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  • Nominate Tales of Maj'Eyal for the Labor of Love award on Steam   31 weeks 5 days ago

    The fact that we only get one vote per game at most makes it harder to get Tome an award but putting in its name is still a good thing for the stats keepers at valve.

  • Respec Talent?   32 weeks 22 min ago

    I should just pay attention more, being careless ended up killing me anyway lol.

  • Respec Talent?   32 weeks 1 hour ago

    Unfortunately there is no way I can think of respeccing spent Categories. :/ You might ask a mod to see if they can help.

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.6.4 "The Neverending Story" is released!   32 weeks 1 day ago

    Hey, I gotta ask: why is v13 of the launcher the version packed with every update, and also the version available from the "download the launcher" link?

    I ask because that v13 always immediately updates itself to v14, which seems kinda silly. Why not just put v14 in the packages?

    (It's kind of unrelated, but the launcher ALSO fails every version with this "error: game/modules/ not found" problem, where 1.6.3 is the version that I'm trying to update from. It's not THAT annoying since I finally set my profile directory to be outside of my install directory, but I thought I'd mention it.)

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.6.4 "The Neverending Story" is released!   32 weeks 1 day ago

    Arcane Amplification Drone=arcane penetration = arch mage only?

    There are very few other classes of arcane , and their few class no need arcane penetration. only neeeed archmage.

    Prodigy design should be multiple classes can be shared.

    And prodigies nerf too much. Prodigy should be a strong skill.

    I think Prodigy needs to be reorganized as a whole.

  • Automatic Talent Gambits (Improved)   32 weeks 1 day ago

    The visible rank conditions count the number of visible enemies of rank X+. See for a description of what rank is. Hopefully that helps!

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.6.3 "Oops !.. I Did It Again" is released!   32 weeks 2 days ago

    Nice, thank you!

  • Adventuring Technomancy   32 weeks 2 days ago

    Actually it does not ;) What this does is make adventurers able to be and prevent archmages from it ;)
    There is no simple way to do it :/
    But I will do something about that someday

  • EndFightBalance   32 weeks 2 days ago

    this should all be fixed in 1.6.2

  • Weapons Pack FIXED   32 weeks 5 days ago

    game hangs in INfinite Dungeon

  • Sick game   32 weeks 5 days ago


  • Automatic Talent Gambits (Improved)   32 weeks 5 days ago

    I have a question. What is "visible rank"?

  • Fix water flood rendering error   32 weeks 6 days ago

    As per title. Works on 1.6.1, so far.

  • Overworld Tile Bug?   32 weeks 6 days ago far.
    Thanks though. I'd been playing with all shaders off because of the water bug, but having them on makes effects look way cooler.

    It seems like the bug only happens when a body of water appears on my screen.

  • Astromancer Class   32 weeks 6 days ago

    Updated to match ToM'E 1.6
    Negative Energy costs and gains adjusted across the board.
    Meteors are weaker, especially on high-level enemies.
    Celestial Convergence a little more useful with additional points.
    Bugs with Swift Arrival, Voltaic Chain, Planetary Charge's tooltips, and the Gliding Boots have been fixed.
    Summons keep their skills with the new blighted summoning.

  • Better Sandworm Lair   32 weeks 6 days ago

    I'm glad somebody found it useful. Honestly, I'm not longer using this addon or supporting it with updates, so feel free to do with it as you please.

    ps: please excuse the month-long response time. I took a break from all things ToME until 1.6 dropped. :)

  • Guaranteed Zones   32 weeks 6 days ago

    It'd be nice if this was updated for 1.6.1. Knowing next to nothing about how this game's code is structured, I can't even see a reason why it should've stopped working... unless some other addon was updated and is loading after this one now. Who knows.

  • Visibly Looted Stalls   33 weeks 21 min ago

    What addon version are you using? For the benefit of existing games already using the addon, release 1.1.0 (v1a) should detect the recent Embers release and do nothing, to avoid breaking the newly added handling. (If it isn't, let me know and I'll try to fix it.) And yes, for new games this addon is officially deprecated and shouldn't be used with Embers 1.1.0 or later.

  • Arcane Combat Mod Merge   33 weeks 20 hours ago

    This doesn't appear to work anymore (as of 1.6.1).

  • Visibly Looted Stalls   33 weeks 1 day ago

    As of 1.6.1. the game provides its own looted stalls pictures. Which also conflicts with this mod - so that looted stalls disappear completely.

  • Passive Cooldowns   33 weeks 1 day ago

    All afflicted curse equipment. These curses stack in level 0-5, they also have a lvl5-skill that you can activate too +2 levels on one of them. These show up in the buff/debuff column, would be nice to have their level drawn on top of the icons like Damage Shield-claues are. Category: Cursed Aura, Skill: Defiling Touch.

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.6.1 "Techno-Annihilation" is released!   33 weeks 1 day ago

    Any chance your upgrade can stop breaking OldRPG tile set? I dislike the default tile set and love that one (I would have played the game MUCH less without it, and that would have meant less money form me to you). Yet, forevermore, people have to keep upgrading OldRPG and sometimes take a long time to do so (because real life gets in the way).

    And no, I dont just mean for future, new content. Your updates seem to break OldRPG for the original campaign on what feels like a regular basis.

    How about just including that in the game and making sure it works? (if just coming up with one specific, non-change way to handle custom titles is never going to happen)

  • Greatspears   33 weeks 2 days ago

    If you continue this add-on, perhaps you could add regular spears as well. It just seems a bit odd that ToME doesn't have what is, historically, probably the most common weapon mankind has used.

    (Sorry, I haven't tested this yet. I assume a greatspear is a two-handed weapon and there's an opening for one-handed spears.)

  • Better Sounds Mod   33 weeks 2 days ago

    That sample is only heard if your own character dies, which is the perfect rare moment when the levity is welcome. I was worried it might be triggered by too many things (like mob deaths), but it isn't. (FYI for other users)

    This Better Sounds Mod is something I so sorely wanted, especially for the Jungle biome. Thanks, LeoMaven.

  • Improved Auto-explore and Rest   33 weeks 2 days ago

    Is that still relevant? Seems not. Post on the forum thread if so please.