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  • Exotic Weapon Use Highest Stat Only   1 year 2 weeks ago

    Still works and valid in 1.7.4

  • Infinite Dungeon Merchants   1 year 2 weeks ago

    Your mod is based on "newEntity{ base = "BASE_NPC_" (giving new functions to normal npc-s) and that causes the game to not work, as soon as you load into normal locations.
    The game will work in intant-dungeons, such as Fearscape, when you start as an awakened demonic worshipper, but will go into black screen the second you decide to load to quagmire with the troll.

    The incompatibility lies in "npc-lua files" and "class files". It would be great, if you fixed the mod)

  • Greenwatch   1 year 3 weeks ago

    Hitting your effigy will apply Broken Blades effect on you indefinitely, making you lose damage modifiers more and more. Other than that pretty amazing classes, very fun to play

  • Escorts Enhanced   1 year 3 weeks ago

    I've been playing with this mod for quite a while now. Recently, I accidentally turned it off before character creation and it was only until the person I was escorting ran away and died while I was resting after doing Track upon entering the level that I realized something was wrong. I'd forgotten how annoying the quests are in the base game. It's just ridiculous how suicidal the people are. I would like to petition DG to incorporate this mod into the game. It doesn't even make in-game sense. They ask for your help but then proceed to completely ignore you as they race headlong toward the portal. What would be the point of them asking in the first place?

  • Loot Expansion   1 year 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for uploading this mod.

  • Escorts Enhanced   1 year 3 weeks ago

    Honestly why is this not a part of the base game yet? I hated escort missions because they're doable but they suck and take a long time to finish, it's just frustrating to do
    This fixed all of my issues, thanks!

  • Spell Merchants   1 year 3 weeks ago

    Category points can now be purchased from Mulfar!

    We do still run in to a slight purchase cost/value issue, as I do have the option for each merchant to sell a one time talent increase by x1.2 and the cost varies depending on the power of the talent, ranging from 500g to 1250g (I believe?) So the player is still able to either get a great deal or get screwed. But I suppose it just adds an extra element of skill/knowledge? Anyway, 1 cat. point = -1000g.

    Also, I accidentally "fat-fingered" the numpad when uploading my new version, so instead of being "Spell Merchants 1.7.4" it's "Spell Merchants 1" (3/20/23) Big oof on my part, my ocd isn't happy :(

    Also, also, as usual, I'm always open for suggestions, just understand, the best place to leave a comment for this mod is on steam workshop, as it's the place I'm most likely to see it! I visit this page VERY RARELY. When I open steam I can see right away when a comment has been left :)

  • Spell Merchants   1 year 3 weeks ago

    EDIT: Below is my original thinking behind not selling cat. points, but it's been awhile since I actually played TOME, so I hopped on to refresh my knowledge, and the original reason is no longer relevant because in my most recent updates I removed the option to spend gold to REVEAL a talent category, so it can't really be abused anymore. I will be adding the ability to purchase cat. point from Mulfar soon! Thank you for bringing this to my attention! :)

    Original: Adding the ability to buy category points would have made no sense... Since it would have basically made the goal of this mod pointless! You see, it would have made ALL other merchants useless because (you would be able to cheese it by buying a cat. point to unlock another spell that would have been more expensive at another merchant) I would have had to make a category point the most expensive spell available.

    So the options would have been:
    -Sell cat, points at a price that could potentially be cheesed to unlock expensive skills.

    -Sell cat. points at the highest price. Pointless because, why not just go buy the skill from the original spell merchant, and it would have had a high chance to screw over players who didn't know any better by buying a cat. point and using it on a skill that would have been WAY cheaper from the original spell merchant.

  • Lost Land Beta soon! Next dlc already in the works! What the hell DarkGod?!   1 year 4 weeks ago

    (in french accent) One month later...

  • Darker Colors   1 year 4 weeks ago

    v. 0.0.3
    Adjusted colors and tested for 1.4.9 and 1.5.10

  • Spell Merchants   1 year 5 weeks ago

    As far as I know (I've played this a lot and have seem the code,) the only way to get Category Points from this Addon is through the Debug Mode.

  • Spell Merchants   1 year 5 weeks ago

    Is there a way to buy tress you already have unlocked, or buy category points? I want survival on my technomancer, but I just spent my last cat point D:

  • Lost Land Beta soon! Next dlc already in the works! What the hell DarkGod?!   1 year 5 weeks ago

    when the shoggoth dance and sing
    and its much too late to scream
    when dark gods speak of dark updates
    and eldritch horrors are you're fate
    let the whole timeline crash its whole helltrain
    temporal repreive w/ permanent sustain
    a floating island in the blue
    you'll be here awhile with little to do
    sand sea sun and an expansion thats new
    this is my hype train tribute to you..

  • Portable Item Vault   1 year 5 weeks ago

    simple, it works. nice, much gratitude

  • Inferno Race Pack   1 year 6 weeks ago

    Reborn's second talent (the gloom-like one) constantly makes errors as it calls for nonexistent gloomTalentMindpower function.

  • OpenGL shaders bug Water everywhere on map   1 year 6 weeks ago

    i already read that post but that fix only works for Nvidia graphics cards, i guess the only option left for me is to use the addon that only disables water shaders whilist keeping the rest enabled. Even though i like the animated water, i guess i can live without it. Hopefully Darkgod and the other devs will find a way to fix it in the next update.

  • OpenGL shaders bug Water everywhere on map   1 year 6 weeks ago

    Here's a forum post with some suggestions for steps you can take to try to resolve the issue:

  • Outlander   1 year 6 weeks ago

    This causes problems if you learn the Block talent and then don't have a shield equipped. It tries to call your block value when you hover over talent icons, but then throws up a lua error since you don't have one. Normally you unlearn Block when you take off your shield(s), so it's not a problem, but taking a point in block with this makes you learn it permanently, causing issues. Consider disallowing certain talents like block, attack, or shoot from coming up in the dialog.

  • Improved Stores - fix   1 year 6 weeks ago

    still works

  • Lost Land Beta soon! Next dlc already in the works! What the hell DarkGod?!   1 year 6 weeks ago

    My jaw dropped at dust mage. Stoked beyond belief

  • Heartstalker - Psionic Class   1 year 6 weeks ago

    Wonderfully thematic and extremely powerful class. Works out a bit like Cursed, with added perma-stealth and ways to fight outside melee range. Early game is slow but everything can be chipped away at.

    The character I played

    Genetic Memory is a broken talent, to the point that the only real threat is enemy Heartstalkers using it to strip your sustains, so you have to use it on them first! Basically nothing else was dangerous after some levels, though I didn't try doing Crypt or Godfeaster, and the final bosses were messy (my fault). Love and Death gets applied more often than it sounds and will negate a massive amount of incoming damage that isn't caught by Antimagic. Big spell crits coming out of nowhere still hurt, but Lapse is an incredible instant heal that's also an auto-safety net. Bumping power also gets strong.

    On the other hand I don't know what the point of Projection is. It's 15 psi for a single area hit at low damage %, and you can't be spending lots of psi unless you can restore it very quickly. I think I'd actually prefer it not losing self-damage because then I could maybe use it to knock off Dazes, which are annoying when the enemies can't find you.

  • Lost Land Beta soon! Next dlc already in the works! What the hell DarkGod?!   1 year 6 weeks ago


  • Auto Talent Assistant   1 year 7 weeks ago

    I am now playing this game like the first time. I always didn't enjoy some of the manual aspects of the ToME, but this solves it. Now I am playing "build your AI" and enjoying in immensely.

    I have one major complaint though, which I would be very happy if you could resolve. Since I am always trying to go as complex and in depth as possible, it is very frustrating for me to go into each of the talents, each of the score systems individually, in order to save them. If you could do "save everything" button inside your class SaveSyS, that would be amazing. I tried to modify your code to do it, but failed.

    Anyways, love this very much, thank you very much

  • Hiemal Shield: Love it, Hate it.   1 year 7 weeks ago

    Very cool that you have already made an add-on to address this! Thanks.

  • Hiemal Shield: Love it, Hate it.   1 year 7 weeks ago
    • I wrote my Pre-Paid Hiemal Shield addon to address that annoying soul consumption thing; basically, it lets you "save" an extra soul to use to pay the refresh cost.
    • …what version are you playing? Disruption Shield used to restore mana; as of about 1.6 (I think), it consumes mana on taking damage, frequently leaving you low on both mana and life after taking a big hit. I had to write my Classic Talents addon to roll that back.