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  • Player AIoo :idle TOME   14 weeks 5 days ago

    Glad you enjoy the addon.

    I dont know if I can stop when you encounter a chest, last time I checked, it would be difficult.
    I guess you'll have to do some clicking on your own while I try to figure this one out ;)
    Thanks for the suggestion

  • Adjustable Levelup (Vexamen's modification)   15 weeks 1 hour ago

    I really like the idea of theoretical infinity scaling, so this mod works great for that. But I have one question.

    Does this make it so you get Extra Talent Category Points or are you still stuck with 4? If yes, at what levels should you get them?

  • Player AIoo :idle TOME   15 weeks 1 day ago

    Really love how you can program the bot now! Before, I had to make builds that relied on passive abilities, and I had to avoid picking "dangerous" situational skills, so the AI wouldn't randomly activate it and die. Now, I can just have a real build and program the AI to use it... Really OP. It's just great. :)

    Feature request I've mentioned before: "Normal" auto-explore stops when you encounter a chest. Would it be possible to have autoai do the same? Or even better, have it automatically open all chests?

    Thanks! :)

  • I hope   15 weeks 1 day ago

    was it? i was there recently and it was so blue, so dreamy

  • My love-lazyness relationship with ToME and the 5th reset (probably)   15 weeks 3 days ago

    Huh... that's weird haha
    Maybe we've talked in the ingame chat before, and added each other but I've changed my name since then?
    Me resetting everytime this game slightly annoys me surely does not help tho xD

  • My love-lazyness relationship with ToME and the 5th reset (probably)   15 weeks 4 days ago

    I have absolutely no clue why but you seem to be on my friendlist in ToME and I get notified every time ya log on or off :D

  • what do you mean an update   16 weeks 1 day ago

    Great to see this is still getting updates. Keep up the stellar work

  • Schizophrenic Class   16 weeks 2 days ago

    For anyone curious, the class is a Doomed with extra life and extra talents from other classes.

  • Wanderer 3 in 1 talent choice   18 weeks 1 day ago

    Playing Wanderer will have the game randomly at various points of changing the level give you details as to what your next trees are going to be as you level up. I am unsure as to the conditions that trigger this. However, this is bugged with this addon as it triggers the 3-in-1 selection, which makes you learn the talent before you were supposed to.

    It would also be nice if this addon worked with Resourceful Wanderer, such that it gave additional talents for resource gain for things like insanity, equilibrium, steam and souls.

  • Draconians 1.7   19 weeks 3 days ago

    I looked into the code.
    The necklace should drop the first time you kill any "Boss" or "Elite Boss" tier enemy while knowing a talent from "race/draconic", so it should work in the infinite dungeon.

  • Draconians 1.7   19 weeks 4 days ago

    Does anyone who uses the draconian mod know if the necklace of dragon teeth shows up in the infinite dungeon? I've been thinking of trying a draconian alchemist for my first dungeon run but I'm anxious over whether or not the draconian is a viable pick for dungeon crawling. Do we encounter the mechanism to "activate" the race while delving the deep black depths of the infinite dungeon or are draconians a bust for the big dungeon crawl?

  • ToME Russian translation (Русский перевод)   21 weeks 6 days ago

    В любом случае спасибо за проделанную работу. Пора узнать насколько Deep Dark Fantasie эта игра.

  • ToME Russian translation (Русский перевод)   21 weeks 6 days ago

    Если коротко, то нет.

    Если подробней, то недавно встроенный в игру инструмент для создания переводов не поддерживает подобные опции. То есть можно было бы оставить скилы без перевода, но для этого надо делать специализированный аддон. Более того, в коде игры многие описания скилов не являются просто строками текста, там зачастую целый конструктор, который в том числе цепляет слова, используемые в других местах (в которых та же фигня). По итогу попытка оставить скилы полностью на английском окончилась бы багами. Если подумать, то можно было бы сделать, скажем, только лор + квесты + диалоги, но это так, мысли вслух. Если много-много людей попросит сделать такой отдельный аддон, мы подумаем. Пока что этого в планах нет.

  • ToME Russian translation (Русский перевод)   21 weeks 6 days ago

    Спасибо за работу. Наконец-то смогу убивать всё что шевелиться не просто из кровожадности, а с глубоким пониманием лора и за что я всех убиваю :)

    Мне разве что очень непривычно смотреть на описания скилов на русском. Есть опция "отключить перевод скилов"?

  • Auto Loot Transmo   24 weeks 16 hours ago

    This is a magnificent addon!
    I've always been dazed when running with high luck stats characters.
    My bags are always full of items and many of them are actually useless in the late game since we don't use any T1~T3 items anyway.
    This addon not only helps me to sell those low tier items, but also sells all items that my characters won't use!
    I'm currently playing a rogue and it's a huge quality of life that this addon sells all the two-handed items and heavy armors for me.
    Please keep going with it.

    Also, I see there is are functions called "Exempt fixdarts and randarts".
    And these functions are both allocated beside "Transmo all" and below "Minimum tier".
    I'm not sure what's the difference between them.
    Maybe we can have a clearer UI or have a description for them.

    Many thanks.

  • Class: Spellweaver   24 weeks 6 days ago

    I guess I'll wait for it to be finished before I play it. Looking forward to it!

  • Wanderer 3 in 1 talent choice   24 weeks 6 days ago

    When you get steamtech/chemistry or steamtech/physics you don't get the APE so you're unable to get tinker components.

  • Phantom Warrior Class   25 weeks 23 hours ago

    Что делать чтоб класс фантома появился? у меня нету(

  • Phantom Warrior Class   25 weeks 23 hours ago

    Что делать чтоб класс фантома появился? у меня нету(

  • Phantom Warrior Class   25 weeks 1 day ago

    Thanks for reporting it. It should now be fixed

  • Phantom Warrior Class   25 weeks 2 days ago

    v1.0+sigils: 'divide' has a bug: when doppelganger is active but the clones go beyond the limit (thus locking the talent from being used), a clone(s) is summoned without the skill going on cd.

  • Multi Evolutions Fork   25 weeks 2 days ago

    Works great.
    Could you add the removal of the restriction on the evolution of the race?

  • Tips for Melee Reavers   25 weeks 6 days ago

    Heavy armour is the normal way to equip a reaver since vim costs are not increased by fatigue. Your reaver may learn mana based skills (that would suffer fatigue penalties) like channel staff or premonition, but it is still a good idea to wear heavy armour since reavers should be in melee range most of the time.

  • Resourceful Wanderers   25 weeks 6 days ago

    This addon is currently bugged whenever you learn a necromancer talent that requires souls. The game throws an error at you as it fails to auto-teach you one of the soul talents. Not too sure if it's soul leech or raze that is causing the bug, but one of the two is.

  • Summoner rework   26 weeks 1 day ago

    Thanks for the feedback! Actually, I didn't really do anything on blighted summoning during the rework. Which caused all summons got inappropriate talents by blighted summoning. I will fix this issue by giving each summons a proper talent!