Made it to the Master

I made it to the Master with a level 24 halfling rogue playing on normal difficulty and rogue like mode. Not knowing that he resurrects after the first kill, I gambled and hung in the fight only to down him and get clobbered after he resurrected. I have only played roguelike in the 10 or so attempts I have made at the game, but think it might be time to try some adventure mode so that I can cultivate some knowledge. Loving it so far, though!

Yeah, when starting out,

Yeah, when starting out, Adventure mode makes the most sense. It's a tough game, and it only gets tougher after the Master. So give yourself some leeway to make mistakes or walk unknowingly into deathtraps (there are some really nasty ones out there if you aren't willing to spoil yourself by reading up on the game.) Hell, lots of people -- me included -- prefer Adventure mode even after knowing the ins and outs of the game. If you don't have unlimited time to spend playing, it can be frustrating starting from scratch every time you die even when you're playing perfectly. There are always going to be situations where you're just whacked up side the head by the RNG.

Congrats on making it to the Master. Next time, the best course would be to scan for monsters (if you have an item or talent that can do that), try to clear as much of the level as you can before taking on the Master and, when in doubt, teleport away immediately after killing him the first time. You can rest up and, since he's at full health already, you don't have to worry about him taking advantage of your absence to heal up again. Just remember -- he *will* be coming to look for you, so keep an eye out.

RE: Made it to the Master


Another thing you could consider is doing a full clear of all content (Maze, Daikara, Tempest Peak, Sandworm, Old Forest etc.) before attempting the Master. That should put you at level 27+. Taking on the Master at level 24 means you have no Prodigy yet and that can make a huge difference.