Mage Knight

Mage Knight

Adds the Mage Knight metaclass, and its six sub-classes.

Forum discussion thread:

Phoenix Knight: Powerful warriors who blast their foes with solar fire while calling healing light upon their allies. Their solar fire attacks will strike as either fire or light damage, whichever will hit their target the hardest, and their potent healing and cleansing abilities make them tough opponents to bring down.

Mind Knight: Psionic warriors who strengthen their mental abilities by tapping into their inner magic. Adept at telekinesis, telepathy, and teleportation, they are mobile scouts who can quickly get a lay of the land and sow chaos among their foes with physical and mental debilitations, or even outright compulsions.

Storm Knight: Swift skirmishers who rely on extreme mobility and powerful lightning magic to strike their foes down and avoid reprisals. Extremely fast and difficult to pin down, they can cast entire enemy units into disarray with their wealth of area attacks. All mage knights can cast while they fight, but experienced storm knights are also able to fight while they move.

Earth Knight: The heaviest of infantry, earth knights hammer their foes with physical and natural forces while shielding themselves with the power of the earth. Highly resilient in the face of any attack, earth knights provide a slow and steady offense supported by powerful gemstone shields and the endurance of a living mountain.

Sea Knight: Healers first, fighters second, battle mages a somewhat distant third, while sea knights lack the raw offensive power of other mage knights, they make up for it with amazing personal defense and recovery abilities. And though their attacks may be individually weak, like the sea itself, they are able to wear down even the strongest defenses eventually, eroding their opponents away with gradually strengthening spells, making them terrors in a battle of attrition.

Mana Knight: Experimenting pioneers who do amazing things with raw magical energy. They have the most conventional magical training of the mage knights, even if they sometimes put it to unconventional use. Their arcane attacks can overwhelm the powers of other spellcasters, and while they lack the scope of power of full-fledged archmages, they are masters of the fundamentals of the various arcane schools.

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Miss the older versions

I find it unfortunate the pre-essence versions of this mod are not available anymore :(
Personally I can't have a fraction of the fun with the overhauled changes

Error on mousing over spell shield

self.mkp_status_ignore.physical is not defined until you actually pick the talent, I'm guessing, so that errors upon mouse over if you enable that option.

Additionally, experienced

Additionally, experienced defense and endurance don't actually have the special effects they claim to have.

Mind knight stealth

Got half a ton of error when trying to stealth past a sleeping wyrm in his vault. Continues after teleporting out.

error on drop

instead of items drop gor a Lua error after killing an Unique (Skirmisher/Bulwark)

Arcane Bugs

Arcane Knight's ray attack 'destroy projectiles in the path' part doesn't work. The teleport activating when you target yourself with Arcane Convenience (sic?) also seems to be not working.

error on character generatiion

A LUA error on subj. States it's produced by Earthen Body. UPD: It's a conflict wwith Draconians mod which uses the same talent name..

Awesome and high quality

Your work on this addon is commendable! The theme and the creativity of the skills, the balanced and yet powerful talents really keeps me playing around new melee-caster chars all the time haha
Thank you for this masterpiece!

I just don't get why mix nature damage with the water themed one (the earth is okayish) but that might be personal preference btw

It also would be amazing if you could add more archetypes like a darkness/void themed guy :O


I've found that Magic requirements for equipment currently just add Magic as a requirement instead of replacing the stat required initially,, so we get e.g. Str 48 Mag 48 requirement. Not a big problem, but still.

mana knight error

Got a lua errror when moving immeediately after activating its Track analog for scan. - Sorry, probably different reason: on reloading, I've found that the error appears when 'on guard' changes from 1 to 2. Still, never had this on other knights.

The version wiith Essence

The version wiith Essence became more interesting. Though, as an Infinite Dungeon player, I would ask to either return the Survival tree or to make some equivalent. Maybe even locked, not sure. The main problem is absence of Track or something similar. It's not so big a problem for main campaign where we already know most dungeons by heart and there is a possibility to buy Track-providing items, but in ID it is.

Addon conflict

There's a conflict with the draconian race addon due to both of them containing the name "earthen body"

Sea Knight Artifact Bug

Firstly: I love this mod, it's everything I wanted out of a magic-knight style class.

There is a bug with High Tide, one of the Sea Knight artifact weapons, though. When you attack with it it tends to throw the following error:

It looks like there's a problem with it trying to reference a value called "self".