pure' Roguelike win. Enjoy playing the Adventurer class. ;)

  • I'm giving up ....   23 weeks 1 day ago

    Wow, that's a lot of comments on my little post.

    I've just beaten the game, and out of all things, even on Roguelike. My frustration with Nur has subsided, it's all much better now. :)

  • All lanterns provide 10 lite baseline   26 weeks 2 days ago

    Doesn't work with all (non fixedart) lites, as opposed to the prev. version (the one that would just add +10 lite)

    edit: funny thing, added lite adds up to price, making such lites costs 135k gold :D

  • astralInferno's Celestial Oddities   27 weeks 6 days ago

    hey it's two years later and I finally noticed this comment and fixed it =D

    (I don't play my own addons that much, does it show?)

  • Utility Supplies   27 weeks 6 days ago

    Oh, you're the one who made this mod. Probably should have guessed, given how many mods you've made to make life easier when playing. I've definitely taken advantage of the rods on occasion. I love it, and the only thing I'd note is that when a character has picked up a rod that is currently in the transmog chest, if you already have the same rod in Miscellaneous, using the one you already had won't work until you transmog or drop the second rod. Nothing gamebreaking -- you can just drop/transmog the second one without costing a turn -- just seems a little odd and annoying.

  • Necro NegLife+   27 weeks 6 days ago

    After a second playthrough with the mod it seems it works as intended.

  • Chaotic Race-Teraunces fork   28 weeks 5 days ago

    I've tried 2 different classes (Temporal Warden up to level 5, and Bulwark to level 2) without seeing a single "Chaos has taught you" in the log or not-expected talents when pressing "m".

    I also tried without most of the addons, just the DLC, items-vault, and this addon. No difference.

    I tried the original Chaotic Race addon, using Bulwark and the minimal addons. As soon as I leveled up I saw the expected "Chaos has taught you".

  • Campaign Uncapper   29 weeks 2 days ago

    This mod is extremely slept on. It turns the normal early and mid game slog of rushing through dungeons you are more powerful than into a worth while and fun endeavor.

  • Inferno Forger   29 weeks 3 days ago

    This is a super cool class, messing around with it a bunch was fun, fun enough in fact that I didn't notice that despite being a tinker class, it doesn't seem to spawn with an A.P.E., and I wasn't getting any ingredients for making tinkers with at all as a result. I'm not entirely sure if this is an oversight with the mod or a mod conflict on my end, but I thought I'd let you know. I'm going to have a peek around and see if it's something I can narrow down myself.

    EDIT: it seems to work fine now, so it was a mod conflict. That said, I do have a suggestion to the mod; most classes talent categories are usually 1.3x or 1.1x to differ them from the flat 1.0x that adventurers get, and it's a little weird that all the new talent trees of this class are 1.0x. Is there a specific reason for that? I feel like it'd work just fine with them a bit higher.

  • More Taints Fixed - Bamboo Edition   29 weeks 4 days ago

    I get a "Lua Error: /data/zones/cave-hatred/npcs.lua:89: table index is nil" from attempting to start an infinite dungeon character that ceases happening when I disable this mod. A quick peek at the contents of this mod does lead me to believe that this isn't a mod conflict.

  • Hulking Berserker Evolution   30 weeks 1 day ago

    Found a sneaky bug in your addon. Your overloaded Actor:getObjectOffslot() includes the following code:

    if o.dual_wieldable and self:attr("allow_any_dual_weapons") or self:attr("hulking") then
    	return "OFFHAND"
    	return o.offslot

    As written, this allows the player to wield literally anything in the offhand slot once they have the Hulking Berserker evolution. I tested this by dragging the transmo chest into the offhand slot on the inventory dialog, which it accepted without a hitch. I think you need at least an 'o.type == "weapon"' check in there.

    (This also plays high holy havoc with Enhanced Object Compare and Enhanced Wield Replace, both of which key off which slots an object claims it can be wielded in — and with this evolution in place, pretty much everything claims to be wieldable in the offhand slot.)

    And purely as a wishlist item (a quick code check didn't find an easy way to implement this), it would be nice if damage done with dual-wielded two-handed weapons could be recorded as both two-handed weapon damage and dual-wielded weapon damage for purposes of prodigy requirements. My Windblade hopes for this character have been cruelly dashed… :(

  • Chaotic Race-Teraunces fork   30 weeks 4 days ago

    I did test it. I've been using it right now. I added an extra option to choose whether you can learn an antimagic talent without knowing one already. Additionally, I sanity-checked it, so if you know an Arcane talent, it won't give you an Antimagic one. The same applies in reverse. I had a really good Archmage run get ruined by it giving me an Antimagic talent on an inherently Arcane race and class. That made me crack the mod open and make my own fork to fix that oversight.

    Otherwise, it is exactly the same as the old version. It can still give you useless ones. I just made it so it can't end your run at random. Chaos is fun. Having your game end because a level up bonus became a game ending penalty is not.

    Once again, don't use this one with the old Chaotic Race addon.

  • Chaotic Race-Teraunces fork   30 weeks 6 days ago

    i'm korean. so, i can't speak english well.

    this is not work. what's wrong?

    old add-on is well work... do you test? old add-on necessary?

  • Player AIoo :idle TOME   31 weeks 22 hours ago

    thanks for the information.
    I updated the description about weight 0 talent bug.

    The only time I expericenced super slow action, is when I burried myself away from the ennemy (quake). And try to use a pickaxe without stoping the AI. It goes super slow.

    But I never experience super slow when doing nothing ontop of the AI. Do you have a character link where it happened? So I can try to replicate and find where it come from

  • Player AIoo :idle TOME   32 weeks 7 hours ago

    Most of the time it's great, super fast and no problems but sometimes it goes like 1 turn a second with no reason whatsoever, there is nothing going on on the screen and it's just super slow. Also periodically some talents with 0 weight activate anyway, specifically Arcane Combat and Pace Yourself

  • Artificer Class   32 weeks 6 days ago

    I'm referring to melee in general. The only real talent trees for fighting/exploring are Poisons, Artifice, and Trapping, none of which lend themselves to build for anything other than melee with a bit of sneakiness (technically Poisons helps with ranged attacks too, but winning the game using ranged attacks without any ranged talents seems unlikely to me, and I personally can't see either of the other two categories being of much use in most Eastern dungeons,) Just to be clear, I completely get that it's an inherent limitation on the character, like any other class, and doesn't affect the enjoyability. My point is more of a suggestion, since artificing can open up all sorts of builds, from mana/magic to wilder/elemental to tinker/steam by creating artifacts geared to these aspects. So, in theory, I could do a wyrmic using aspects from dismantled mindstars and anti-magic, or a cursed using darkness and hate items. There are just so many possible egos and items that just aren't worth using with a character whose only real offensive talents (besides Combat Training, obviously) involve either poison or the rogue's Artifice talents. So if, for instance, a player wanted to go a bit Celestial, there could be a subtype of Artificer that replaces the Poisons and Trapping trees with two equivalently-powered Celestial trees. So you'd have an aritificer that focuses on items that help with positive/negative energies and light/dark bonuses.

    In essence, I'm praising the possibilities of your add-on. I'm not saying it doesn't work great as is. It does. I've been playing around with it for weeks now. Rather, I think it would be perfect for creating an entire meta-class category with specialized variants under it.

    I am aware of how much effort that would entail, picking the exact right talent trees to synergize well without leading to unbalanced over/underpowered characters. So I'd absolutely understand that objection

    As for the dismantling issue, if there's no reason for it to change from character to character, Ockham's Razor suggests I screwed it up somehow. I would have sworn I checked everything, including talent level, but I must have missed something. I can't find the character I was having problems with, so I probably deleted it. I've been playing around a lot with the class, including using an add-on for more respec flexibility than the normal game allows, so there have been plenty of easy-come, easy-go deletions, unfortunately. (Just to make sure, though -- the fact that some fixedarts can't be dismantled is deliberate, right? I just assumed so, but now that I'm thinking about the issue, I might as well make sure.)

  • Artificer Class   33 weeks 1 day ago

    Just to check, when you say melee, are you referring to melee specifically or just weapon combat in general (as opposed to casting)? Because most artificer talents (Charmblade, Power Strike, etc.) work with ranged weapons as well.

    As for a caster-style artificer, it is possible to play one (my final full-game test was as a mindpower based caster artificer), though it is weaker early on. Some tips for playing a caster artificer in the current version:

    Early on, keep your eyes peeled for artifacts that cast talents. Kor's Fall, for example, is a fantastic early find for a Magic based artificer. Mindpower based will, admittedly, have more trouble has there are fewer good active artifacts early for them.
    The actives of the elemental weapon augments all scale on spellpower or mindpower, so they can serve as your basic aoe blasting once you get them.
    I highly recommend unlocking Experimental Imbuing at either 10 or 20. Legacy Component alongside one point in Flexible Imbuing lets you swipe any good fixedart actives that scale on spell/mindpower and stuff them into other slots. And of course Biological Component lets you start accumulating active talents of all sorts, so getting it sooner is better than later.

    That said, Magic/Willpower based artificers could probably use a boost to make their early-mid game more consistent (maybe more augments that scale well with casting stats?)

    There shouldn't be any randomness to dismantling fixedarts. Just to confirm, your Legacy Component talent on the other character was at least level 2 (tier of Feathersteel Amulet), right?

    Haha, sorry, short (and magewarrior's short) is restricted to staves for a technical reason. Those egos actually change the equip image of the item when they resolve, but weapons other than staves don't have the necessary images, so if short were applied to them it would result in bad things.

  • Artificer Class   33 weeks 1 day ago

    I had it only blocking direct damage, as it made sense to me that adjustments to your armor wouldn't be able to, say, stop you from taking damage from a poison you were already afflicted with. I'd like for it to be able to block dots from area effects (i.e. Burning Wake), but there doesn't seem to be a way to differentiate those in the code from other sources of non-direct damage.

    Requiring investment in multiple talents to get the class going was the intent, though not getting anything good from crafting until past level 30 doesn't sound right; other than some quick early game crafts (i.e. slapping two on-hit damage procs on a weapon), I usually started crafting a lot in the 8-15 range (after augments are unlocked). Some of the crafting talents can actually do quite a bit at level 1 (for example Flexible Imbuing can be used to transfer most activated abilities just fine at level 1, as they are not affected by the penalty). I'll do some more playtesting though and see if I can get it to be better in that level range.

    For rare egos, I didn't want to make them too much more accessible than normal, as I wanted what items you find to have an impact on the decisions you make for your Artificer character, what items to spec them with, and how to play them. I might look into making it easier to influence the outcome of Fuse Items to get egos you want, although it will still take some experimentation. Right now fusing two lesser ego components has a 10% chance of giving a greater ego that shares a power source with one of its ingredients. If the two ingredients have the same affinity then the result will also have that affinity.

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.6 "Woops" is released!   33 weeks 5 days ago

    I still don't seem to be able to retrieve items from the vault. Will I have to delete them all for it to start working?

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.6 "Woops" is released!   33 weeks 6 days ago

    Something funny, something intellectual, something profound, yeah I just felt like posting instead of my usual lurking. I come here nearly daily waiting for more about the DLC's. Just lurking like some creepo in the shadows waiting to spring forth and snatch your Doritos. Well only the kosher ones. I'm trying to have patience about the upcoming DLC'S but it's driving me mad I tell you mad! This is by far worse then what TES fanpeople are feeling about waiting for TES6. I'm Jonesing hard for a little peak man, just a screen shot or two.

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.6 "Woops" is released!   34 weeks 1 day ago

    running under Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon a character generated in 1.7.4 and the vault plain simply works. as to the bug: he who does not make mistakes makes naught! thanks for the game DG. may we enjoy it for many more years!