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  • Yeeks Look Like Shalore   1 year 8 weeks ago

    JustUS A HEAD-S-UP.

  • Yeeks Look Like Shalore   1 year 8 weeks ago

    In that case why worry about graphics and bling?

  • astralInferno's Celestial Oddities   1 year 9 weeks ago

    Icy Retaliation was sending out asterisks instead of ice_shards.png, so I had a look around in blizzard.lua and saw ddisplay={particle="arrow", particle_args={tile="particles_images/ice_shards"}

    Removed that extra "d" and it works fine now

  • Japanese Addon Plus Tlanslation   1 year 9 weeks ago


  • Japanese Addon Plus Tlanslation   1 year 9 weeks ago


  • Japanese Addon Plus Tlanslation   1 year 9 weeks ago


  • Auto Talent Assistant   1 year 10 weeks ago

    It worked for a while, but now I have some bug which is making me unable to use any talents with a target. The error says something about a nil value in function useAutoTalent. This happens even when auto use is turned off.

  • Tips for Melee Reavers   1 year 10 weeks ago

    There are quite a lot of guides or at least tips on the forums but most of them are outdated. There's a couple of threads on Reavers, you could take a look there.

    If you're looking for basic info I can definitely recommend Cathbald's guide series: (although the one on prodigies is outdated lol).

    The thing that's really missing is like a basic guide on how to build a character, what stats and effects on gear are important early for different characters, prioritising early skilling etc. The details of this are too intricate to illustrate it all in a guide (too many classes) but I can definitely see a general guidelines for newbies being helpful!

    I do suggest that if someone is writing a guide for a class but doesn't link to a winning character of theirs on Insane difficulty, don't take their advice. That sounds super elitist but there's just a lot of advice around which is either bad or simply wrong. (for example, Curse of Death only prevents regeneration, not all healing... much love <3)

  • HI   1 year 10 weeks ago


  • Tips for Melee Reavers   1 year 10 weeks ago

    Heavy Armor is never wrong. you can argue when you have talents like trained reflexes (where you cant use it if you have anything heavier then leather in your Body slot) but even with it it is still debatable. With Mage Classes it is often better to go bulky and take the fatigue instead of being squishy with a Robe. also Reavers have access to Bone Shield so thats a huge defensive upgrade you should get asap. +Health on Items is the most important stats in the first 15-20 levels so you should look out for that too. And i dont know if you are aware of how Armor+Hardyness works but basically you should never exceed your Armor Hardiness with your Armor or it gets wasted. if you have 50% Hardiness it doesnt mean anything unless you have the coupled armor to go with it and having 100 armor but 0% hardiness is just 100 armor wasted. always have both on the same level. Also the game checks which armor you have equpped on the Body slot so you can have all your gear with heavy armor but if you have cloth equipped as a bodyslot it doesnt count as heavy and vice versa. keep that in mind.

  • Item Description filter   1 year 10 weeks ago

    This addon is really nice! But there's one game-breaking bug with it.

    Set the addon to remove any number of stats that is relevant on a staff you have in your inventory.

    Equip the staff. Then, click on the staff on your character to unequip it.

    Your character's stats will PERMANENTLY INCREASE by the amount of stats on the staff that this addon is hiding.

    Considering the fact that this bug only happens with staves, I believe it has to do with the automatic changing of the staff's changes damage stat, though it happens regardless of whether that is disabled or not.

    EDIT: More info on how the bug works, I can get it to work by opening my inventory, hovering over the staff so the tooltip shows up, closing my inventory without showing any other tooltip, swapping to my off hand set, and then swapping back to get the permanent buff to my stats.

  • MaDDworlDs' Buy Skills!   1 year 10 weeks ago

    Let me know if any thing is busted! I'm glad to fix it!

  • MaDDworlDs' Money Sink!   1 year 10 weeks ago

    Let me know if there are any problems! Love this game! Also, this is my 1st time ever making a mod for ToME.

  • Tips for Melee Reavers   1 year 11 weeks ago

    Looking into game log usually helps a lot (you can see a little of it on character page you linked):

    --Sharon The Peacebringer the level 22 ogre reaver was darkened to death by Faanfer the giant on >>>level 1 of Ambush!<<<.
    If Ambush means you're attacked by patrol on world map - you should generally avoid those - they can sometimes get very hard as you'll be fightning multiple rare+ enemies.

    --Sharon The Peacebringer killed Fagaga the human!
    --Something hits Sharon The Peacebringer for (42 absorbed), 0 cold (0 total damage).
    --Something hits Sharon The Peacebringer for (29 absorbed), 0 cold (0 total damage).
    --Faanfer the giant hits Sharon The Peacebringer for (29 absorbed), 0 cold, (89 absorbed), 29 cold (29 total damage).
    --Faanfer the giant hits Sharon The Peacebringer for 36 cold, 113 darkness (149 total damage).
    The last visible message of your action in the log was you killing one of the rares. Then you're attacked 4 times before you got killed, by something invisible and anothere rare+ enemy. My guess is that you're slowed. Ideally, you'd like to fight dangerous enemies 1 by 1 whenever possible.

    You should always have some cleansing inscriptions to remove detrimental status effects.
    You had Curse of death on you which negates all healing you recieve. If you were using heals during this time you're wasting turns.
    I suggest maxing Ruin pretty early - it's quite nice sustain. Bone Shield is also pretty good defensive sustain.

  • No Patrols   1 year 11 weeks ago

    Thank you for your reporting.
    I'm sorry for ruining the run.
    I reproduced the bug. I see what is causing the error.
    But I have no idea how to avoid it.
    I'll fix it if I come up with a good way.

  • Gemblade   1 year 11 weeks ago

    This breaks Attune Mindstar for me; when activated, it throws up an error and doesn't go on cooldown or swap mindstar damage types

    Edit: I found and deleted the "little hack so Attune Mindstar stops screaming" at superload/mod/class/interface/Combat.lua, and everything seems to work fine on Gemblade and with Attune Mindstar. I don't know jack about LUA so it probably breaks something somewhere, but I dunno it's whatever

  • Reroll and Merchant   1 year 12 weeks ago

    Your description makes it seem like you can reroll merchants wares as well as reroll something else to do with items but reading through the mods code it looks like it just allows you to do something with the kidnapped merchant.

  • Tips for Melee Reavers   1 year 12 weeks ago

    Have you checked the ToME forum yet? There might be some tips/hints/clues/whatnots you could use to make your character stronger and/or survive longer. You don't even need to create a forum account just to read all the threads there. :)

    You can find the link to the forum at the menu on the left or the top of this page.

  • Tips for Melee Reavers   1 year 12 weeks ago

    I'm no expert but I've beaten the game many times on normal roguelike mode. I always put my stat points all into my two primarily needed stats (Strength and Magic in your case). Then, when I hit level 16, I start putting every point into Constitution until it's maxed. Then, I go back to building up the other 2. I'd bet the consensus says there's a better way to do it but it works for me. The HP helps.

  • Web APIs to browse the vault are now available!   1 year 12 weeks ago

    I'm getting a 502 error when trying to access it

  • No Patrols   1 year 12 weeks ago

    It appears that this addon breaks 1.7.4 Embers of Rage campaign because (ROT13 spoiler) gur tnzr trgf vagb na hacynlnoyr fgngr jura vg gevrf gb fcnja Pevzfba Grzcyne Wbua nsgre lbh yrnir Tngrf bs Zbeavat, znlor orpnhfr ur pbhagf nf n cngeby.

  • Swordsmaster Class   1 year 13 weeks ago

    Was going to suggest adding Duelist but saw it got removed in changelog, why not have duelist as an option for dual-wield build tho? I feel the class needs a little more in way of defense. Also, would be nice to make Lightspeed Draw a core mechanic of the class, by lowering the stamina increse per use to match Tumble (and have similar or lower scaling), or maybe have it use a charge system, and making it give a shield and/or defense on use (maybe stacking up to a point? or not...). I just feel like the class needs more defensive options, maybe a whole tree of them (or bring back duelist).
    Either way the experience so far was fun, reminded me a lot of playing Sil which had skills that let you attack by moving too. Nice concept!

    Also, some other things I noticed upon playing further:
    - Lightspeed Draw can be used while asleep
    - Swordsmanship doesnt seem to give the mastery bonuses for daggers at all

  • Odyssey of The Summoner (for ToME 1.7.4+)   1 year 13 weeks ago

    Whoops, sorry about the slow response. That was the problem with that, I just uploaded a new version that fixes it. Thanks for letting me know.
    Additionally, you can reach me faster on the forum page if you find any other bugs.

  • Inferno Forger   1 year 14 weeks ago

    Still quite strong . I had some difficulties at mid-levels, but both low and very high levels it's very solid. Agree with the guy above about difficulties in getting close - none of the class abilities allow neither long jumps nor long pulls. Almost took Giant Leap prodigy just for this.%)) With no ranged attack longer than 5, it seems like you need to either use some charms (with no Surviival), pick up some guns (withh no mastery), or buy a Staff tree (which partially duplicates what yyou already have). At very high levels you can survive trying jump-then-pull combo or just activate Rocket Boots and run on enemy while eating his fire, though. Still bothersome, however. The Fire-n-Shadow tree became quite strong, though I still didn't figure up just how it works from descripitions..%( Including: the 3rd talent allows you to damage all enemies in range 10 who are under your Shadow Blaze - but you don't have ways to apply the latter at long ranges. Is it just for rare cases when you were knocked away, etc.? Mechanized Combat is quite strong, but it's 4th talent was functionally useless to me: taking a turn to activate it just for 4 rounds? Weak enemies weren't worth it as they were just killed in a couple of attacks anyway, while against strong ones I almost never had a luxury to spend a round on this instead of attacking, healing or running away.. Also, is it planned for the class to just use unarmed combat after getting this mastery to fight against fire-immune enemies? I cursed all that is holy when I fought the first Luminous Horror I met in some vault...%)) Fortunately, after getting Fire-n-Shadow for darkness damage PLUS taking a short staff as main had and a good saw (without mastery) as off-haand, I was able to kill it (and even a Blazing Horror much later) - but it was still quite a chore. Didn't try Gems tree this time, though it seems to be a good choice for debuffs and fire penetration. Liked how Shadows work now, though - but descriptions could probably be clearer... This was Insane/Adventure, by the way, with 2 deaths at mid-levels.

  • Player AIoo :idle TOME   1 year 14 weeks ago

    You can now control the skill usage. Right click on your character, at the bottom of the dialog there is a green button with "Define Player-AIoo". Click on that button, and it will open a dialog box where you can set the weight for how the AI will use the different skills.