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  • Steam Witch   21 weeks 2 days ago

    clockwork pets are quite interesting, but is it WAD that the cat has no level requirement? Also, I meant to remove either Track, or chronomancer scrying, noot both. ;) Witch Sight scrying can't cover that, as it can't be activated when you need it. Replacement for Spin I'm not sure is necessary. Got somewhat confused at switches between Class and Generic. Thank you for your work again.

  • Dread Necromancer   21 weeks 5 days ago

    The class is too strong. And also too boring, combining worst aspects of Suummoner and Corona Anorithil.

  • Steam Witch   22 weeks 1 day ago

    Interestingly that's quite close to the class name I almost used: Techno-Witch. I didn't go with it at the time as I felt it was too similar in name/abbreviation/theme to Temporal Warden (TW). I'm in the midst of a class/generic talent rework so that or other changes could happen.

  • Steam Witch   22 weeks 1 day ago

    It would be better to either make Survival unlocked or remove it altogether. As is, it's just not worth a Category point as the class already has both scry and detect stealth. Especially as it is quite hungry for Generic points (in my current run I'm just now at lvl 20+ thinking about upgrading Spin or getting Continngency, while when I play as TW they are among the first priorities and I took Cornac now)

  • Steam Witch   22 weeks 2 days ago

    I would allso like to suggest the class name to be changed to Tech witch - it both sounds better and takes into account her access to futuretech.. ;)

  • Steam Witch   22 weeks 3 days ago

    yeah, I found them quite random. :) They either kill off a lot, or just fail to apply due to this particular enemy's immunities, and you need to teleport asap. ;) Also, you need 2-4 uninterraupted rounds to apply them. I found a light ray from Future Tech being somewhatt more reliable, especially that this opens together with Panic Button. But still, some opponents are resistant/immune to blindness...

  • Vor'tep   22 weeks 5 days ago

    It uses the same flag as Reaver and Krog to enable 1hand off wielding, and has the same limitations. Only staves with a short ego can be held in the offhand, and they have a built in power penalty when compared to a normal staff. Allowing dual short staves on a race that is not forced anti-magic is half the point of this add-on and I'm not inclined to change it. If you mean that a character can use two full staves, that's definitely a bug and should be addressed.

  • Vor'tep   22 weeks 6 days ago

    Wielding two staves as any spellcaster with no cost is really overpowered. You should consider restricting the ability to wield 1h weapons in the off-hand to melee weapons.

  • Steam Witch   22 weeks 6 days ago

    True, the class does not have a lot of absolute applications of disabling debuffs. Quantum Mortar and Cut the Threads can inflict such though there are random factors involved. It's not explicitly stated but the projected dagger attack does count as a melee attack for on-hit equipment effects like slow and blind. The class defensive focus is currently on mobility and control (Time Bombs, Vortex Box, Time Barrier, etc.) I plan to alter the talents a bit in the future and may add something.

  • Steam Witch   22 weeks 6 days ago

    I found this class interesting, but it feels like too strong on low levels but suddenly dropping in power at about lvl 10. My opinion is that it's due to class having almost no debuffs able to shut down attacks from powerful opponents, such as stuns, disarms, etc. Currently, the only one such option is the flamethrower attack with area slow. If the opponent saves, you are f*cked. Good daggers or guns can somewhat rectify this, but I still think that some reliable way to cause debuffs to attacck should be among the class' skills.

  • Spell Merchants   23 weeks 1 day ago

    Is he really unbeatable? i've gotten pretty damn close to killing it. unless he has infinite negative HP. I'm a abomination/ possessor, i got rolled back just after I was ready for my rematch against him. I was going to possess him. he doesn't seem unbeatable at least as this class/race combo. Just a few tiers stronger than what I was expecting. Also the only faction i've noticed is ever hostile to me are the mages of angolwen other than that everything has been normal in my game. I planned to possess them anyway. I have the mod that lets me go into the infinite dungeon after I beat the game. where I'll still need those merchants Lol. THough in some dungeons like the vampires lair your merchants do spawn hostile towards me, but thats one of the only places so far. Anyway. I'll let you know if I manage to kill him, won't have time to try again until a few days from now prolly. Oh and the mages are only hostile to me when I'm undead. I think the fact that I have the mod that lets me choose my starting location..that I'm somehow not effected by the adverse effects you are mentioning.
    But if I wasn't playing as a ridiculously over powered combination, i'd prolly have to level up to max level to beat him. i can prolly manage him at level 32 on this character. after going there at like level 24.

    Thank you for adding combat veteran.

    I won't be defeated by the likes of you! + this isn't even my final form!

    Gah! why won't you die? I'll come back even stronger

    I came back at level 42 and killed him but he insta gained full hp I've done every level in the game besides killing the master and really need the shertul fortress so I can use the crucible to fuse weapons and so I can store my loot. before I go into theinfinite dungeon I wonder if a hp % based insta kill move can delete him might have to cheat and copy zone/map saves from another save that doesn't have him

  • gatecrashers   23 weeks 1 day ago

    Where's that 6 year late content?

  • WorldEater Class Addon   23 weeks 1 day ago

    Thanks. I actually agree with you in a lot of ways, and along the way of 50+ iterations I tried splitting the class into 2 ogre classes and a krog version with pretty set talents each, but that ended up very "on the rails" feeling with only one correct path, or only one path at all. In the end, I recombined everything thematically appropriate and decided to leave it up to the player which path they wanted to try. Basic premise was built around Demented/Slow Death, Wilder-Sand Drake swallow, Technique-Bloodthirst, Cursed-Dark Sustenance (slaughter or rampage were included solely to have some use for the hate if you take Dark Sustenance, pretty much. Also, they're two really strong trees that make for viable builds.). Since what started me off was wanting to play around with Size related powers, and only then coming to the eating/swallowing theme I ended up folding in unarmed/grapple as an option. Likewise fungus is an option solely because only having a single Wilder talent bugged me, and figured if you want to try to go that route, it should be a route not a one-off. Tentacles and Face are there for two reasons, if you want to go with Insanity as a single resource I wanted that to be an option, and honestly Ogrewield/Tentacle is hilarious and I'm a sucker for minmaxing.

    I almost certainly should probably have pulled a few locked categories. Undead Drake (although...technically it's a swallowing souls talent so thematically I was having trouble resisting.) And probably Battle Tactics, possibly combat techniques active. Those two techniques are there because I was worried if someone wanted to go all in on 2-hand/shield offense/defense and not take further 'magic' talents they'd end up with a really limited toolkit end game. Scourge Drake, too, honestly. I just felt like if you're going all in on tentacles, without Worm Friend it's might get a bit dull at the high end and needed something to punch it up. I honestly personally have never used any of them in all my testing, but they felt like really valid options that someone might say, "Man, I wish this had X" at some point.

  • WorldEater Class Addon   23 weeks 1 day ago

    At last somebody made an addon based around Demented classes. Although variations of how to proceed with it are ... maybe too much. Still, thanks for valiant effort.

  • Steam Witch   23 weeks 4 days ago

    Thank you, didn't notice the "Edit" button before, heh.

  • Steam Witch   23 weeks 4 days ago

    If you edit the description for this addon, there's a field below the description to put in the forum link. Also, I found a bug and reported it on the forum.

    Cool addon :)

  • Steam Witch   23 weeks 6 days ago
  • Spell Merchants   24 weeks 5 hours ago

    Sounds like you have 'Infinite Dungeon Merchants' activated while trying to play Age of Ascendancy with 'Spell Merchants' (as stated on my 'ID merchants' addon these two are incompatible) I had to disable multiple things in the code to make 'ID Merchants' work. This causes multiple factions in Age of Ascendancy campaign to become hostile to you... So I made the weirdling beast unbeatable to prevent players who ignore my warning from getting too far/ wasting too much time (in an unbeatable) main campaign. Disable 'Infinite Dungeon Merchants" to avoid this outcome. I apologize if I didn't make this clear enough in my ID Merchants post :(
    Looks like I overlooked combat veteran, I'll be adding it in the next update.

    New update 1.5.3 adds talents thuggery (sold by Genchi) and combat veteran (sold by Ateketsa)

  • Turtles   24 weeks 12 hours ago

    I'm not sure if it's only due to my combination of addons but if i walk on any damaging lava tiles/turf, with the icy shell sustain active I get LUA errors as if its trying to damage the lava floor for hurting me

  • Spell Merchants   24 weeks 1 day ago

    You are currently cock blocking me from the Shertul Fortress. As a super powered version of the weirdling beast. with 4.4k hp essence of speed and rampage. and you kill sustains while you have a million of them. Also the combat merchant doesn't have combat veteran? for increasing hp/stamina regen?

  • The Enforcer   24 weeks 6 days ago

    This is the best mod I have ever seen. Unfortunately, it has a little problem. Skills Slamshot and Clear the way do not deal shield damage as they are described,those skills deal unarmed damage. May I trouble you to fix it?

    In addition, as far as i can see,this subclass will be more powerful if it has the skill tree which is called Buckler-training.It would be great if you could add it in.

  • Less pinky nightmare curse   26 weeks 5 days ago

    I was able to add this to an existing game, seems to be playing fine. Had 9 terrors up, was indeed less pinky. If the character blows up later, I'll update this note.

  • What's next for Tales of Maj'Eyal! A lot, and then some!   27 weeks 16 hours ago

    ..about easier DLC/add-on management. I've never come close to the limit, but I want to live in a world where I can go crazy with my add-ons if the mood hits.

    Incidentally, you don't have to manually update the add-ons. There's a function on the add-on screen to do it automatically. I don't use it simply because I've had too many incidents of an updated add-on breaking my game, but the option is available.

  • Dread Necromancer   27 weeks 1 day ago

    might help if ya put a suicide command on that bone giant, otherwise, we might well be stuck playing as it. lmao

  • Infinite Dungeon Merchants   27 weeks 1 day ago

    I would love to merge these two mods, the only reason they are separate in the first place is because they are incompatible. You see, in order to get friendly npcs (who can talk) to spawn in ID I had to manually disable some code then (manually) turn all factions hostile (so the levels wouldn't be filled with friendly wizards and other npcs standing around all derp like) you can see the chaos this would cause if you try playing spell merchants with ID Merch active... Some towns would go ape s**t and attack you on sight. So sorry, but they cant merge... well... they could, but I dont even want to deal with that head ache again (involves using stores to sell the spells) and the amount of hours wasted trying to get that to work, I'm afraid only Dark God him self could pull that off.