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  • Outlander   40 weeks 22 hours ago

    Is there no way to remove, reject, or limit talents? My first go at this, I absorbed something antimagic, which destroyed the character for the purpose I intended. I get that this is intended to be chaotic, but unless you only want to make antimagic characters it will get frustrating to have your time wasted by a random accident.

    Perhaps a mechanism like Wheel of Fate, where you can do something about an unfortunate turn of events after a while?

  • Beamerizing Beam!   40 weeks 1 day ago

    What about beans? Will they get some love too?

  • Less Proper Possession   41 weeks 1 day ago

    I got the following error message when playing with both MODs. My main character is a possessor and when I created a new party member who is not a possessor, the game poped up an error window.

    Lua Error: /data-possessor_fixes_bamboo/modify_cannibalize.lua:33: attempt to call method 'spotHostiles' (a nil value)

      At [C]:-1 spotHostiles
      At /data-possessor_fixes_bamboo/modify_cannibalize.lua:33 
      At /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:1222 callTalent
      At /mod/class/Actor.lua:6206 fireTalentCheck
      At /mod/class/Actor.lua:798 act
      At /mod/class/NPC.lua:68 act
      At /engine/GameEnergyBased.lua:129 tickLevel
      At /engine/GameEnergyBased.lua:64 tick
      At /engine/GameTurnBased.lua:51 tick
      At /mod/class/Game.lua:1582 

    I certainly understand that it is not really your problem but could you maybe take a look into it? Thanks.

    Personally I feel a simple check like 'if self.spotHostiles shall be able to fix the problem?

  • Beamerizing Beam!   41 weeks 1 day ago

    BEAMS !

  • The Pikataclysm is upon us! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!   41 weeks 2 days ago

    lost lands gonna be so good

  • The Pikataclysm is upon us! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!   41 weeks 2 days ago

    still waiting to be able to make meth as an alchemist

  • ZOmnibus Addon Pack   41 weeks 2 days ago

    as a serial addon addict,the zomnibus is one of my must-haves

  • The Pikataclysm is upon us! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!   41 weeks 2 days ago

    it would be a matter of one Dark God Time Unit?

  • The Pikataclysm is upon us! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!   41 weeks 6 days ago

    Still kicking. Progress is being made on the next DLC and a lot of work has already been done for the next update. DarkGod posts teasers for Lost Lands on the Discord channel from time to time. There haven't been news posts here for the last couple of annual events, but I wouldn't read much into that.

  • The Pikataclysm is upon us! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!   41 weeks 6 days ago

    Update+dlc is coming...eventually

  • The Pikataclysm is upon us! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!   42 weeks 1 hour ago

    Is the game dead?

  • First victory!   42 weeks 3 days ago

    the first one is always one of the hardest

  • Spell Merchants   43 weeks 2 days ago

    Way your npc generates on worldmap means that some ends up covering one of 4 extra dungeons if they are all unlocked by mod.

  • Trapped! is one sided.   43 weeks 5 days ago

    Well, if you'd prefer to save the lost merchant, my Font of Sacrifice to the Rescue addon makes the Font of Sacrifice available that way too.

  • True Full Respec   44 weeks 6 days ago

    You can cheat (potentially accidentally) by subtracting from (right-clicking on) stats whose base value is already at 1. Though the stat will not go below 1, you still gain a stat point. You can get infinite stat points this way.

  • Infinite Dungeon Improved Challenges   45 weeks 4 hours ago

    At around dungeon level 20 I get a lua error related to the sandworm lair that stops the level from spawning and I can't progress anymore.
    Loading/Reloading does not fix it.

    I apologize for forgetting to take a screenshot of the error, I would try reproducing it but I don't want to lose another lv 27 character.

  • Escorts Enhanced   45 weeks 19 hours ago

    I am not kidding this is very fucking good

  • Skirmisher Evolutions   46 weeks 5 hours ago

    Any enemy counts, not just bosses. I've just tested it and it seems to be working fine.

    I took a peak at your character vault, and it looks like you managed to take the prodigy, after all. Assuming that didn't require save editing or anything, I guess it is working for you as well?

    If not, please let me know, and I could look a little deeper, with a bit more information.

  • Skirmisher Evolutions   46 weeks 2 days ago

    killed 26 boses in melee but still does not allow me to select this evolution - I would really like to try this battle evo...

  • Embers of Rage: Release date!   46 weeks 4 days ago


  • Resourceful Wanderers   48 weeks 2 days ago

    Learning Worm that Walks + Foul Convergence is broken. It doesn't function at all because you are supposed to be able to rest to summon the pet but that doesn't happen.

    Also it's absurdly overpowered if it gets fixed, opinion to just remove it.

    This addon doesn't work well if you don't want to use all the DLC, or just don't have them all. It throws lua errors especially if you want to learn a tree with souls. Why not just ... give passive regeneration for equilibrium and souls instead of forcing the learning of a talent?

  • Audiomancy   48 weeks 5 days ago

    very quickly a 'must have' QOL addon. Grrrreat work!

  • Darker Colors   49 weeks 2 days ago

    More resource colors (feedback, hate) will be later according to my advance in ToME4.
    Vim & Psi don`t need be darked at my photosensitive look.

  • Greenwatch   49 weeks 6 days ago

    You were right the first time. You are correct that calling self as 1st parameter is common in LUA, but archery_projectile does not work that way, and should not be called as function of Archery (the shooter).

    1) Greenwatch's archery_projectile superload does not work at all. It is never even called, because (vanilla) archeryShoot never uses Archery.archery_projectile, it simply uses the (original) local archery_projectile. The crit chance is actually given by a passive in the Eyal's Eyes talent. But if a later addon tries to get the saved Archery.archery_projectile and use it, they will have a broken version because...

    2) This line return base_archery_projectile(self, tx, ty, tg, self, tmp) shouldn't have the 1st copy of self in it. This is what causes it to break if a later addon tries to access archery_projectile. archery_projectile does not take self as a first parameter ( notice is is originally defined as _M., not _M: ), it expects the target's x-position instead.

  • Wanderer pick 1 in 3 talent choice (fork)   50 weeks 1 day ago

    In the base game (and this addon doesn't change that), when the list is created, it takes the talents of every class available. talents that exists in multiple classes are added mutliple times to the list.
    The reason I initially randomized things was because the list wasn't infinite, was only shuffled once with the seed and worked by removing the first element every time anything was picked (or merely appeared as a choice in the case of 3 in 1) so trees that only existed in only one class could only appear once.
    The two choices were mainly to avoid a talent tree dassapearing into oblivion because you took something else when it appeared.

    I changed the way seeds work so now everything is seeded and the list gets shuffled after each dialog box so the randomization is no longer necessary.
    Dunno why I didn't think of doing it before instead of the convoluted crap I came up with.

    Also, here is your wanderer 2-in-1 (and 4in1 & 5in1 for those who want more options)

    I'll look into the rest later when I have time.

    By the way, I tried resourceful wanderer and it seems to be compatible.

    Edit : As far as I can tell, the "you'll learn these trees as you level up" problem was linked with the one with the clones so unless I'm mistaken it shouldn't happen with this version of the addon.
    Also, if you want to "play with stuff that is normally locked", one of my other addons, Wanderer Options ( ) has an option that lets you do that (and another to let wanderers roll racial talents) and was made to be compatible with wanderer 3in1.