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  • Roguelike Rage   24 weeks 3 hours ago

    Yeah, this. I'm not even good at the game, but I generally feel like it's my fault when I die. If I knew what resistance I needed, didn't take a stupid risk, etc.

    Actually, all the great roguelikes are that way in my opinion. It's all probabilities - even if you can't predict everything, once you know the game you should be able to win it frequently if you understand what threats are most immediate and what items to have around. Even Nethack, notoriously brutal and deep, is fair.

  • Initial Release (updated from yrriban's addon)   24 weeks 22 hours ago

    This is awesome! Thanks—and contemplating running my current character headlong into death to use now...though I might just see what happens. I will likely just make a test character to play around with the interface.

  • Select your Escorts   24 weeks 4 days ago

    That's probably the source of the issue, I did a large rewrite to support the escort re-selection menu in 2.1 and the escort counts in 2.0.5 so your game probably originally had different or missing values (or none at all if your previous installed version was old enough).

    I see in the save you uploaded that it was created on July 19, 2018, which is when the very first 2.0.0 version was uploaded. I made a lot of bug fixes/improvements on July 22, 2018.

    Anyway, I'm documenting the changes I make on the Steam Workshop item change notes.
    I can't guarantee that upgrading in the middle of a play-through will have no issues.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Select your Escorts   24 weeks 6 days ago

    You know its possible I updated to 2.1.1 after I created the character but before I got my second escort. I do remember updating it around that time though I'm not sure cause I thought I created the character after but its been a while so... Well anywho glad it seems to be an edge case.

  • Select your Escorts   24 weeks 6 days ago

    Hmm in 2.1.1 I don't have an option to close the dialog without modifying your selections. The only choices are to manually reselect the remaining escorts, or set them all to random.
    Are you sure that's the version you have installed? In an earlier version I had a cancel option but I replaced it at some point with [all random].

    Anyway, I'll look into adding some safeguards for this situation, like just choosing a random escort.

  • Select your Escorts   25 weeks 13 hours ago

    I was on the world map when I opened the menu option, don't see why that would matter but it might. I don't think I modified my selections and just closed the dialog box but otherwise can't think of anything else specific that I did. I do remember an error being thrown but can't remember exactly which error, I didn't think much of it at the time since I hadn't yet found any other escorts.

  • Select your Escorts   25 weeks 1 day ago

    Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation without access to my development computer.
    I inspected your save and the game state variables that I use are missing.

    I'm going to try to reproduce it, but these steps don't give me an error with the addons I currently have applied:

    1. Select all 9 escort types at game start.
    2. Lead 1 escort to the portal.
    3. Open game menu (Esc) and select the "Addon: Select your Escorts (again)" item.
    4. Select the 8 remaining escorts.
    5. Find another escort.

    Do you remember if you did anything else or if anything else occurred? Ex. terminating the game (or the game crashing) or exiting the game/loading it.

  • Select your Escorts   25 weeks 6 days ago is a link to my character page. And here is a link to my google drive upload of my save I did click on the menu item for the mod just to see what it was after I saved the first escort but before the second one. The second one being the one this error occurred at if that helps narrow it down, the first escort had no issues.

    I haven't tried testing it with other characters yet.

  • Astromancer Class   25 weeks 6 days ago


    • Paean of Glacial Ice has fixed description.
    • Fixed typos and bad descriptions in Paeans.
    • Paeans have real requirements to be learned.
    • Paeans are sustained with negative energy, not positive.
    • Voltaic chain can heal the caster


    • Paean Maelstrom gives penetration for all 3 basic elements automatically. When you switch it should be to protect yourself, not to help your minions.
    • Paean Adept gives less affinity at higher ranks.
    • Tectonic Rift does more damage and inflicts Spellshock instead of pin. Ice already has a pin and lowering resistances sets up your minions to succeed more than keeping an enemy in place does.
    • Astromancers start with a point in Chants.
  • Shaman   25 weeks 6 days ago

    Is there a possibility for the class to be open in other campaigns? I preferably play ID these times... ;)

  • Shaman   26 weeks 7 hours ago keeps all versions of addons that have been uploaded, but you'll only need the most recent: the link on to the right of the name of the addon, or the topmost link on the addon's page.

  • Shaman   26 weeks 1 day ago

    First off, thanks for you work. I'm looking forward to trying the class. Do I need to download all three addons or just the most recent one?

  • Monsters tiles set   26 weeks 2 days ago

    Change tiles names (to mts_)
    Improves workable with others tile-modifications

    ---РУС ---
    Изменены имена тайлов (на mts_)
    Улучшена работоспособность с другими тайл-метовыми модификациями

  • Monsters tiles set   26 weeks 2 days ago

    added statue tiles (chess-like)
    added MTS (monsters tile set) borders

    --- РУС ---
    Добавлены тайлы статуй (шахматы тип)
    добавлен разделитель MTS для обозначения границ мода

  • Better Sounds Mod   26 weeks 4 days ago

    Added new better sounds
    - Lightning (when use lightning spell)
    - Sling shoot (when shot from sling

    - Remove pekan (crazy bird) madness screams from Irkk, Yeek start location (type: Jungle)

    -- Рус --
    Добавил новые улучшенные звуки
    - Молнии (при касте молниевых заклинаний)
    - Стрельбы из пращи

    - Убрал крики безумного пекана из локацци Irrrk, стартовой для Yeek, типа Джунглей

  • Playing it Blind   26 weeks 6 days ago

    That's great. The spoilers around here are mostly unlock related. As you play the game (and you'll get one of these early on) you'll fulfill an unlock condition and then a new class or race or skill line will open up for future characters.

    You'll be fine. You'll die a lot, but we all do. Go boldly out in a blaze of glory or YASD.

  • Improved Stores   27 weeks 19 hours ago

    I'm not sure *why* exactly, but the game throws a LUA error if you run this and Forbidden Cults at the same time.

  • New Gem Types   27 weeks 1 day ago

    I'm just starting to get into ToME. This is my first baby step into addons. What a great choice.

    I really love crystals and gems and appreciate the research and consideration that you put into this very very much.

    Its absolutely super work.

    It makes a huge positive difference visually and is more satisfying to the gamer. Makes me want to drop everything and learn the Alchemist.

    I was overwhelmed by the amount of addons and afraid that they would be disruptive - changing the basic game or such. And I have seen one or two that I would classify that way still. But this addon makes me feel comfortable trying more.

    Thank you.

  • Select your Escorts   27 weeks 3 days ago

    Thanks for attaching a screenshot of the error.

    Can you link your character or any other addons you're using?

    Do you get the same issue (on a new character) if you disable those? If you can narrow it down to the conflicting addon I may be able to make this addon compatible.

    From the error, it looks like the game state is missing the variables I use to keep track of your selections. Can you upload your character save so I can inspect it? (on Windows it is located at C:\Users\YourName\T-Engine\4.0\tome\save\)

  • Class: Revamped Wyrmic   28 weeks 56 min ago

    1. draconic aspects don't work in respect to providing resistance, etc. m.b. due to the fact of them being nnot sustains but activatables... with no duration mentioned? 2. equipping gems works only through draag-n-drop, not usual 'wield' option. 3. crushed as I tried to use local wing buffet equivalent. All in alll, looks very alpha.

  • Characters not updating on online profile?   28 weeks 1 day ago

    I don't actually mind it but I want DarkGod to notice me :3
    Its fixed but I would still like a hi :(

  • More Generous Levels   28 weeks 3 days ago

    Ah yes, use the Starting Prodigies Mod to lower the requirements of the additional prodigies so you that you can take them early.

  • Select your Escorts   29 weeks 12 hours ago

    Getting an error instead of my second escort

    I also get an error when I attempt to click on the settings option

    Thanks for making the mod this really helps out in planning out some builds specifically that tinker.

  • More Generous Levels   29 weeks 3 days ago

    You get the points to invest but still have to wait to level 30 to actually be able to get the prodigies.

  • Adjustable Levelup   29 weeks 3 days ago

    Hello, thank you for this great addon. I was wondering if you were going to update it for the 1.5.10 patch? I think there's currently some compatibility issues with using this addon on the current patch.