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  • Quietus tweak   1 year 14 weeks ago

    Quietus now removes 1 detrimental status effect when you use it.

    This adds a bit of tactical nuance to its use: do you want to throw it out at the start of combat, or wait 1 round and see if you can clear an early debuff and get more enemies in range? On the other hand, if you wait you'll probably take damage and have multiple debuffs and this can only clear one. As an undead, you rely on Shatter Afflictions to purge multiple debuffs, but you most likely only have one of those.

    The cooldown and cost (which are significant, to deter spamming) remain unchanged.

  • Hello Eyal World!   1 year 14 weeks ago

    Being open source is actually one of the best things about this game <3

  • Hello Eyal World!   1 year 14 weeks ago

    Thank you, guys! I'm gonna try taking some time to experiment on something, then. I have messed with LUA before, and I work on programming so I think the wall for me is mostly getting to understand the syntax needed for the addons to work, which just requires time. xD Love the talk!

  • Tips for Melee Reavers   1 year 14 weeks ago

    Fundamentally, I understand the Reaver to be a rogue/mage assassin-type class, which is why you deal a lot of damage but can't really take hits well. The problem with this is, as you have noticed, TOME is a survival horror game and thus the ability to take unexpected hits is crucial. You do get bone shield but that's only good for taking the occasional stray hit, not for eating full frontal combos from bosses. Once they get past your shield it's a question of whether or not you can take the hits.

    It may help you to think like an assassin: nerf your enemies with hexes, pinning, and spellshock before you close in and trade blows with them. Don't pick a fair fight with anything tougher than a normal or critter ranked mob.

    If you're looking to balance the "glass cannon" class out, you can try going a tanky race, like dwarf or wight (my own addon, Playable Wight Race, adds wight as a tanky undead race option.) Unless you get a really broken race, though, thinking like an assassin, isolating and debuffing your prey will still be necessary. Always have multiple escapes in case stun puts one on cooldown or you're in a teleport locked vault. Always have an emergency heal or shield rune that costs 0% of a turn to use. Always have a plan.

  • Hello Eyal World!   1 year 14 weeks ago


    Not sure if that was addressed to me or the OP or both, but I do actually have one mod: the Playable Wight Race mod, made because I didn't really feel like skeletons or ghouls truly had "tank" mechanics. (I have written about the design philosophy in greater length at my profile on the wiki.)

    Thanks for the encouragement. I'll check out your work!

  • Hello Eyal World!   1 year 14 weeks ago

    When I started modding ToME I had only a couple of high school level computer science classes under my belt and had never heard of LUA. I certainly made some mistakes, but not knowing LUA was never a set back. There's quite a wealth of examples for most things you may want to do (talents, races,classes, items, zones, quests, etc), and if you can't find an example or still have questions, come join us on the Discord and the forums :) I was welcomed by the group of regular modders and given tons of great advice (and more than a little coding help) to get me on my way, and now I have created several addons.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with! (And not just because I'm always eager for new content... but mostly ;-P )

  • Quietus visual upgrade   1 year 14 weeks ago

    This upgrade was actually put in pre-0.0.5 but a typo was discovered preventing it from working properly.

    It should now display a clear visual effect when Quietus (racial talent in the High Wight racial tree) is used.

    Since it does not burn arcane resources and cannot be placed at will, Quietus is substantially less powerful than anti-magic, but inflicting silence + the possibility of one cross-tier effect can still be situationally useful.


  • Hello Eyal World!   1 year 14 weeks ago

    There are basically no limits. In fact, if you run into some limitation preventing you, the game is open source so you can submit a "fix" if ya really want to :D

  • Hello Eyal World!   1 year 14 weeks ago

    As darkgobbo said, adding enemies, maps, items, and even campaigns is possible. Even adding new abilities and classes is not terribly difficult (learning Lua is probably most of the work) as the support for add-ons is great.


  • Hello Eyal World!   1 year 14 weeks ago

    That's amazing news for me! <3

  • Hello Eyal World!   1 year 14 weeks ago

    You can add all of those things with addons. Even new campaigns!

  • Item Description filter   1 year 15 weeks ago

    Thanks for your feedback. This is fixed in the new version.

  • Updates - con fix, skill tree changed   1 year 15 weeks ago

    - Wights now start unlocked by default.
    - High Wights begin with the following resistances: -5% fire, -5% blight, 10% nature, 10% light, 20% physical.
    - High Wights still have only a racial bonus to Luck and Willpower and a 30% exp penalty.
    - Upgrading the High Wight racial skill now properly gives the correct amount of hp, regen, and physical save for the Con gain. This has been tested over a range of values and conditions.
    - Taking Quietus and Will of Eyal to level 5 will now give silence and stun immunity respectively.
    - Because the engine is not built to handle tracking what your immunity was before, points in these talents may no longer be reverted. (It could be written to revert to base Wight immunity but this is undesirable because a. equipment modifiers would then be ignored, and b. when the Wight subraces come out, they will likely have different resistances.)

    - The High Wight racial skill now unlocks Feedback, not Absorption.
    - Mastering Elemental Body still unlocks Augmented Mobility.
    - Taken together, the intent is that you have one resource track for your racial mobility and a separate one for your racial psionic damage mitigation, and potentially separate resources for your class abilities.
    - This reduces reliance on Willpower to have a big enough Psi pool to do everything you want, which reduces Multiple Ability Dependence, which was the original intent of the race as stated in the design docs.

  • Playable Wight Races   1 year 15 weeks ago

    Thanks for the feedback. I have replicated the error and am fixing it. I will push a patch soon.

  • Auto Talent Assistant   1 year 15 weeks ago

    More detailed BUG information is required
    How do you set up skills, preferably with screenshots
    And a screenshot of the BUG or a log file (te4_log is the last one to report an error when the BUG is triggered) copy the text

  • MaDDworlDs' Money Sink!   1 year 15 weeks ago

    Hi great addon. Though I realized it isn't working with Ancient Automated Teacher- PLUS and that realy only affects the tinker automata teacher in the normal campaign.

  • Class: Demolisher   1 year 15 weeks ago

    Fixed! The engine category now has a unique name behind the scenes.

  • Class: Demolisher   1 year 15 weeks ago

    Accidentally found out that using this mod at the same time as class Inferno Forger overwrites the talent category Engine with their completely different talents. Thanks for the quick reply though!

  • My evaluations of all the classes   1 year 16 weeks ago

    That was fun to read, thanks. :)

  • Automatic Talent Gambits   1 year 16 weeks ago

    I believe there's an action that allows gambits to continue auto exploring, so this should be possible now.

  • Automatic Talent Gambits   1 year 16 weeks ago

    Yep, this is a feature that I've wanted to add for various reasons - you can sort of do it with gambits with things like t3/4+ enemy in sight has not been true for at least X turns with disable gambit action, but it would make things a lot easier to allow manually enabling/disabling globally, and possibly adding disable until manual re-enable as a gambit action. Just haven't gotten around to it. I'll probably put more time into this next big Tome update.

  • My evaluations of all the classes   1 year 17 weeks ago

    I loved this article. Read the whole thing. My only comment is this: ":D"

  • Inferno Race Pack   1 year 17 weeks ago

    disregard this

  • Yeeks Look Like Shalore   1 year 18 weeks ago

    JustUS A HEAD-S-UP.

  • Yeeks Look Like Shalore   1 year 18 weeks ago

    In that case why worry about graphics and bling?