Any linux gamer having issues?

After last updates on openSuSe rolling ToME became unplayable - no logs, just stuck on 100% of loading the game or any other loading progress. It could be 25 to 40% taking couple of minutes to loading proceed before exit.
Then just a coredump.
Seems to be an issue with 6.3 kernel. Not sure though.
Anyone else?

if you are using steam, try

if you are using steam, try the 32bit version, swap the t-engine64 with t-engine

32bit app works

Thanks, that helped. Actually I'm not on steam, but gog version also has 32bit version.
One new note - it seems some troubles with old lua jit may be the reason.


I started having this problem recently and a few other crashes, this came after I accidentally deleted all my games and had to re-download everything though so thought it was related to a file that maybe got messed up. in my experience if it seems to hang on 100% and does not immediately start the game I just force quit it and restart it, I have never had it hang on 100% for even a moment when it works correctly so their was no use waiting to see. I also have been having a few problems with it crashing during the hitting of new game or changing menu to load a game, both of these I just hit cancel on the crash message and try again, usually only happens the 1 time. only occasionally does it crash the game fully. I have not had any issue during actual game-play though seems to only be issues with the menu or starting. Its interesting that it seems to be a problem with 64bit as mentioned here. maybe I had the 32 bit version before I accidentally deleted everything, that is certainly possible.

Omg yes, I thought I was

Omg yes, I thought I was going crazy as tome began starting up progressively worse on my system... Takes a lot of restarts to actually boot the game for me sometimes. I don't think this used to be the case 1-2 years ago with the 64bit version.

hum... yes

Yes, some crashes and windows placement problems (on X11 and Wayland). I switch on the windows version thanks to Proton and the game run like a charm.