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  • Bonuses at Level 10   35 weeks 5 days ago

    Your reply doesn't make much sense since the primary reason this mod was created was to compensate for another mod that removed the things that this is compensating for. Your post infers you are not using that mod, so of course this mod would be overpowered in your situation (extra bonuses for no reason, in that case).

    Anyway, I think the two mod combo (remove escorts, etc. + level 10 bonues) is actually a great combo because the primary point of the removal mod was not actually to make things harder, but to remove rng from build plans. It also makes the game harder, and I would argue this fix here doesn't help much in that regard, but does make that other mod feel more balanced (take away and give something back instead of just removing something).

  • CON Buff   35 weeks 5 days ago

    Othewise, perhaps 4 per level plus the 4 per Con state increase would be better and work for any class/build? Or perhaps something different that is tied to that undead's life-per-level gain. I guess there are lots of ways to mod this mod, so to speak - depends on how the engine handles all of this stuff.

  • CON Buff   35 weeks 5 days ago

    Certain classes/builds (Shadowblade for example) make this somewhat lackluster. That class, like certain similar classes, is not going to have a ton of points to throw into Con.

    I would wage that +8 would be better, but of course that means a class already throwing a lot or enough points into Con is going to get arguable too much.

    I wonder if there is an easy way to add class and/or class-types checks, such that certain classes and or class-types can get an additional buff and other do not. (and undead bulwark wouldn't need it, for example - perhaps none in the soldier/warrior tree for that matter).

  • Specialist Adventurers (WIP)   36 weeks 1 day ago

    K, thank you for reply - seems very cool. I will be keeping a look out for this. While I am here - something that is a mix of the Shadow Blade and the Necromancy would seem rather nice ;-) (could probably fit into the thing your doing - are one of those mixed/adv classes).

  • Specialist Adventurers (WIP)   36 weeks 2 days ago

    Not sure why the description didn't show up. It's intended to add some adventurer style hybrid classes with a less overwhelming number of talent categories. I've also been experimenting with giving normal classes locked 1.0 mastery trees from other classes of the same type. e.g. Giving the arcane blade Wildfire and Storm in addition to Stone.

    Edit: The description shows in Edit, but not when I view normally. Odd.

  • Specialist Adventurers (WIP)   36 weeks 3 days ago

    Could you perhaps update the description, please? :-)

    What does this mod do? (or what will it do once your are totally done?)

  • A newbie first memorable death.   37 weeks 5 hours ago

    This post made my day! This, right here is why I play ToME! I've been away for quite some time, but it's good to be back! Welcome to Eyal Loco! May there be many more memorable deaths, and then victories for you in the future!

  • Egress Artifact Codes   37 weeks 1 day ago

    The lore drops added by this addon regenerate the codes every time an artifact is obtained. This allows for infinite artifacts from a single lore drop. I've got about twenty from only three drops.

    How to Replicate:
    1. Have one of the addons lore drops visible under 'Show known lore'.
    2. Enter code in Egress. Receive artifact.
    3. View lore in 'Show known lore'. The code will have changed.
    4. Enter new code in Egress. Receive artifact.

  • Improved Auto-explore and Rest   37 weeks 2 days ago

    This addon is fantastic - I've been using it for ages!

    Sadly, I've found that it conflicts with another addon that I've just started using for my AM rolls. When this addon is enabled, the functionality of the "Rest to a limited mana percentage" addon (link: ) sadly doesn't work.
    Is there any way to make the two compatible?


  • Rest to a limited mana percentage   37 weeks 2 days ago

    It seems there's a conflict between this addon and Improved Auto-explore and Rest (link: ), sadly. Whenever I have the latter enabled, your addon has no effect.

    Is there anything that can be done about that?

  • Rest to a limited mana percentage   37 weeks 2 days ago

    You cannot believe how much and for how long I've wished for this addon!
    Thank you so much! :)

  • Nullpack   37 weeks 3 days ago

    I'm late to the party, but I really like everything you've done.

    Your gem pack was the first addon which I tried and it was so good it encouraged further exploration.

    I'd tried this pack recently only to find it broken under 1.5.10 and suddenly this update.

    Thank you so much for your continued time and attention.

    Tammy the Creep says 'hi'. She's gone to the Bank of Norgos to get her money before going shopping.

  • RNG vol 4 Two for one   37 weeks 3 days ago

    ToME is such a broad experience that I can appreciate the perceived need for something like a guide.

    The guys that write guides are not doing a bad thing, and I have learned stuff from them. Don't want any of the guide writers to feel unappreciated.

    But. Yes, its an odd phenom. I will look at one when I am completely puzzled by a class and find things that are useful, but still don't answer my questions.

    A great example is the Temporal Warden. This class is amazing cause there is nothing like it. It defeats so much of your 'gamer intuition'. This is such a rare and special treat and the best thing about ToME - groundbreaking game design.

    However, I have never seen one word in any guide discussing the Spacetime Tuning nor how to use it. I see Drem using it constantly in the Mouth zone and I got curious and started inspecting them as they were using it. Then, from my observations, I started to make experiements of my own. The results have, again, not produced a WINNAH, but they were extremely useful and entertaining to me.

    At that point, I sort of cooled on the whole notion of the guides. The formula for them seems to have started on the wrong foot. All of them start by telling you the 'end' of the story and nothing about how they got there.

    I would never write such a thing even if I could. It is vain. Qualitative discussion about how to use classes is one thing. These quantitative pieces have the tendancy to make the author express themselves in a pedantic fashion that in my opinion is a drag.

    Yet, its just an artifact of the format. Most people that write copy the form of other and aren't skilled enough to realize these things. Oh well. Its all good fun, no?

    BTW. I found that I got a lot better at the game by grinding the 1/2 Arena til I got a WINNA there. Get yourself a Bulwark and learn to fight (successfully) with one of them. You will learn many things and some of them will carry over.

    Thats my idea of a 'guide'. Its quicker to read too.

  • RNG vol 4 Two for one   37 weeks 3 days ago

    Minor comment, but i'm glad I'm not the only one who dislikes guides.
    Maybe that's why I still suck at the game, but I really don't like having my path paved for me and instructed to walk it.

    I will admit though, that without reading them, I would still be trying to be a jack of all trades on all my characters. Gotta focus on a couple of attack types.

  • RNG vol 4 Two for one   37 weeks 3 days ago

    I know what you mean about having to relearn classes. I have dipped into the addons and now flip around between so many that I end up having to take it reeeeeal easy when I return to one I haven't seen in a while.

    I have come to dislike using guides for classes. I haven't been able to manage a Winner yet w/ anything but I am certain that these classes are designed such that the class is only about 50-60% of a successful character. Equipment makes an enormous part and learning the 'tricks'. I believe that you must learn how and when to use tools. One trick that I just learnt is that the Rods work differently than the other tools and do not need to be equip'd. Essentially, when you get a rod, you need to get that thing onto a toolbar button and into you working arsenal.

    About Stealth. I had similar or even worse preconceptions about Stealth. I was pissed cause when I used it I realized it didn't work like Sil which has the best stealth model of any r/l. Let me tell you a little story though....

    I wanted to play a Marauder and you have to unlock them. I don't like spoilers, but I did peek and learn how to unlock them, and it involves a Rogue doing a lot of damage. So, I built a Rogue and just leaned on more and more dmg. This approach was really satisfying and it lead to me beating the Master as confidently as I had w/ any other build. But then there's that Orc Ambush. After cranking the Master, just as a whim, I put a point or two in the Stealth tree. Then the orc fight starts and I don't even consider it possible, but I decide to give it a go. I don't know exactly what I did any more, but it involved lots of Whirlwinds. And orcs started dropping. To my shock I ended up running around the small map trying to build up enough stamina to finish the boss - which I did. I was so shocked. I realized after the fight that if I'd had Shadowstrike plus the Soothing Darkness, it would've might even have been a lopsided fight.

    Stealth in ToME is a weapon. Learn to use it and it will reward you.

    I was really prickly about playing an evil class for a while, but then I tried the Cursed and it was an epiphany for me. I tried the Reaver next and they are soooo much fun. The Reaver can cast spells while adj to enemies and get both the spell and melee attacks - just so you know. Now the Reaver is one of my fav. classes. Once you get to the point where whole vaults are exploding from your disease bombs, you will too, I think.

    About addons. The amount of high quality addons for ToME really surprises me. I rarely find one I would call bad. There are some older ones that no longer work, but most of the people that make actual working classes or races do good work.

    I rec. Midnight and its Moon Paladin. Its a lot of fun. The Spell Blade is too. And the High Guard and the Mage Knights. I really like and recc. the 'now you see it now you don't' addon, its really well done and when they turn up as rares you will have a heart attack, but you will love it.

    Hope you don't mind my rambling like this.

  • Improved SoA, Fortress Flight, and Sher'Tul race   37 weeks 4 days ago

    Yes, it is. You can get charges by using the staff on a boss or other high rank enemy. You'll get the most charges by killing a boss with it.

  • No Male Undershirt   37 weeks 4 days ago

    Critical hit multiplier

  • No Male Undershirt   37 weeks 5 days ago

    Should vary by stat... but which stat?

  • Adjustable Levelup   38 weeks 17 hours ago

    I just tested the addon on a fresh install of 1.5.10 without issue. I don't have time to play TOME extensively right now, so I may have missed something. However, I can't make any changes without knowing what the compatibility issues are. Could you provide more detail? Are you sure it isn't an issue with another addon?

  • Adjustable Levelup   38 weeks 17 hours ago

    I just installed 1.5.10 and tested this addon on a fresh character. It seems to work fine, experience, talent, and stat changes take immediate effect. Was there a more specific problem?

  • Is this thing on?   38 weeks 22 hours ago

    Welcome to the game. I'm a bit of a noob too, and am trying to get the hang of things still. However I do know that if you play on Exploration you will not unlock anything, so I tend to play normal adventures.

    That said I have found the Bulwark class to have the best surviablity due their high hp and insane Armor options. I have personally to the prides in the late game with it. unlocking most of the locked classes and races in the process. It however lacks ranged, AOE, and CC abilities so you must master timing of heals and choke point management.

    If you prefer mages that is fine, but a minor word of warning: do not spread your class points too thin as it will bite you in the later half of the game.

  • Frozen Summoner AI   38 weeks 5 days ago

    I was looking for an addon that does this for so long! I didn't yet get into a situation when it would be useful (not playing summons much for now), but if this addon really does what it says it does... *squee!*
    5/5. Thank you! :3

  • Sandworm Lair Tweaks   38 weeks 6 days ago

    Actually, Sandwormm tunnels is oone of the more interesting zones, especially first few times. I'ts lack of other non-standart zones which is annoying1

  • Sandworm Lair Tweaks   38 weeks 6 days ago

    Good - cannot wait for more tweaks!

  • Spell Blade Class   38 weeks 6 days ago

    It took me a while to understand the cause was this addon :
    just start a new game with a halfing skirmisher, display his inventory : if this addon is enabled he can't carry his shield (it won't be equipped and you can't equip it !)