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  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.0 "Necrotic Translations" is released!   23 weeks 5 days ago

    Curious about this can't find the command in game.

  • Ignore Race/Class Locks v1d   23 weeks 5 days ago

    [sound F/X: source diving] Ah, yes, that would explain it. Simplified Prodigy Requirements apparently hasn't been updated for 1.7, and it basically accidentally removes 1.7's new High Thaumaturgist and Fallen evolutions. I've pushed out an update for this addon that should successfully work around that.

  • Ignore Race/Class Locks v1d   23 weeks 6 days ago

    Game version: tome-1.7.0
    Addons: improved_combat_text_v2-1.6.0[X!], crit-shrug-1.6.0[X!], tougher_escorts-1.6.0[X!], easy_map_v2-1.6.0[X!], shorterdungeons-1.2.5[X!], ashes-urhrok-1.7.0[O], kryl_map-1.7.0[X], frost_invoker-1.7.0[X], drem_zigur-1.5.10[X!], clean_doll-1.6.0[X!], somebody-shut-that-dog-up-1.0.5[X!], bropack-1.6.7[X!], starting_equipment-1.6.0[X!], verbose-enemies-1.3.1[X!], tactical-minimap-1.6.0[X!], evolve_adven1-1.7.0[X], cults-1.7.0[O], ModGenLev-1.6.0[X!], nalorenrace-1.6.7[X!], possessors-1.7.0[O], mindstar_slayer-1.5.0[X!], ignore_rc_locks-1.7.0[X], ToughMelinda-1.5.0[X!], qt-improved-recall-1.6.7[X!], orcs-1.7.0[O], improved-restauto-1.6.5[X!], items-vault-1.7.0[O], neka_qol01a-1.0.0[X!], highguard-1.7.0[X], genuine-veteran-1.6.6[X!], whitemonk-1.7.0[X], pf_fixes-1.6.0[X!], faster_rre-1.0.6[X!], PlenumTooltipCustom-1.7.0[X], simplified-prodigy-reqs-1.6.1[X!], friendly_patrols-1.6.0[X!], nsrr_exotics-1.4.8[X!], merchant_map-1.7.0[X], swordsmaster-1.6.7[X!], dance-of-the-edge-1.6.7[X!], better_item_desc-1.6.6[X!], zomnibus-1.7.0[X], hz-escorts-1.3.1[X!]

    Lua Error: /hooks/ignore_rc_locks/load.lua:48: attempt to index field 'T_HIGH_THAUMATURGIST' (a nil value)

      At [C]:-1 __index
      At /hooks/ignore_rc_locks/load.lua:48 
      At [string "return function(l, self, data) local ok=false..."]:1 triggerHook
      At /mod/load.lua:266 
      At [C]:-1 require
      At /engine/Module.lua:161 load
      At /engine/Module.lua:1084 instanciate
      At /engine/utils.lua:2952 showMainMenu
      At /engine/init.lua:207 
      At [C]:-1 dofile
      At /loader/init.lua:217 

    this is the full error. maybe other class mods interfere with it? i'll try, but for now this is what comes out

    edit: i tried testing my mods one by one, and turns out i have conflict with the simplified prodigy requirements one. so far it works now, although i still have no idea why it flagged your mod as faulty instead of the other one

  • Simplified Prodigy Requirements   23 weeks 6 days ago

    agree with this. the mod is interfering with 1.7.0 since it can't recognize the new evolutions and prodigies

  • Ignore Race/Class Locks v1d   24 weeks 8 hours ago

    That… shouldn't be possible; I've confirmed in debug mode that that talent definition is present. Can you provide a more complete stack trace?

  • Auto Talent Assistant   24 weeks 1 day ago

    An English manual or at least a video tutorial would be better.
    Installed, but nothing is clear, sorry.)

  • Ignore Race/Class Locks v1d   24 weeks 1 day ago

    trying out this mod for 1.7.0 and I get an error saying "attempt to index field 'T_HIGH_THAUMATURGIST' (nil value)", what is this error and can it be fixed?

  • What's next for Tales of Maj'Eyal! A lot, and then some!   24 weeks 2 days ago

    It was nice to revisit this post right after the 1.7 release and 18 months after the date it was posted.
    Interesting to see what has already come to fruition, and what having an idea of what could still be in the works.

    Thank you for your continuous support of this game, keep up the good work!

  • Celia   24 weeks 3 days ago

    Yeah it is important to do the side crypts first.

  • DLCs on Sale on Steam   24 weeks 4 days ago

    Looks like the DLC is all on sale for the 1.7 release, hope you see this and grab them!

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.0 "Necrotic Translations" is released!   24 weeks 5 days ago

    ... and the next one ... and the next one ... and the next one too ...

    Congrats on the release. The Necromancer changes looked interesting and fun during beta, let's see how they settled.

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.0 "Necrotic Translations" is released!   24 weeks 5 days ago

    I'mm very happy with these changes.

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.0 "Necrotic Translations" is released!   24 weeks 5 days ago

    I'mm very happy with these changes.

  • SkooBot   24 weeks 6 days ago

    Fantastic add-on. I do have a couple of suggestions though:

    1- With enough Talents, the menu when choosing talents would be bigger than my screen, not allowing me to see the couple first and last talents. Perhps this is happening due to my screen size (1366x768).

    2- I understand why you put 'took damage while exploring' but it is by far my biggest grip as most of the time it would simply be one poison effect that have to wear off or a very low damage ranged attack from a common enemy that haven't yet appeared. I understand that damage while exploring is super dangerous but I think that more control over that would be super useful.

    Tanks again for your fantastic addon

  • Quantum Slider   25 weeks 4 days ago

    Haha, yes :D

    Slider really like 2 movement infusions. :)

    Also, Slider's movement skill - Too Fast to See - is very cool, because it is not removed
    on non-movement actions. So you can continue running and cumulating spell-speed
    with Alpha Strike in loops.

  • Quantum Slider   25 weeks 4 days ago

    Hey, hi!

    Thank you, it's good to read you enjoy playing with Slider.

    I am not sure what do you mean on "Inertial Twine" ... I guess you think Inertia Beam's
    enhancement skill: Stasis Web ?

    When you learn Stasis Web, if you directly target an enemy, the enemy will take 2 hits, not just 1.

    Furthermore, IF there are other enemies withing the given radius in a line of the original target,
    then extra Inertia Beams will trigger and hit those targets.
    One enemy can just trigger maximum 1 extra beam.
    So, if there is just a single foe alone, there will be no extra beams (but the foe will take 2 hits).

    I just updated Slider, gave new content and - I hope - increased the FUN-LEVEL. :)

  • Quantum Slider   25 weeks 5 days ago

    I also recomend TWO movement infusions =]

  • Quantum Slider   25 weeks 5 days ago

    Stopped by to say one of the coolest classes i have played. Inertial Twine seems to not alwas proc its split behavior, not sure why. Seems to happen about 30 ercent of the time. Still great ability.

  • Quantum Slider   26 weeks 3 days ago

    Wow, thank you for the long & detailed feedback!
    I am glad that you tried & enjoyed to play with my class.

    Direct damage skills: 1. Empit Photon, 2. Inertia Beam, 3. Temporal Ignition,

       (unlockable): 4. Chain of Collapse, 5. Electric Repulsion, 6. Lightning Fury

    Yes the class is operating just ~67% with direct damage skills, a very significant amount
    of damage comes from Sands of Time DoT.
    What can be further buffed with Quantum Fusion - Q Energy, so it can be really high.

    Quantum Theory - Always on the Run:
    The function of Always on the Run is to reach 100%
    charged state and then you can activate "Just a Blur".
    Just a Blur is a stronger version of Wraithform, you can also go through trees, not just walls with it
    and you also tune your paradox with every movement action while it's active.
    NOTE: if Just a Blur is active YOU CAN TELEPORT INTO WALLS with your teleporting spells. :)
    Always on the Run is charging with every movement action, not just once per turn, so
    you can activate Just a Blur very often, to enhance your already great mobility.
    (you can run inside walls too)

    Quantum Coherence tree:
    Yes, Polymorph is a very good spellcaster negater.

    Adapt just gives you a small flat damage reduction, but it has synergies with otehr talents.
    If you learn Quntum Fusion - Q Energy, then you will also gain +% ALL DAMAGE for every Adapt stack
    you currently have. This can go up to +60% ALL damage.

    Bondbreaker looks weakish at first glance, but basically it is an "inverse" Stone Wall.
    You can dig 1 tile of wall, but you do not need line of sight for targeting.
    So you can dig a 1 tile hole in the middle of walls and than you can instantly teleport
    into your hole, if you want to rest at a safe place.
    So, instead of walling yourself around to create a safe place, you dig 1 tile (then run or teleport in)
    to create a safe place. This is invaluable in Madness, where you will be surrounded by a lot of enemies many times.

    Emit Photon:
    The main purpose is: it eliminates magical darkness (the the darkness demons casts and you cannot remove it)
    AND it reduces enemy stealth & invisibility.
    Not just for starting a combo.

    Tears of the Forsaken:
    It also heals you and it applies a debuff on enemies (Distraction) that halves enemies Confusion immunity.
    Quantum Fusion - Uncertainity of Momentum allows you to apply Confusion on enemies freely, so
    Tears of the Forsaken also softens up enemies to Confuse them.

    Temporal Ignition:
    It deals temporal damage and it applies a good burning DoT.
    With Paradox Mysticism - Chain of Collapse, you can trigger huge AoE explosion if you hit a burning enemy.
    But I will change the talent into a better & more direct damage spell.

    Alpha Strike:
    Is continously charging on every movement action, not just once per turn.
    So after you cast a spell, you can continue running (your Too Fast to See is NOT removed on non-movement actions)
    and then you can cast again with high spell speed.

    Quicksilver Armor:
    Is also increasing your Damage Shields power on every movement action.
    I will change the talent, becasue you can reach theoretically an infinite damage shield
    with Quicksilver Armor + Coccoon with continous running & teleporting.
    So, the skill is too strong currently.

    I am also changing Steal Fate a bit.

    I am also nerfing a bit the Paradoxical Rearrange clones.

    I am also chaning Heart of Glass into instant speed.

    Yes I also use Cornac mostly on my runs, the extra points are really good for the class.

    For me Shalore - Timeless working on Too Fast to See & Lightning Fury.
    Timeless is reducing the cooldown of non-fixed cooldown talents. This works with both talents,
    becasue they do not have fixed cooldown.
    But Timeless' duration increase just works on physical/mental/magical effects.
    Too Fast to See & Lightning Fury are both an "other" effect.
    But this means: enemies cannot disperse/remove them from you, so you cannot loose these effects.

    I am currently working on the next patch, I will change some talents (some of that you mentioned too) and
    I will add new content too.

    Thank you for this detailed feedback!

  • Quantum Slider   26 weeks 4 days ago

    Chaos on the screen, never stop running, spell combos- very fun to play.

    Incredible mobility allows you to escape from problems- always nice.
    Lot of AOE spells, even debuffs- make comfortable game.
    Lot of double usage/effect skills.
    Lack of direct damage spell. It like 3?

    Class tree.
    Quantum Theory. Always on the run- find little usage, maybe for proc of 'Too Far too long' after 'Too fast to see' or Movement Infusion
    Quantum Coherence. Polymorf ok, but other 3 skill boring and weak. Maybe add some combo or sinergy?
    Reality Sculpt. Every 'Emit photon' usage feel like waste of time, it and 'Tears of forsaken' just spell for combo begin, nothing bigger. 'Sands of time' fun debuff.
    Chronodinamic. 'Inertia beam'- amazing damage and debuff. 'Temporal ignition' like waste of time, spell just for part of combo.
    Field extension. 'Alphe stike' find too litle usage, just as openeer for fight (but need Movement Infusion spam, for not loose stuck). 'Quicksilver armor' nice, but very bad stuck with skill point invest. 'Steal fate' like all 'on-kill' skill just useless in 1vs1 fight, so no need more than 1 skill point.
    Paradox mysticism. 'Electric repulsion' useless- it need vs elite+ rank, but its deal nice damage only versus common enemies. 'Lightning fury' very fun, just take every movement speed buff and run around enemies.
    Pocket universe. Nice debuff tree, conceptual and mechanical. 'Cocoon' too little stuck with skill point invest.

    Generic tree.
    Pranja. 'Shorteen distance' no need more than 1. Nirvana nice debuff clean, but second effect(our and enemies damage reduction) have too short duration for running out of combat.
    Beads in string. Amazing tree.
    Wanderlust. Amazing tree. 'Paradixical Rearrange' clones maybe too powerful.
    Quantum fusion. 'Heart of glass', 10% all damage affinity in non-instant skill, rly?

    Dont find any race sinergy. Its like Cornac for skill-generic-category point, Higher for no-resurses cast(but not a big deal), Halfing for crits(we have 1 skill that require crits), and Ogre for inscription cooldown.
    Shalore 'Timeless' dont affect 'Too fast to see' and 'Lithing fury'.
    Drem frenzy effective on non-instant class skill. We dont have non-instant class skill that useful in double usage.

  • Quantum Slider   27 weeks 2 days ago

    Hey, hi!

    First of all, thank you to trying my addon.
    I will try to answer your question one by one:

    1. Aetherwalk

    If you want to use or even abuse Aetherwalk, then a Temporal Warden or Paradox Mage would be way better.
    TW & PM has Wormhole and with 1 or 2 movement infusions, they can teleport ~12-15 times per turn for 4 turns.
    You can easily spam a raw ~300 arcane damae with each teleport, what can be way higher with gear.
    We can count a 15 x 4 x 700 = 42 000 total AoE damage in radius 3 in 2 locations over 4 turns just from it.
    Quantum Slider do not have Wormhole and not capable to teleport that much as TW or PM.

    2. Breaking the game with items

    You can definately make the class stronger with special items, and I am aware of 1 talent being OP becasue of this.

    But you can already break the vanilla game with items too:
    - with Archmage you can reach 100% spell cooldown reduction with a Suncloak imbued staff & other 10-10-10%
    spell CD reduction items. A 0 turn CD Archmage is way stronger than this class, but a 1 turn CD too
    Same for a Paradox Mage with 70% spell CD reduction

    - you can use 2 x Heroism infusion on any Yeek and pre-set a ~ 800 turn long -1 000 000 die_at on yourself
    before engaging fights

    . . .

    I designed this class to be strong, but some vanilla class with the right items can be as strong or even
    stronger than this class.

    3. Yes, I simply forgot to add the requirement tag for 5 Minutes Alone ... :)
    Thank you for noting me about that.

    A few players already tested my addon and found some issues, so I am currently working on
    the next patch to make the class better, changing the possibly OP talent, add new content, ...
    In several days I will update it! :)

  • Quantum Slider   27 weeks 4 days ago

    I love to play as paradox mage around anomalies and teleporst, so i wanna to check this class in future,
    But i have a question: what about Aetherwalk, weapons with lightning ego (plus 10-100%+ movespeed which can be in BOTH hands bcs daggers have this ego) and some "speed" prodigies? Do u tested them as Slider? I wanna to check this synergy (boots especially), but don't wanna get some really broken shit :D

    btw 5 Minutes Alone can be learned before lvl 8, when Everywhere at Once require 12 lvl to learn. That's a bit strange.

  • Recaiden's Evolution Prodigies   28 weeks 9 hours ago

    Thanks for fixing promptly!

  • Recaiden's Evolution Prodigies   28 weeks 15 hours ago

    When I fixed the reloading issue, I didn't move over the reference for opening Dialogs.
    It should be fixed now - eating people, using their talents, stealing their talents, and purging those talents all tested.
    Thanks for sticking with the addon and reporting this so quickly.

  • Recaiden's Evolution Prodigies   28 weeks 19 hours ago

    Thanks, it works now!
    However, I get an error whenever I use Purge Talent. It seems like it's trying to open a dialog but failing.

    Lua Error:
    /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:329: /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:302: /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:164:
    /data-rec-evolutions/talents/gourmand.lua:22: attempt to index global 'Dialog' (a nil value)
    stack traceback:
    /data-rec-evolutions/talents/gourmand.lua:22: in function </data-rec-evolutions/talents/gourmand.lua:10>
    [C]: in function 'xpcall'
    /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:162: in function </engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:151>