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  • Odyssey of The Summoner (for ToME 1.7.4+)   1 year 27 weeks ago

    Oh so you basically need Embers of Rage? I somehow missed that. I don't own it so that does explain things. Thank you.

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.4 "Wandering Star" is released!   1 year 28 weeks ago

    Someone already made that addon:

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.4 "Wandering Star" is released!   1 year 28 weeks ago

    wanderer is probably the best idea for this game at this stage. But trying it out making me wonder if we could be offer like 3 choices and pick only 1 for each new random class/generic telant? Judging how many telants are in the pool, I can see most of wanderers being a total disaster to play. If people are starting to reroll for reasonablly playable seeds, I see a point to make it less random by giving the player some level of choice.

  • Odyssey of The Summoner (for ToME 1.7.4+)   1 year 28 weeks ago

    Whoops, newest version should have fixed that (it happened if you don't run ToME with Embers of Rage when you were running OotS). OotS will probably work better if you're running Embers of Rage though, so you still might want to do that, but it shouldn't crash if you don't now.

  • Odyssey of The Summoner (for ToME 1.7.4+)   1 year 28 weeks ago

    Playing as a minotaur.

    I got an error when ungrasping my weapon, deactivating the graps weapon sustain.

    Also got an error when an escort tried to enter the portal. The escort was not able to enter, only gave error.

    This was with both errors: "..ks/neka_therianthropy_summoner_for_current_tome.teaa/load.lua:1114: Attempt to index field 'steamtech' (a nil value)"

  • My evaluations of all the classes   1 year 28 weeks ago

    It's not bad per se. It's a matter of going all in. If you want to do stealth, you have to go balls deep and stack all sources of stealth you can. Enemies either see you or don't, so it only seems weak when you don't stack it because of the few enemies who do see you.
    In reality, it is strong to the point of being dumb, with enemies missing most of their attacks on you unless you're both close-by and in a tight room.
    And on that note, traps, poison and throwing knives are all mostly usable without breaking stealth, turning it into a permanent defense.

  • Role Race   1 year 28 weeks ago

    1.1.1 Warzard fix
    tarrent mastery 1.6 to 2.0

  • Japanese Addon Plus Tlanslation   1 year 28 weeks ago


  • Class+Race Pack   1 year 28 weeks ago

    At high levels (I got Adept prodigy so talent level was about 8) Meditative Focus talent started to call up each turn asking to determine the talent it should work with again and again. The class itself felt okay at lower levels until, after getting that Adept, I achived flat resistance of about 100. That was at about level 30, but probably could get it earlier if not spending so much time and points on experimenting. After that, it was mostly just hooking opponents to me, disarming then mostly bumping even bosses to death. Which reminds another thing: too few active talents to spice up a combat. Just hook-disarm-burst then bump to death. Use speed up for uniques+. Though at lvl 40 it was probably needed only for bosses. Specialties looked interesting, but again, due to low number of critical talents, it soon became appparent that they are only useful for 1-2 talents each... :((

  • Unrandom Egos   1 year 29 weeks ago

    It seems that the Ego correction value is gradually fixed according to the tier level.
    Tier1 = minimum +2
    Tier3 = Center Average.
    Tier5 = Maximum correction value for the highest quality products

    Stealth Egos +5-+15
    Tier1 Stealth +7
    Tier3 Stealth +10
    Tier5 Stealth +15

    In other words, Tier 5 products receive Ego's maximum compensation and protect you from dust-like compensation.

    I think this is a good add-on as it doesn't hurt you and you rarely see the maximum correction at low tiers.

    Not as powerful as artifacts and unique items.

  • Japanese Addon Plus Tlanslation   1 year 29 weeks ago

  • Finally did it   1 year 29 weeks ago

    Yeah, I did some games on Insane and the early game is much much harder because of that, even on builds I considered "safe". Looks like I need to step up my game haha !

  • Eoland's Vampire Race   1 year 29 weeks ago

    Thank you for downloading and playing.

  • Eoland's Vampire Race   1 year 29 weeks ago

    If the mod does not specifically designate a "Vampire" subrace then yes.

  • Eoland's Vampire Race   1 year 29 weeks ago

    In my mind, Vampires are apex predators. Far stronger than normal humans. Outside of my head cannon, there are lots of options for people who want to play a race that is challenging. First and foremost I made it to be my min-maxing go to while keeping to things already in the game.

    The mix being Ghoul, Parasite, Yeek, Shalore.

  • Eoland's Vampire Race   1 year 29 weeks ago

    Perhaps it was a compatibility issue with something else? My latest update will have fixed that for Inferno's Race Pack atleast.

  • Faster ToME4   1 year 29 weeks ago

    Edit textures? Change particles? Adaptive effects? Or magical "Its just works"?

  • Eoland's Vampire Race   1 year 29 weeks ago

    So Eoland take most powerful skill from Ghoul (50% HP max taking damage), most powerful skill of Yeek (+15% global speed, and more on low health), second strongest Halfing skill (remove all detrimental effects), detrimental reduce from Doomelf, super strong Cornac +skill/generic/cat point... And downside its just -30% light resistance and no infusion? O_o

  • Vampire Compatibility   1 year 29 weeks ago

    The last ToME update made changes to the way classes/races are registered so it's not really strange for my workaround to be outdated.

  • Finally did it   1 year 29 weeks ago

    Eyy goodjob and welcome to the fun that is Insane. The introduction of randbosses spawning and dropping randarts makes the game a whole lotta more fun

  • Vampire Compatibility   1 year 29 weeks ago

    Managed to get ahold of inferno on discord and we worked a solution out for that compatibility. Your descriptor = {subrace = "Vampire" } solution is tying into something from Inferno's mod and that was why I was getting an error on my own thing. Inferno worked out an if then check which I implemented. My mod now checks to see if you have his installed and mine will use that solution, otherwise it will work as before.

  • Vampire Compatibility   1 year 29 weeks ago

    I'm still working on a solution but when added directly to the data and not in overload, descriptor = {subrace = "Race name" } in copy {} throws a null ref error.

  • My Cornac Necromancer -- Died to Vor   1 year 30 weeks ago

    I'm probably not one to say, given my general lack of experience/ability with this game, but I'll give my thoughts anyways:

    1) I certainly don't agree that Nightmare is easier than Normal. I find it significantly harder in fact. Maybe it's due to not understanding the basics xp, but on Normal sure you don't get gear or levels quite as fast, but enemies also hardly do damage to you so it's fine. In short on Normal you don't need good equipment to defeat things.

    2) I could maybe see this being the case, idrk. My first necromancer was summons-only so I didn't have too many trees, and my second and last necromancer was spells-only (so yes, no summons) so I also didn't have too many trees. Although, I managed to win the game on Nightmare Roguelike with that character.

    3) Well good thing for you: The Lich transformation doesn't override your previous racials! If you become a lich you just get two sets of racials, so it's definitely worth it imo

    4) This one I can see, but it wasn't the case for me... although maybe it actually *was* the case for me and I just thought I needed willpower, idk

    I have nothing else to say, but I found Age of Dusk to not be bad. I completely ignored Dire Plague and used it for Crepuscule and Golden Age of Necromancy. Crepuscule was nice because it just shoots a beam every turn (kind like river of souls but not as insanely good), and Golden Age of Necromancy gives confusion resist and the invulnerability after getting negative life.

  • Cultist Rebalance   1 year 30 weeks ago


  • Faster ToME4   1 year 30 weeks ago

    Is this addon also valid for 1.7.4?